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As much as we don’t like moving, we have to face it at least once in our lifetime. Moving is usually not fun and enjoyable, but the outcome is always positive. However, moving is never the only job you have to complete. There are other daunting tasks that follow it, such as packing your belongings for the move. If you are moving anywhere in Kingston, you know how difficult it may be to pack and move quickly. As we are always very busy, we don’t have enough time to do the job properly, so we become anxious and worried. To avoid this, people seek help from professional moving companies, such as Professional Movers Canada. Why waste time and energy on packing, when you can do other things instead? Your mover will give you the best packing tips for your Kingston move.

#1 Start preparing on time

Preparation is the first step toward the successful packing process. There is no perfect move, but we can at least try to make it less stressful. The last thing you want is to pack the night before the move and forget some important things. Making a moving checklist is always a good thing, and can remind you to pack all the stuff from your home. Some small items such as book markers or kitchen utensils can be lost and forgotten easily. Kingston movers can help you make a good checklist, and pack your items accordingly. Moreover, make sure you prepare all the documents on time and care about some small details. This will include packing your pet food and equipment, canceling some services or deliveries, and preparing a bag with essentials that will be with you during the move.

A couple looking at their laptop and finding tips for their Kingston move
If you start preparing on time, packing for your Kingston move will become an enjoyable experience

#2 Decluttering your space is one of the packing tips for your Kingston move

No one likes to throw things away unless they have to. However, packing too many things may be overwhelming. Not to mention how many boxes you have to buy to place everything inside. One solution may be to declutter your place thoroughly before you start packing. If you are overemotional and you cannot throw away things, you can always donate or sell them. Other things can easily be transported to a new place by hiring professional furniture movers Kingston recommends. Let them move large pieces of furniture, while you are decluttering your place. Just think about how many unnecessary things you have been collecting over the years. If you reduce the number of items, it will be easier for you to pack, load, and unpack. Life will be much easier after you have fewer items to pack.

#3 Purchase proper moving equipment

Do not wait until the last moment to buy all the necessary materials for the big move. This will only cause more stress and anxiety. Moreover, maybe you will not be able to find what you need, which will complicate everything. If you are moving on your own, make sure you buy box cutters, adhesive bandages, permanent markers, packing tape, paper towels, and garbage bags in a nearby store. If you are not moving frequently, you can borrow them from friends or relatives. Pay special attention to the size and quality of the boxes, as they are the most important in this situation. However, if you decide to hire a moving company, you will have all the packing services Kingston offers at your disposal. They will provide a furniture dolly, pads or covers, a rope, and everything else you might need for the move.

A man taping a cardboard box
Having the proper equipment is one of the packing tips for your Kingston move. Make sure you have all it takes before you start the process

#4 Label your boxes accordingly

If you have come to this step, good job! However, this means you packed everything correctly and didn’t mix items. If possible, try not to mix items from different rooms, as much as it is easier for you. It is very important to separate things and not just put everything together in one box. You probably don’t want to find your favorite shoes with your cat food. Moreover, this makes unpacking much easier, as you know which box goes where. After you carefully pack all the items separately, label them and point out if there is anything fragile. In case you are moving across the country, you have one more reason to complete this step properly, as your items will travel a long way. Therefore, your long distance movers Kingston area offers will complete everything for you and arrange your move.

#5 Packing expensive artwork requires special care

Your artwork probably has monetary and emotional value for you. However, packing these items may be very tricky, and it requires special skills. Items of this kind are usually oil paintings, glass paintings, family heirlooms, china, and silverware. Make sure you wrap them properly and protect the glass with the masking tape before packing. Moreover, your oil paintings should not be wrapped in regular paper, as they will stick. If you want to prevent the glass from shattering and other items from damaging, use bubble wrap or a piece of cardboard between every item. This way, all of your valuables will be safe, and you will be happy knowing that you did a good job with packing. If you are still unsure how to do the job properly, a moving company from your area will help you.

Painting in frames on the wall
Be careful how you pack your artwork and family heirlooms. Follow the tips to pack them properly and preserve them

Final words

Moving brings about many tasks that people have to complete. Packing is another aspect of moving that most people don’t like. If you are one of them, you can follow the tips in this article and try to pack successfully on your own. Preparing for the big move is essential if you want things to go well. Moreover, choosing proper boxes and materials, decluttering your space, and labeling correctly will make the process of packing easier. If you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask your local moving company for help. They will be happy to give you advice and pack your items quickly. Moving doesn’t need to be hard if you use all the help you can get. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try the packing tips for your Kingston move that you can find in this article.

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