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Moving out of your parents’ home is a big step. No matter your age, if you’re leaving the nest for the first time it can be exciting and scary at the same time. Pivoting towards independence is certainly a step that requires thoughtful planning, commitment, and organization. Our pros at Professional Movers Canada have prepared some useful tips to help you with your transition into the world of adults. Take a note and you’ll surely find them useful.

Parents and their graduate daughter - moving out of your parents' home
When moving out of your parents’ home, be considerate of their feeling and emotions, regardless of how supportive they are

How to prepare for moving out of your parents’ home?

Living on your own is an exciting prospect for many young people. Making decisions on your own under your own roof sounds like freedom. But you should be aware that it comes with a lot of responsibilities too. It involves a lot of adulting. Paying bills, rent, managing your budget, cleaning. You’ve probably thought about all this, and you feel confident to step into the world of adults. Congratulations, it’s a big decision! Once you’ve taken it, let’s see how can you make this important project smooth and easy. You’ll need a good plan, and the following tips will help you take your lead.

Set a move-out date

You’ve come out of age, and you’ve been contemplating it for a while. And you’ve weighed all pros and cons thoughtfully. With that, you’ve made the informed decision for moving out of your parents’ home. Yet, you may catch yourself wavering at times, and second-guessing your decision, while thinking about your future. It’s normal, you’re leaving the familiarity of your parents’ home and going into the unknown after all. That’s why it’s important to think about the big picture, and set a precise move-out date. This will give you a sense of determination, and prepare you for decision-making on your own.

A planner
Have a plan of action and set an actual date for moving out

Talk to your parents

Some parents encourage their children to stand up on their own feet as soon as possible. Others want them to stay beside forever. How do your folks feel about you moving out of your parents’ home? The most important is, to keep open communication with them. Talk to them, and tell them about your plan. And remember that even if your parents are supportive about you moving on your own, they may still be emotional about seeing you go. So, make sure to be considerate of their feelings when you’re talking about your moving out.

Crunch the numbers and determine your budget

Living on your own means you’ll need to secure a steady income. So, the best-case scenario would be, to secure a steady job, before you leave your family home. Without this, paying rent and monthly expenses will be troublesome. You’ll also have to have a good sense of budgeting your available finances. Living with your parents often means you don’t have to pay rent or bills. Hence if you aren’t used to those realities, you may need to practice your budgeting skills while you still live with your parents. Talk to them and see if you can come up with a plan together, to help you get a sense of the real world that awaits you.

Plan ahead your moving out of your parents’ home

So far, you’ve worked out your income and found a place to live in. With the basics covered, it’s time to plan your actual moving-out process. As soon as you’ve picked a date for moving day, research your moving services options. Planning and organizing a move, no matter the distance, is always difficult. And since most likely it’s your first time to move on your own, good moving assistance will benefit you greatly. Here’s what type of services will certainly make your move a smooth and easy experience:

  • Local or Long-distance moving
  • Residential moving
  • Packing services
  • Storage solutions

Planning and booking your services with a mover is in fact a project that will give you a sense for decision making and organizing important things on your own. So, get a clear idea of what do you expect your move to be like, pick your moving services and determine your moving budget.

A mover with a van
A professional mover will make your moving project an easy and memorable experience

How to pick a mover?

First, get a notion of what’s fair pricing in the moving industry. Bear in mind that when it comes to moving, the cheapest is not always the best. Now that you’ll be living on your own, you should get into the mindset of prioritizing your safety and security, and that of your belongings. Whilst there are many movers out there, not all will meet your needs, and not all are genuine either. Hence, request your free moving estimate from several companies. Your ideal mover will also have a range of additional services, that you can add to your package and cover all areas of your move. When moving out of your parents’ home, pick the most professional movers you can find. It’s important to start your new independent life on a good note, and that means a stress-free and untroubled moving project.

Schedule your pro moving services for moving out of your parents’ home

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of movers that you’d like to hire for your move, give them a call. You’ll get to talk to a company’s representative over the phone, and make an assessment of the customer service they provide. A good mover will be willing to provide you with guidance on how to plan your move and will ask you many questions in return. These will include details about the size of your inventory, the nature of your items, and so on. The more information you share with your movers, the more accurate estimate they’ll be able to provide you with. Make a point to schedule your moving services well ahead of time when you’re moving out of your parents’ home. Timely organization and knowing what to expect is the secret to a successful moving project.

A pro packer - moving out of your parents' home
Pro packing services are a great way to save time and ensure the safety of your items

Sort out your belongings and take some packing assistance

Packing is a tedious task. When you’re moving out of your family’s home, you’ll need to take a lot, if not all of your belongings with you to your new home. This will require you some good deal of sorting out your possessions. So, come up with a good system, and decide what will you take, leave behind, or toss or donate. For the actual packing itself, it’s good if you take assistance with packing services from your mover. The pros will provide you with all packing materials and supplies, so you don’t need to add another task to your already long to-do list. Besides, you’ll ensure that your things are safely wrapped and packed, and they make it to your new place free of damages. This is also a convenient way to make some extra time for catching up with close people, before moving out of your parents’ home.

We wish you success in your future independent life

In conclusion, the above are our tips for moving out of your parents’ home, that will surely make your project run smoothly and with no rough patches on the way. Make sure you prepare timely and lean on the best professional moving help in the area. This will surely kickstart your journey in a positive way and make it a memorable experience. Good luck and success in everything you do.


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