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Relocating to another place can be exciting. You are starting a completely new life and you can shape your own life if you want it. This is always a thing in Canada since this is one of the most developed countries in the world. But, before you come to manage your life after the move ends, it is vital to prepare for your relocation the best way you can. Spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada is a good thing because the relocation will be much easier for you to handle. If you have good movers, like Professional Movers Canada, by your side, it is even easier. So, we are going to focus on spring cleaning before and after your move in Canada. Here is everything you need to know!

Spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada – the old home

It would be best if we could relocate from our old home just like that and leave everything behind. However, there are some reasons that can make you change your mind and spring clean before you move to another place in Canada. Those can be:

  • putting your home on sale
  • renting the place
  • leaving the place for someone close to you to use
  • it increases productivity
  • makes the move easier
Miniature houses on the table
Cleaning an old home before the move can increase its value

Spring cleaning of the old home before the move

The main reasons why spring cleaning your old home before the move in Canada is a good idea are putting a home on sale and for rent. In order to sell for the best price and make sure that people rent the place, you have to do a thorough cleaning. Of course, it can be hard when you have to organize the move as well. There are so many tasks that you need to complete and it can create a big mess.

The good thing is that the right people behind you can leave you with more time to do the cleaning properly. Let’s say you are living in York at the moment. By finding the right movers York in this place, you will get rid of many moving tasks. Your movers will be in charge and you will practically be the coordinator of the move. All the heavy work will be done for you while you can focus on the heavy work of cleaning your home for sale or rent!

Spring cleaning the old home after the move

As you may think, this is a more complicated thing. Why? well, because you may relocate a thousand kilometers from your current home. It would be a big problem for you to come to an old home and spring clean it. Also, spring cleaning can last for a few days, depending on the size of your old home. If it is bigger, this is the case. If you had an apartment, then it would be easier. Of course, everything is up to you and your own planning. Many people do not have time or will to handle this matter before the move so they come back when they have more time to spare.

Empty home needed of spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada
Its harder to clean a home that is already dirty after you move out

Spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada – the new home

Cleaning the old home when relocating in Canada is definitely a good thing if you have reasons good enough to do it. However, there is no more place where you can do spring cleaning – your new home. It does not matter whether it was on sale for a while or not, you will have clean it thoroughly, whether you want to do it or not. You never know what could be hiding on those floors, in that kitchen, bathroom, bedroom… That is why it is necessary for you to take care of it as well as possible.

Cleaning the new home before the relocation

There is a dilemma that you have to evaluate. Should you clean your new home before you move or after the move is done and moving companies in GTA area are out of your new home? There are benefits to doing both ways. Of course, doing it before the move ends is a great thing. You will come to your empty new home and make sure that it is fully prepared for all the items that you are going to relocate. Naturally, since you are going to live here, you want to clean as deep as you possibly could. Even though the previous owner may have done the best cleaning in their lifetime, you do not have proof of this. You do not want to rely on something that a real estate agent has told you. So, make sure that you cover this problem as best you can.

By doing this, you will make sure that your unpacking and settling are easier. You will not have to deal with everything once you come. This means that the process of adapting to a new home will be easier and faster. Everything will already be cleaned and you will not have that many things to do after the move is done. Also, you can use this time to declutter before moving and get rid of items you do not intend to move. However, this can be problematic if you are moving long distances. You have to go there, do the spring cleaning of your new home, and come back to finish the relocation. It can be expensive so this is basically a relative thing where you are the one that is making all the shots.

A woman sitting on the floor thinking about spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada
Spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada is always a way to go

Cleaning the new home after the relocation ends

Another way to clean the new home is after you are done with the move. But, if you have not already visited and evaluated the entire home for dirt, there is a good chance that the process of cleaning will take more time. It usually does. Many people have misconceptions that the house will already be clean. The previous owner has done everything to clean it and make sure that it sells well.

But, there could be months between the time the previous owner has cleaned and your purchase. During these months, there will be dirt in the new home and this means that you have to do the spring cleaning, whether you would like to do it or not. We say again, yes, it will take more time. It can also be more stressful because you have just done the move, even if you have had the help of professional movers in Bradford or any other place you are moving in or out. You may not feel like it and you may want to even procrastinate this process, which is not smart to do.

A woman carrying the boxes
Combine unpacking and cleaning and you get a harder job

The most important room is one where there is a higher chance to find dirt. Those are bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. If you do not clean them properly, there is always a chance that you may even from some health condition. So, make sure that you overclean this, even though you are sure you have already cleaned thoroughly. You need to mop and vacuum all the floors, clean all the door and window handles, and take good care of showers, sinks, tubs, etc. The more thorough you are, the higher the chances that everything is going to be okay.

How to handle spring cleaning of your home when moving?

By the definition, spring cleaning is a thorough cleaning of your entire home. Naturally, it will be easier if you have a smaller home, like an apartment. On the other hand, doing this in a house is more difficult and it will definitely consume more time. However, the cleaning will most likely be somewhat different between the new and the old home. In any case, cleaning will make the job for you and the residential movers Canada easier, since they will not have to wait for you to sort out the dirty and clean items. When spring cleaning the old home before or after the move in Canada, here are the things that you want to do:

  • dust the entire home, even the ceilings
  • clean all the windows at your home
  • clean all the doors
  • vacuum the entire home
  • clean the carpets (if they are dirtier than you can handle, have them professionally cleaned)
  • do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom (tiles need to be spotless since they add to the appeal)
  • kitchen needs to be clean like the bathroom

However, this is not everything. When talking about spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada, we have to talk about the outside places too. This is the usual thing if you own a house. The outside needs to be also cleaned properly. Make sure that the grass to cut, that all the patio furniture is in its place and dusted and cleaned etc. It is not easy to do all of this but it is definitely something that you want to do!

An electric vauum
Use everything in your arsenal to clean thoroughly

Get the help of movers to make your cleaning easier

Now, there is one more aspect that we have to talk about. Canada is a big and vast country. This is great because there are so many places for you to pick and live. However, every relocation can easily turn out to be a long distance one. Long distance moves are much harder to pull off, especially when spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada. Instead of doing everything on your own, you can find long distance movers in Canada and let them take care of the moving part.

While they are doing this, you will have more time to focus on cleaning. And not just about that. You will also learn about the items that you own, which items to throw away, which items to keep etc. This will also make planning and executing the move easier since you will already have some information that you can use.

Finding the right people to help you is also a long process

Most people take 1-2 months to find the right movers. Of course, finding them, organizing, and executing the move is also within this time frame. This is a process that you do not want to rush since you can always make mistakes that can cost you a lot. In order to find those people, there are some things that you want to do. Let’s say that you are moving from east York to Mississauga. When looking for movers in East York, you want to make sure they have all the qualifications.

You will learn about this by checking their previous experience, even when the move is not that big like this one when you only have to cover 30 kilometers. When they have experience, the moving reviews about the company should be good and have a good grade. Also, you want to get referrals directly from the company so that you could make your final judgment. Also, the way of communicating will tell you a lot about the moving company you intend to hire. This is the same even when moving the other way around and you need reliable movers in Mississauga. The point stays the same, you are in need of a moving company with enough experience and you want to check everything that you can before hiring them!

A man carrying the boxes
Let movers help you focus on cleaning instead of moving too

Spring cleaning when moving in Canada is the right thing to do!

The spring is knocking at our doors. This is the perfect time to make sure that everything is clean in your home. Spring cleaning before or after relocation in Canada will definitely have multiple benefits, even on the relocation itself. This can be harder if you are moving all on your own. You are in charge of everything and you are the only that is making all the calls. Even a small mistake can be an expensive one and you do not want this to happen. That is why finding high-quality movers are good because they will take some weight off you. You can focus on one thing and then slowly think about the other. You will be calm and relaxed and enjoy your new, clean home. Movers are not directly connected to your spring cleaning but they will make this job much easier for you just by doing the heavy lifting instead of you!

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