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Toronto is an ideal city for singles, lovers, seniors, adults, and young people. In a word, Toronto is considered an ideal city for all generations. If you are single and planning to move to one of the GTA towns, remember that you have made a good decision. In GTA you can find many interesting places to live, which can bring you fun, many advantages for your career, but also many possibilities for a comfortable life. Whether you’ve decided to move for work, or you’re looking for fun, these 10 GTA towns for singles we will introduce to you can be a great choice. Also, whichever town you choose as your future place of living, Professional Movers Canada company is at your disposal. And now, let’s find the perfect town for you!

Welcome to GTA!

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) includes an area made up of the city of Toronto and 4 other municipalities, Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. GTA includes a total of 25 urban, suburban and rural municipalities. And these places can be a good choice for all generations. The GTA is one of the most famous areas in Canada, while Toronto is one of the most populated cities. Based on data from Real Estate Wealth, the GTA has 9,765,188 residents. Also, this area is known as one of the largest business centers in Canada, with a very strong economy and excellent career opportunities. When we mention career, here you can succeed in art, culture, media, or technology. This is just a part of what awaits you after moving to one of the GTA towns from our list.

A town in GTA
The GTA is a big area, and we’re sure you’ll find your favorite place for living, fun, and other activities here.

What is also characteristic for this area is the low crime rate. At the same time, Toronto is considered the safest city in the world. And one of the advantages of living in Toronto is that you can expect mild winters compared to the rest of Canada. If you want to enjoy yourself as a single in Toronto, then you should look at the 10 towns that we have selected for you.

What Are the Top 10 GTA Towns for Singles?

In the GTA you can find many interesting places to live. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or living with your family, you will love living in Toronto. In order to make a good choice, you need to think about your wishes, needs, and possibilities. And make a choice based on that. So, get to know some of the best towns for singles in the GTA.

  1. Eglinton
  2. Liberty Village
  3. Scarborough
  4. Etobicoke
  5. York
  6. North York
  7. Brampton
  8. Burlington
  9. Oshawa
  10. Bradford

These towns will bring you many interesting things, many new adventures, but also life and business opportunities. Singles mainly focus on work and careers and want to have fun. And Toronto is exactly the best place for that. See what these towns have to offer!

Girl looking at buildings in one of the GTA towns for singles
Move to one of the GTA towns for singles and enjoy!


Eglinton is one of 4 business districts outside of downtown Toronto. Life in Eglinton will give you a vivid atmosphere, a slightly different culture, as well as completely new vibes. Eglinton was once a small village, while today it represents a completely new place and the main east-west highway in Toronto and Mississauga. A lively atmosphere on the streets and rich nightlife await you here. The cost of living is above average, as in Toronto in general. According to the data from Areavibes, real estate prices are about 118% higher than the national average, while other costs of living are 27% higher than the costs in Toronto. Eglinton is a great choice for singles because of its nightlife. But it’s also an excellent choice for all those who want a more relaxed atmosphere and a slower pace. As well as the possibility of enjoying nature.

Liberty Village – GTA town with a lot of interesting content for singles

There are several reasons why Liberty Village is considered one of the best places to live in Toronto. One of the reasons is that this is a very lively place, where people are happy and smiling. Cafes, restaurants, and bars are full of people in the afternoon, which means that you can really have fun here. Also, Liberty Village is very close to the city center and offers you a wide variety of housing options at affordable prices. Here you can find a lot of green areas, and recreational opportunities in some of the best parks such as Trinity Bellwoods, Dufferin Grove, as well as Stanley Park which offers you swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.

Girl running in the park in GTA
Liberty Village offers you many green areas and fantastic opportunities for recreation, regardless of age!

Not only that, but Liberty Village is one of the most fashionable places near Toronto. Here you will find absolutely everything you need. And one of the reasons why this is the best place for singles is that you can meet a lot of people here.


Scarborough is the largest district in Toronto with the most diverse population. When we talk about singles, this is also one of the ideal places. Exciting life, lots of adventures, and lots of fun are what Scarborough can offer you. Let’s start with delicious food, such as sushi, ramen, roti, and many more national specialties. Then, there are great opportunities for shopping and a large selection of stores. When it comes to the cost of living, movers Scarborough revealed to us that people are moving here because of the low real estate prices. Here you will have the opportunity to live close to Toronto, but cheaper. Also, here you will find many interesting places to visit like Scarborough Castle, Scarborough Beach, Peasholm Park, and many others.


We can say that Etobicoke is one of the safest GTA towns. And the main characteristics of this place are precisely the low crime rate, as well as the very high living standards. This urban area is ideal for singles because it can offer an interesting life, many housing options, and career benefits. In Etobicoke, there is also one of the largest business parks, more precisely, the “Skyway” industrial park. In addition, Etobicoke is an ideal place for those who want to create their career in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, etc. Most singles focus on careers, and for that reason, Etobicoke could be a good choice.

Young professionals in one of the best GTA towns for singles
Business opportunities in Etobicoke are excellent and the opportunity to meet new people.

But business opportunities aren’t the only thing this town can offer you. If you are alone and want peace and quiet, Etobicoke offers you many possibilities for that. Starting from its beautiful green areas, all the way to wellness and spa centers. Also, some of the must-visit places in the GTA are located here, including the Museum of Illusions and Five Drive-In Theater. If this town is your choice, don’t forget that our movers Etobicoke are at your disposal. At any time!


York or the Regional Municipality of York represents part of the Greater Toronto Area. But it’s very different from the city of Toronto itself. About a million people live here, and the York region includes 9 cities and towns. This place is characterized by its excellent locations for entertainment, beautiful nature, highly rated education, as well as outstanding health care. Also, here you will be able to find a lot of restaurants, cafes, night clubs, but also excellent places for shopping. When we talk about living expenses here, you can expect monthly expenses of a little less than $4,000, while real estate prices range from $300,000 to several million dollars. And if you choose this place, call movers York and start your move! Also, singles love this place because of the large amount of open space and freedom of movement that York offers.

North York

You will need a big budget to live in North York. Because this place can be considered one of the most expensive locations in the GTA. Currently, North York is undergoing the construction of large housing units, and with this, an increase in the number of residents is expected. But also, here you can find beautiful houses and villas at a price of several million dollars. If you are single and want to focus on your career and earn good money, North York can be your choice.

Date night in North York
Maybe you’ll meet your soulmate in one of the restaurants in North York.

North York is expensive and that can be one of the biggest disadvantages of this place. But there are many more reasons why you should move here. One of the reasons is the great possibilities for entertainment, a large number of classy resorts, and a large concentration of people from all over the world. What gives you the possibility to maybe meet your soulmate? Public transport is also excellent, which will enable you to move around easily. And you will easily find movers North York residents always recommend.


Brampton is said to be one of the best GTA towns for singles. Precisely because it is a dynamic, very diverse city with great possibilities. At the same time, it can be said that it is one of the most affordable cities in the GTA. The city offers many benefits to new residents, as well as great business opportunities. Monthly expenses in Brampton are around $3,337, and here you also have the opportunity to earn up to $160,000 a year. Brampton has approximately 9,000 acres of parkland, including 850 parks, walking trails, and other recreational areas. In 2021, Maclean’s Magazine declared this place as the best Canadian commune. Our movers Brampton advise you to explore the possibilities of this city. Because here are some of the most interesting adventures, especially for singles!


Burlington is another one of the best communities in Canada named by Maclean’s magazine. This place offers you many opportunities for your career, which is also considered one of the biggest advantages of Burlington. This city on the coast offers you a number of interesting activities, such as shopping, exploring nature, recreational activities, and much more. What can attract singles in modern life and a lot of freedom? Also, around 170,000 multicultural residents live in this place, which will give you the opportunity to meet a person who comes from the other side of the world.

Music festival i on of the best GTA towns for singles
Annual festivals in Brampton gather thousands of people and are one of the most visited events in the GTA.

Considering that young people are looking for a modern life, as we said this is a modern place. Burlington offers great opportunities for a comfortable life, and this city is rich in various contents. Also, movers Burlington note that you should definitely not miss the Sound of Music Festival in Spencer Smith Park by the lake, which is held every year, at the beginning of summer. There is also the Annual Ribfest, one of the most popular festivals in the city.


Oshawa is another place that offers you a quiet life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, Oshawa is located at a very short distance from Toronto and has very well-developed public transportation. This means that there are no obstacles to a daily trip to Toronto. Singles mainly like this place because it has a large selection of various interesting activities, as well as a lot of green areas. Average monthly expenses for one person are around $963 without rent. And rental prices range from $1,000 to $1,500. Also, this place can be said to be a paradise for nature lovers, because here you can find nature reserves such as the McLaughlin Bay wildlife reserve as well as beautiful sandy beaches. If you love nature, don’t think too much, call movers Oshawa and start your move!

Bradford – One of the best GTA towns for singles

Bradford is one of the safest towns to live in in all of Canada. And for that very reason, it’s one of the best towns in the GTA. What singles are usually looking for are a lot of opportunities for fun and work. Bradford can offer just that. Start from a number of excellent restaurants, such as Brick N’ Fire, 7 Skewers, Kensington Burger Bar, and Don Cherry’s Sports Grill. But there are also great places to shop like Walmart, Canadian Tire, and Home Depot stores.

Bradford during the night
Bradford is another in a series of GTA towns for singles, which offers excellent life opportunities!

In addition, Bradford can be said to be one of the most affordable places to live in the GTA. Monthly expenses for one person are around $1000 including rent. This suits the majority of the young population as well as students, and for this reason, they are the most numerous population of this town. One of the most popular destinations in Bradford is Scanlon Creek, where you can enjoy watching a variety of wildlife. If you are for movers Bradford is waiting for you. Think!

Which of These GTA Towns for Singles Is Your Choice?

If you are wondering which of these GTA towns for singles is the best for you, the answer is simple. It is the one that fulfills all your wishes and needs. So, as we have already said in this story, think about your needs and possibilities, and based on that, choose what suits you best. Each of these towns is unique and special, and they offer different possibilities. Think carefully and make a move!


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