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Are you planning on moving to Bradford pretty soon? You discovered this interesting England’s stone city one day, one of the greatest in the country, and you decided to go for it? Well, we are glad to inform you that you have made a great decision. This multi-cultural city has one of the country’s youngest populations. If you are firm in this choice, you are going to need some help with your moving process. We highly recommend checking out our residential movers Toronto for ensuring that your move goes smoothly. Did you know that record numbers of people are moving from London to Bradford too? Many analytics revealed that pre-pandemic, ever-more people were shunning the capital to live in the Bradford district. Stay with us until the end of this article to find out why!

Bradford's caramel-colored buildings
Moving to Bradford is every nature-lover’s dream.

Settling after moving to Bradford

One of the reasons why so many Londoners are moving to Bradford all of a sudden is because you can actually afford to buy a house here. It is even cheaper than Manchester.  You can buy a sturdy stone-built Victorian villa for about £150,000 this side of the Pennines. Therefore, rent is also much more affordable here. Don’t believe us? This government’s post about finding a home to rent will certainly make you believe. If you are wondering what the elephant in the room is, it is that Bradford has an appalling reputation nationally. But please don’t believe it since most of this info comes from “surveys” released by utility companies for a bit of cheap PR.

Moving Day & Settling in Your Home

Now, when you have decided on your housing option and you start to realize that you are actually moving to Bradford soon, it’s time to prepare for the move and settle properly. Whether you are going to live in a rented apartment or in your brand new house, you have all the reasons to be so excited. Bradford is going to be a great place for you. But since not many people can fit their whole lives into their car and go, you might want to call out movers Bradford to help you out. They could also help with unpacking in your new home. Before you start unpacking, even if your house or apartment by previous owners, make sure to clean it again and disinfect it.

Getting to know the city

This is a city is full of mad stories and fun characters. It is a melting pot of different cultures and many of the locals have roots all over the world. Bradford is home to over half a million people and it is situated in Northern England. It is about 14 km. away from Leeds and it is positioned at the foothills of the South Pennines. Just like in the rest of the UK, the climate in Bradford is maritime so it rains, most of the time. Their economy is pretty stable since they have plenty of companies and a few major ones which hire personnel in a number of sectors: finance, chemicals, electronics, manufacturing, engineering, textiles, etc. The transport system in the city is very developed. Railway, bus, taxi, and metro are all available. Bradford is a very tolerant and welcoming city, so assuming that you are as well, you will fit right in.

The Real Ale Capital of the UK

If you thought that we are going to talk about big pub chains here, you couldn’t be more wrong. You won’t find your usual favorite pub around here. But soon enough you won’t even remember what those are since there is something much better. Bradford had some problems with its integrity for many years due to some sketchy online surveys and bad journalism. Because of that big pub chains don’t like Bradford. Luckily, Bradford has some amazing indie boozers and they are absolutely thriving. The part of town around the old John Street Market is full of them. Sparrow Bier Café is one of the most notable, some could even say legendary, and people flock there from all across Yorkshire. Bradford Brewery is also an interesting one because they have revived one of the city’s long-redundant industrial buildings into this true Bohemian boozy paradise. Bradford is very big on politics and the locals here have an insatiable passion for public affairs, so expect to hear a debate every time you step your foot in one of these.

Various drinks you can get at an indie boozer
Indie boozers are the most common cafés in Bradford.

 Bradford’s Great Outdoors

Great Bradfordian JB Priestley used to say, “However poor you are in Bradford, you need never be walled in, bricked up, as folk must be in London”. And we think that it is truer today than ever. Bradford will be heaven for you if you are into running, cycling, climbing, and all that jazz. If you look up any drone footage of Bradford, you will see that it almost looks like the caramel-colored buildings have been dumped in a bowl of green countryside. And the Bronte sisters used to write their hearts out here. These are just some of the best outdoor places in Bradford:

  • Ilkley Moor
  • Brooding moors above Haworth
  • Denso Marston Nature Reserve
  • Horton Bank Country Park
A girl taking a landscape photo in the hills
Bradford’s nature scene is extraordinary.


Art-Lover’s Paradise

If you are a true art lover you will feel at home in Bradford. And if you want to bring some of your art pieces to this beautiful city, you can contact our moving companies GTA to help you relocate your paintings and large art pieces. You will be surprised by the number of artists in the city. Priestley and the Brontës weren’t the only successful creative Bradfordians. We’re sure you’ve heard of David Hockney. He is a chain-smoking genius who started his illustrious art career here. Now that you have moved to Bradford you get to see one of the biggest collections of his work in the magnificent Salts Mill back. And it is for free, of course. And if you’re a fan of pop music there’s a good chance you’ll bump into Zayn Malik at one of his beloved Bradford City’s games. He will probably be surrounded by hundreds of screaming so be warned.

When trying to settle after moving to Bradford, one of the most important things is to not get your expectations too high up despite the excitement. You should definitely prepare for what to expect, and for that we recommend that you go through our pages on Professional Movers Canada to get as much info as you need. Bradford is such a beautiful place that we can’t cover it all even if we dedicate our whole blog to it. We hope that if it will meet all your expectations, but if it doesn’t, no big deal. In a few months, everything will fall into place.


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