The Ultimate Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

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Whenever someone talks about moving out and relocating to a new home, one of the most important things to do is always to plan. Having a detailed plan and sticking to it while you are moving homes will make your move easier and you won’t be so stressed. This ensures that you don’t forget anything and you don’t panic because there is something you might forget. Part of this plan should also be how to clean your old home before moving out. And since this is a big and time-consuming task, you should make the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist. This way you will have everything clean and ready for your Canada movers to come and relocate you to a new home. No matter how many times you have cleaned your home while living there, having a checklist is still a smart choice. It will help you not forget anything.

Cleaning before you move from your old home

It is understandable that in the middle of relocation and the stress that comes from it you might not care about cleaning your old. But this should be on your to-do list, simply because it is the right thing to do. Almost every contract when you are leasing a home from a landlord has mentioned cleaning. And since they have your deposit, and it the time when you are moving you need all the money you have, it is better to clean properly. This way you will have your deposit back and your landlord can also give you a good reference if you need it for a new place. So, after you contact the movers Toronto company offers, you can make a plan about cleaning.

cleaning products in a bucket
Cleaning your old home before moving out is a large task

The Ultimate Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

So, two questions that can be in your mind when making the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist are when to start and what to start with. To answer the first question, probably the best time is when you have moved your personal stuff and furniture out of the apartment. This way you can have a clear view and the easiest time cleaning. You won’t have to move anything and wipe around it. So, you can start when your long distance movers Toronto drive off with your stuff.

1. Dust and wipe down all the surfaces in the house

So this is where you can start after removing all of your stuff from your old home. Wipe all the surfaces, including some that are not that obvious. Clean all the kitchen counters, aplliances that are staying there, dust ceiling fans, and wipe mirrors. You can do most of this with an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth or paper towel.

2. Clean inside off everything

After wiping all the outside surfaces, don’t forget to wipe the inside as well. So, the kitchen tops and shelves, and all the appliances as well. The fridge and the oven need a bit more time and care. You can use different products bought from the store to get rid of all the grime and grease. Or, you can use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

3. Move on to scrubbing bathrooms as part of the ultimate move-out cleaning list

Bathrooms might need more attention than simply wiping everything. Use different products to scrub the toilets, clean and disinfect the showers, and take care of the tiles. You can also use a bleach pen or white paint made for covering stains in the bathtub that cant is cleaned.

woman cleaning bathroom as part of the move-out cleaning checklist
Take extra care of the surfaces in the bathroom

4. Remove everything from the walls

After you take down all of your photos, art, and decorations, you should take all the nails and hooks out of the wall. Since there will be holes left, you can fill the drywall on your own, or invite a handyman to do it for you. Filling it in is not a large job and can be done fairly easily and quickly. You wouldn’t want to find your rental left with holes in walls to fix on your own. Also, this is a great thing to do before moving from Toronto to Ottawa since it will bring your deposit back.

5. Paint the walls after filling the drywall

This is a logical next step after you take all of the nails, screws, and hooks from your walls. Also, you should paint any wall that you painted a different color after you moved in. Chance is that the landlord wants the home to look a certain way and will appreciate this. Not just that, but it won’t come out of your deposit to fix it. Many times landlords decide to keep walls a white or neutral color so that they can rent it out easier. And since this is important for them, it’s a good thing to paint the walls.

6. Finish your ultimate move-out cleaning checklist vacuuming and cleaning all the floors

Now, all that is left to take care of the floors in your old home. So, firstly vacuum all of the rooms. After that you can go in and wipe them with a floor cleaner so that is really clean and smells nice. If you don’t like using chemical cleaners, you can use a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean. Cleaning the floors is best to do at the end since you wont have to walk all around anymore and nothing will fall on them when you clean upper surfaces.

person cleaning floor as last thing on the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist
Cleaning floors should be the last thing on the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist

Hiring a company to help you with move-out cleaning

After reading about the ultimate move-out cleaning checklist it might seem like a lot to you. And it is, it is a lot of work that needs to be done. Since this is not just cleaning, but also preparing for your relocation, packing, picking a company, and getting used to a new space. You might want to consider hiring a cleaning company to take care of this part for you. Professionals will make this process so much easier for you and you can focus on all the other things that you have to do. It is important to pick a company that is really professional and reliable to do the job right. So, if you have never used one so far, you can check out reviews from other customers, or you can ask people around you.

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