The Best Cities to Live in Ontario for You and Your Family

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Looking for a new place to relocate to with your family can be a hard thing. You have to be much more careful in order to find the best solution for all of you. The single most important thing here is the place you are going to live in. Ontario is full of places where you can live with your family. But, you have to make the decision about which one you want to relocate to. Finding GTA movers that will move you is an easy task so we will not mention it for now. So, we will give you some of the best cities to live in Ontario for you and your family. After that, you should make your decision, find the right movers and that is it!


  • Population: 105,000
  • Cost of living: $2000 ($4200 for a family of 4)

As you can see by this statistic, life in Waterloo is much more affordable than in some other parts of Ontario. Waterloo is very close to Toronto but its costs of living are probably up to twice as lower. And the best part is that your salary maybe even the same as in Toronto. We all know want bigger cities when we are younger but we realize that it is not the future for our families as time goes by. Waterloo is definitely a place you should check out. You should not worry about finding the right job for you because the unemployment rate is very low so you should not have any major problems here!

a building in waterloo
Check what Waterloo has to offer to you


  • Population: 211,382
  • Cost of living: $2191 ($5391 for a family of 4)

Things are much different when talking about Oakville. As you can see, it is much more expensive, especially if you are coming with a family. Buying a home here is hard due to the prices so you will most likely rent a place. The homes are pretty well organized and they have a specific architecture that you will probably love once you get there. Oakville is one of the best places in Ontario for you and your family. The schools are top-notch so you can be sure that your children will get a fine education. But, if you still decide to relocate here, you should make sure you have the right movers Oakville that will make sure your items are safe and sound at the end of the move.


  • Population: 600,000
  • Cost of living: $1957 ($4689 for a family of 4)

No one says that big cities are not for families. We can explain that further in the case of Brampton, Ontario. Even though this is a bigger place, the house of real estate is much lower than in other cities like Toronto. When talking about renting, it is around 40% less than in Toronto. That is certainly an autonomous number when we consider how higher prices are now. You can be sure that you will find something that will be suitable for you and your family. Also, due to the big city feel, you will have a much easier task finding the right job for you. It is all because most industries are very developed. However, we should mention some that are more developed than others like:

  • Health care
  • Food and beverage
  • Technology and innovation
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Business services etc.

If there is something you are good at on this list, then you are ready for movers Brampton that will help you move. Just make sure that you organize everything properly so that you could avoid any further complications!

a suburb in brampton representing one of the best cities to live in Ontario for you and your family
Brampton’s suburbs are one of the best you will find

Halton Hills

  • Population: 61,161
  • Cost of living: $1700 ($3981 for a family of 4)

If you are more for a smaller town feel where you can enjoy all the peace and quietness that you want, then Halton Hills may be the right choice for you. This place offers a high quality of life with big earnings. Also, there is a big heritage and culture that you will most likely be interested in. The important thing to have nowadays in a place where you want to raise your family is plenty of outdoor activities. Well, you are in luck! Halton Hills is surrounded by lots of rural areas and nature around it. There is always something to do outside so your kids should have plenty of things that they want to do.


  • Population: 2,900,000
  • Cost of living: $2286 ($5218 for a family of 4)

Toronto, as one of the biggest cities in Canada, is definitely one of the best cities to live in Ontario for you and your family. And there are various reasons for this. First and foremost, this city has everything that you need in order to raise your kids the proper way. There are tons of museums, libraries, clubs, parks, universities, and much more. If you want your kids to get a proper education in Canada, then Toronto is a way to do it. Of course, not everything is about your family, right? There are plenty of jobs you can choose from here. Naturally, you may not find what you are looking for that easy but if you are persistent enough, you should be able to do it.

Another great thing about moving here is that you will easily find residential movers Toronto that will move you here. Some of Canada’s best companies are right here so you should be happy that you should have no major problems with organizing and executing your move to Toronto!

a photo of toronto
Want to raise your kids in style? Toronto is for you!


  • Population: 828,854
  • Cost of living: $2225 ($5055 for a family of 4)

The story is quite similar when talking about Mississauga and Toronto since they form Greater Toronto Area. That is why many people use local movers Toronto for moving to Mississauga. But, that does not mean that they are the same thing. Toronto is more fast-paced and people tend to live a fast lifestyle. On the other hand, if you choose Mississauga as your new place of living, you will lead a much quieter life, even when considering that you are living in a big place. Even though Mississauga does not have its own university, it is so close to Toronto that you do not even need one. The commute is great so you should not have any problems getting to Toronto whenever you want, except during rush hour, like in any major city in the world.

Since this is such a big place, you should know what parts of it are best for you and your family. Those are neighborhoods like Mineola, Meadowvale, and Lorne Park. So, after you make your pick and find a suitable house, make sure to find movers Mississauga too, because you do not want to risk anything when moving with a family. You certainly do not want them to go through any kind of inconvenience!

towers in mississauga
Quieter lifestyle but close to Toronto!


  • Population: 306,000
  • Cost of living: $2378 ($5389 for a family of 4)

Vaughan is a very vibrant and diverse place with lots of things for everybody. Some of the most vibrant places here are Thornhill, Woodbridge, and Kleinburg. The great thing about them is that they are not classic suburbs like in some smaller places. They are full of things to do, both for adults and kids, full of fun hotspots and hidden gems just waiting for you to discover them. But, besides the fun things about these places, we have to talk about what makes Vaughan one of the best cities to live in Ontario for you and your family.

The educational system in Vaughan is pretty great and you should have no doubts about this area. Also, people are realizing that recreation is very important for youngsters and for a good reason. Many hours in front of a TV or a computer can lead to bad posture. There are many recreational options within the neighborhoods themselves. Also, you do not have to worry about your kids because this is one of the safest places in Ontario. As you can see, this is a great place where you can’t find that many wrong things about it. All you are left with is finding movers Vaughan for the move and you are good to go. But, make sure you handle this in the best way possible because even a small mistake can complicate everything!


  • Population: 934,000
  • Cost of living: $1867 ($4288 for a family of 4)

We have come to the capital of Canada. As you can see, it is a much smaller place than other big cities like Toronto. This is actually what makes moving from Toronto to Ottawa such a great decision if you are moving with a family. Not that Toronto is a bad place, just that Ottawa has something else to offer. The reason for this is the proximity to every important aspect of Canada’s functioning. All major institutions are located here and that is certainly a great thing when growing up.

Ottawa is a much cleaner city than most on this list. There is no chance that you will see a person throwing something on the street or finishing a cigarette on the street. People are eco-aware and that is important in the modern world. Also, Ottawa is full of recreational courses and paths where you can exercise and get your body in shape. On top of all of that, you already know that the education is top-notch and you will not have to pay too much for accommodation. With the right real estate agent, you can be sure to find something that will fit you all!

ottawa as one of the best cities to live in Ontario for you and your family
Living in the capital city has lots of perks!


  • Population: 183,000
  • Cost of living: $2146 ($4887 for a family of 4)

Burlington can be the perfect middle ground between places that are too big and places that are too small. With this kind of population, you can expect to live a pretty balanced lifestyle. The great thing about Burlington is that you have plenty of great neighborhoods to pick from. Most of them are actually made for people with families so your only job would be to find the right one, get movers Burlington to help you with the move and that is it.

Of course, there are more things that can persuade you to relocate here. Lake Ontario is right in front of you and that is what makes this great place even better for you and your family. You can go for a swim, relax on the beach, kayak, canoe, and much more. Besides that, there are many parks where you can spend your free time with your families like Lowville Park, Nelson Park, LaSalle Park, and many more!

These are the best cities to live in in Ontario for you and your family but you have to pick carefully!

As you can see, you have many options here. Even though there are even more great places to live in Ontario with your family, we wanted to make a selection of a few that we find the best ones. However, making a decision about any one of them can be hard. That is why you should take your time and consider all options before you make a decision. Life in Ontario, Canada is mostly great, but you want the best place possible for you and your family too.

Find suitable movers to help relocate to Ontario

Picking one of these great cities to live in Ontario for you and your family is one thing. But, actually moving is much harder. Ontario is usually one of the most popular destinations for people all around Canada. That is why people from far away want to come here and live their life to the fullest. If this is the case for you too, then you certainly want good long distance movers Canada, with enough experience, that can give you this opportunity. You have to know that moving across Canada can be extremely hard and you want to make everything easier and reduce risks to a minimum.

two men holding boxes
Professional movers are a necessity when you move!

The best places in Ontario are waiting for you and your family!

Our goal here was to make a selection of the best cities to live in Ontario for you and your family. We have used a couple of criteria like the price of renting and cost of life overall. What you want here to do is to take your time and consider all options before you opt for one particular place. After that organize your relocation with good movers, like Professional Movers Canada, and enjoy your life to the fullest in Ontario. You will see for yourself why this is one of the best places in the whole of Canada to raise children!


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