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Are you considering a move from the urban bustle of Scarborough to the tranquil, community-focused town of Bradford? You’re not alone. More and more people are trading the hustle and bustle of city life for the allure of suburban living. There are numerous compelling reasons for taking the plunge and making this move, from lower living costs to outdoor recreational opportunities, family-friendly neighborhoods, less traffic, and excellent employment prospects. Plus, who could resist the charming appeal of a small town? This blog post will delve into the top reasons why moving from Scarborough to Bradford can be a life-changing decision. You can also find and hire a reliable moving company, such as Professional Movers Canada, to simplify your relocation. And remember, your personal preferences and unique needs are the most important considerations when you’re deciding where to call home.

What are the reasons for moving from Scarborough to Bradford?

There are many reasons to move from one place to another, but they all depend on your personal preferences. One thing is for sure – while you are preparing and finishing moving-related tasks, you should find out as much as you can about your future hometown. You can even opt for packing services Canada and let the professionals take care of the time-consuming parts of your relocation while doing more interesting parts.

A park full of green trees
You can enjoy nature in Bradford

So, some of the reasons to make a move from Scarborough to Bradford include:

  • Lower cost of living
  • More space and a suburban lifestyle
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Access to nature and outdoor activities
  • Reduced traffic and congestion
  • Employment opportunities
  • Community and small-town charm
  • Proximity to outdoor recreation and ski resorts
  • Potential for investment and real estate appreciation
  • Personal preferences

Lower cost of living

One of the primary reasons that people are moving from Scarborough to Bradford is the significant difference in living costs. The cost of housing, the most important part of any household’s monthly expenses, tends to be lower in Bradford. For example, the average price of a detached home in Bradford is around $890,000, compared to Scarborough’s average of $1.1 million. If you’re renting, you’ll also see a difference: average rent in Bradford is around $1,700 monthly, compared to Scarborough’s $2,200. This considerable difference means potential savings on your monthly budget.

If financial considerations are at the forefront of your mind, then the potential savings could be a decisive factor in your move. Lower living costs also mean you might be able to afford a larger home or a better lifestyle in Bradford. So, if this is one of the main reasons you decide to leave Scarborough, don’t hesitate to contact Scarborough movers as soon as possible. They will be at your disposal and ready to relocate you and help you lead a more affordable life in Bradford.

A person putting coins in a piggy bank
Bradford is more affordable than Scarborough

More space and a suburban lifestyle

With its high-rise buildings and densely populated neighborhoods, Scarborough can feel a bit crowded. If you’re longing for a change, Bradford offers a refreshing contrast. The suburban lifestyle means you can expect larger homes, spacious yards, and a quieter, slower-paced environment. For example, the average home in Bradford is approximately 1,600 square feet compared to Scarborough’s average of 1,100 square feet. If you long for more room to breathe and the added benefits of a peaceful suburban setting, then Bradford might be your perfect match.

Family-friendly environment

Bradford is celebrated for its family-friendly atmosphere. The town is known for its high-performing schools. Schools like Fieldcrest Elementary School and Bradford District High School consistently rank academically above average. Safe neighborhoods like Deer Ridge and Summerlyn Village provide a secure environment for children to grow and play. The town also boasts an impressive number of parks and recreational areas. There are over 20 parks spread throughout the town, providing ample opportunities for kids to enjoy outdoor activities. These factors all contribute to making Bradford a great place to raise a family. The community-driven environment ensures children grow up in a supportive and secure atmosphere.

If you have lived anywhere near the GTA, even before Scarborough, you will know how important living in a family-friendly environment is. While Scarborough also offers it, knowing you will feel the same if you have to move for whatever reason is important. You can look for different moving services in Toronto and start your journey toward another family-friendly community soon. Embrace the opportunity and enjoy your life in Bradford.

Access to nature and outdoor activities

If you’re a nature enthusiast, Bradford’s close connection to the great outdoors will have a special appeal. This picturesque town is surrounded by natural beauty, with the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area offering 300 hectares of forested land, wetlands, and a reservoir. Hiking trails are abundant, and residents can easily access various outdoor activities, including cycling, fishing, and bird-watching. Suppose you’re a fitness fanatic or simply enjoy an active lifestyle. In that case, the fresh air and scenic views in Bradford will surely be a refreshing change from the urban jungles of Scarborough. Enjoying nature will help you settle after moving to Bradford, and you will truly feel at home there.

Nature in a park in Bradford
You’ll enjoy outdoor activities after moving from Scarborough to Bradford

Reduced traffic and congestion

One of the most attractive aspects of moving from Scarborough to Bradford is the potential reduction in traffic and congestion. As a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Scarborough experiences heavy traffic, particularly during peak hours. By contrast, Bradford, with its smaller population and well-planned infrastructure, experiences far less traffic congestion. This can result in shorter commute times, fewer traffic-related stressors, and more free time to enjoy your surroundings and engage in the activities you love. This fact is also extremely helpful if you hire movers Bradford to conduct your move. Even though they are experts and know how to navigate every part of the area, the fact that there is no heavy traffic can reduce relocation time.

Employment opportunities

Bradford, part of the larger Simcoe County region, is in a period of vibrant economic growth and development. This expansion has led to new employment opportunities across various sectors. Manufacturing is a major player in Bradford’s economy, with companies like Multimatic, a global enterprise supplying engineered components, systems, and services to the automotive industry. Similarly, the construction sector is booming, thanks to ongoing town residential and commercial development projects.

The healthcare sector, another significant employer, offers numerous opportunities at places like the Bradford West Gwillimbury Family Health Team and the Southlake Regional Health Centre located just a short drive away in Newmarket. Retail is also thriving, with a range of jobs available in local businesses, larger retailers, and the Tanger Outlets Cookstown, just a 20-minute drive away.

A person in an office working and using a computer
There are many employment opportunities in Bradford

Regarding salaries, the average income in Bradford West Gwillimbury, according to recent statistics, is around $99,000 per annum, which is slightly above the national average. This makes it an appealing destination for professionals seeking competitive remuneration packages. Furthermore, Bradford’s strategic location and transportation links provide easy access to job markets in nearby cities such as Barrie and the Greater Toronto Area. The GO Train service, for instance, offers an easy commute to downtown Toronto, expanding the job opportunities available to Bradford residents even further.

It’s also worth mentioning that the unemployment rate in Bradford has been consistently lower than the national average. Namely, the unemployment rate in Bradford is 5.2%, compared to the national average of 7.0%. This is a promising indicator of the area’s robust job market. If you’re considering a career move, thinking about changing industries, or are in search of new job opportunities, the economic development and job market health in Bradford and its surrounding areas could offer the perfect opportunity.

Community and small-town charm

The essence of Bradford lies in its strong community spirit and small-town charm. There’s an undeniable sense of camaraderie and friendliness unique to smaller towns, and Bradford is no exception. Residents here take immense pride in their community, contributing to a friendly and welcoming environment. This sense of community extends beyond neighborly chats and familiar faces.

Two women standing outside and talking after moving from Scarborough to Bradford
Be part of a great community

Local events such as the Bradford Farmers’ Market, the annual Santa Claus Parade, and Carrot Fest, ranked among Canada’s top events, unite people, fostering unity. These events celebrate the town’s agricultural heritage and community spirit, and everyone from children to seniors participates in the festivities. Bradford also hosts summer concerts, pumpkin festivals, and heritage days, contributing further to the town’s endearing charm. The local library, community centers, and numerous clubs and societies provide social engagement and community involvement opportunities. There’s something for everyone in Bradford, from book clubs to gardening groups, sports teams to art classes.

Proximity to outdoor recreation and ski resorts

Located on the Holland River and nestled within the scenic Holland Marsh, Bradford’s geographical location offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The town’s proximity to Lake Simcoe means plenty of summer boating, fishing, and watersports opportunities. But it’s not just the summer that’s action-packed.

Bradford transforms into a haven for winter sports enthusiasts during the winter months. It’s near several acclaimed ski resorts. Those include Horseshoe Resort, Snow Valley, and Mount St. Louis Moonstone. These resorts offer a variety of winter activities, from skiing and snowboarding to tubing and snowshoeing. This easy access to winter sports facilities means you can lead an active lifestyle throughout the year. Beyond the ski season, these resorts offer year-round activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and zip-lining. If you’re looking for a place to live an active lifestyle, spend a relaxing weekend in Bradford after the move. You can also enjoy the great outdoors all year round since Bradford’s easy access to outdoor recreation and winter sports facilities makes it a fantastic choice.

Potential for investment and real estate appreciation

The real estate market in Bradford presents an attractive proposition for potential homeowners and investors. With the town experiencing steady growth and development, real estate appreciation has a strong potential. Bradford’s population has been increasing at a rate higher than the provincial average, which fuels demand for housing and drives property value appreciation.

Recent data suggests that property values in Bradford have been on a steady upward trend. Over the past five years, the average house price in Bradford West Gwillimbury has increased significantly, demonstrating the town’s potential as a real estate investment. Plus, with several new residential developments and infrastructural projects in the pipeline, the town’s growth trajectory seems poised to continue, potentially leading to further increases in property values. Suppose you’re seeking to invest in real estate or a home that will provide a comfortable living environment and the potential for long-term financial growth. In that case, Bradford may be worth your consideration.

Personal preferences

Your preferences and lifestyle priorities will be crucial when you consider moving from Scarborough to Bradford. A range of factors can influence your decision. Those include proximity to family and friends, cultural diversity, and access to certain amenities or facilities. You might consider the quality of local schools if you have children or access to green spaces if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Maybe you want a shorter commute to work. Perhaps you’re seeking a sense of community that’s sometimes harder to find in a city environment.

Bradford’s close-knit community, safe neighborhoods, quality educational institutions, and wealth of outdoor activities might align perfectly with what you’re looking for in a place to live. However, only you can make that final decision. It’s important to weigh all these factors, visit Bradford, and get a feel for the town before deciding whether it fits you and your family. After that, you can look for residential movers in Canada. They’ll be able to relocate you whenever you make your decision.

Packed moving boxes ready for a relocation
This move can be a great decision

Moving to Bradford can be a perfect choice

Moving from Scarborough to Bradford presents an enticing prospect for many. It offers many benefits, from the allure of a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle to financial considerations and the promise of a close-knit community. It’s a town that exudes charm and offers an excellent quality of life. However, the final decision should always align with your needs, preferences, and priorities. Explore what Bradford offers, and consider how its advantages align with your lifestyle and goals. It could just be the perfect move for you.

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