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Deciding where to move is a big decision no one should take lightly. Researching all your options before you make that decision is crucial in helping find the best place to live. That research has led you to Brampton – the city that can brag about how diverse and multicultural it is. But what does it have to offer to you? Before you decide to move to Brampton, you should get to know everything you can. This is where our team at packers and movers in Canada can help you. We’ve compiled all the important info that you will need to help you make that decision. 

Important things to know before you decide to move to Brampton

Before you can think about hiring movers Brampton, there are a couple of things you should know. In this article, we will outline three important aspects for anyone who is moving to a different city – housing, job market, and ways to spend your free time. While there may be many more factors that you should consider to help you decide if you want to move to Brampton, we believe these three are essential. 

A person reading the article of what to expect if you decide to move to Brampton
If you need help before you decide to move to Brampton, you’ve come to the right place

The first thing you should know about Brampton is that it’s a city in the Greater Canadian area with a population of over 600 thousand people. It got its name after a town located in England and was known as “The Flower Town of Canada.” Today it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Located less than 50 kilometers northwest of Toronto, it offers its citizens a significantly lower cost of living than downtown Toronto.

Brampton housing

The city is currently going through a redevelopment phase. Residential movers Toronto sees a lot of people moving to Brampton because of the housing market. With an average salary, you can afford to buy an apartment or a house in Brampton. However, if you want to test out living in the city before you decide to make it your permanent residence, renting is a better idea. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Brampton city center can cost you an average of 1,673.75 C$, while the same apartment outside the city center will set you back 1,425.00 C$. 

On the other hand, if you are on the market to buy a home, you will have plenty of options. This is because of the development we mentioned previously. That development started decades ago when the city first saw its boom in migration.  The number of residents grew exponentially practically overnight. Because of this, the city’s public administration gave subsidies to developers who are building quality and affordable housing. So if you are looking to one day own a home in Brampton, the average cost is $1.0M for a detached home. The most popular homes that are sold in Brampton are detached homes, with fewer condos and townhouses, which are usually sold at a much lower price, starting from $440K all the way up to $665K.

Brown Apartment building
Buying a condo is much more affordable than buying a townhouse or a detached house in Brampton

Life in Brampton and the job market

Firstly, Brampton is a city that is still evolving. That being said, it still has some great and quality things that can help you lead the best possible life. If you have kids, you will be pleased to know that education is excellent, with public elementary and secondary schools being one of the best in the district. Since a lot of the residents are immigrants from all over the world, the city developed a Newcomer Settlement Program. It offers its new residents many services to help them adjust and settle into their new lives. Those can include anything from help in finding a job, learning a language, and finding adequate housing.

The economy is growing at a fast pace, and Brampton is home to many corporate headquarters. However, none bigger than Amazon itself. Finding a job will be easier because commuting to Toronto is easy because of the great public transit system. There are several important routes that run through Brampton, including Highways 410, 401, 403, and 10. Suppose you are still not a fan of commuting. In that case, there are some industries in Brampton in which you will have no problem finding a job. These include business, communications, life sciences, manufacturing, IT, and retail administration.

Leasure time

There’s a reason why Brampton was included on multiple lists of top 10 cities to live in Canada. Besides being a safe place with a reasonable cost of living, Brampton is filled with many attractions. With the city having so many parks, it makes sense to start with them. Gage Park is one of the most famous parks, and you’ll find it in the old downtown area.

Two Women Having a Meeting in the Office
Thanks to the great public service Brampton offers, new residents feel at home in no time
If you’re a fan of walking by the lakes, Heartlake Conservation Park, along with the Professor’s Lake Recreation Center, will leave you in awe. Art enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a chance to visit Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archive. And, of course, there is no shortage of restaurants serving delicious food, so make sure to check out a few of them. Branton will not disappoint you.

What to do when you decide to move to Brampton

There are a few important things you should do if you decide to move to Brampton. You already did the first step of researching the city. The next steps you should take are finding a job (or if you have enough saved up, you can skip this part), finding the perfect place for you, and lastly, hiring the best furniture movers in Toronto, to help you start fresh in Brampton.

You should know what to expect if you decide to move to Brampton so you can take advantage of everything it has to offer. While we can’ make the decision for you, we rest assured that with this article, it will be much easier for you to make it on your own.



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