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Moving from big cities to smaller towns was a trend during the Covid-19 pandemic. People chose smaller places for the reason of the less chance of infection. Later, after the pandemic, a part of that people started to return to the big cities. But there are also those who stayed in the rural areas of Canada, close to nature, and chose a healthy lifestyle. So, now we can say that the Covid-19 pandemic brought us a lot, but also took away a lot. Today, when this virus is far behind us, people are still choosing to move to smaller places. That’s why today we’re going to talk about moving from Toronto to a smaller place, find out the reasons and help you find the ideal place. If you are tired of city life, call the Canada movers and start your move. But before that, check out this story!

Why people are moving from Toronto to a smaller place?

Toronto is known as one of the largest cities in Canada, the most populated, and the most urban. According to data from the World Population Review, about 2,903,456 people currently live in this city. Based on the number of inhabitants, Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America, as well as the most populated city on the Great Lakes. Also, the population density in this city is high, so it can be said that it’s crowded. This can also be one of the reasons why the inhabitants of this city move to smaller places. Also, Toronto can be said to have a very diverse population.

Toronto buildings
Toronto is a beautiful and big city, but its urban life can really tire its residents.

So, those who decide to leave Toronto are in most cases older residents of this city. But families with children decide the same. In case you are planning the same, know that moving from Toronto can be a big challenge. And that’s why in that case we advise you to entrust your move to professional movers Toronto. Because they can help you successfully overcome all obstacles. And now, let’s see what are the main reasons for leaving Toronto.

  • Contact with nature
  • More affordable real estate prices
  • Less crowded

These are some of the most common reasons. But don’t forget, people’s needs are different. So, think carefully about your reason for moving from Toronto to a smaller place!

Contact with nature is one of the reasons why people move to a smaller place

Toronto really has a lot of places where you can enjoy yourself. In addition, it has very beautiful nature and many green parks. But the fast pace of life can really tire people in this city. For this reason, they decide to look for a peaceful and quiet place where they can have unique contact with nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let’s say, Scarborough can be one of the excellent places that you can choose if you are settling for this reason. Scarborough is a very quiet and friendly place to live. And it is recognizable by the North Bay Heritage Railway.

Scarborough, a place here people moving from Toronto
It is one of the nicest little places to live near Toronto with beautiful wild beaches.

If you choose this town, moving companies Scarborough is at your disposal. And what you can enjoy after moving are beautiful sandy beaches, donkey riding, and cafes on the coast. In addition, there are Sandibeg Nature Hour, Jonnos Field, Scarborough Beach, Sealife Scarborough, Scarborough to Whitby Rail Trail, and many other places worth visiting.

Affordable real estate prices are the main reason why people are moving from Toronto a smaller place

When it comes to real estate prices, Toronto is one of the most expensive places. The average price of real estate in Toronto is currently $1,078,900, and in January 2023, a decrease of about 14% was recorded. Also, according to data from Statista, real estate prices are expected to drop by around 6% in 2023. And the current average price is C$662,102 in Canada. What is also another reason why people leave Toronto is the rental prices, which had an increase of 22% compared to last year. And besides, according to data from Zumper, the current rental price in March is $2,356. So, if you want to invest, call residential movers CA and relocate to a smaller place.

A man buying house after moving from Toronto to a smaller place
In Etobicoke, you will be able to find much more affordable housing options than in Toronto.

The expensive real estate market is one of the main obstacles to living in Toronto. Regardless of the fact that the population has many options available. And that is also one of the main reasons why people decide to move to smaller places. Let’s say, Etobicoke is one of the excellent places if you are looking for more affordable housing options. This small town near Toronto is an ideal destination if you want peace and quiet, lots of greenery, but also a more affordable life. The average rent in Etobicoke is around $2,213, while property prices range from $900,000 to $1.5 million. In case you choose this place, movers Etobicoke is at your disposal. They can provide you a successful and stress-free move. Just call them!

Not being crowded is another reason

Considering that Toronto is a city where a large number of people live, who have moved here from other parts of the world, Toronto is a bit of a strange city to get to know. Because most people don’t socialize outside of their circle of friends. Therefore, meeting someone on the street or in a cafe and starting a conversation can be really strange. And for this reason, people also decide to leave the big city and move to smaller places where socializing with pedestrians and neighbors is a daily thing.

Another reason for moving from Toronto to a smaller place is crowding. Almost everywhere you go, you will meet a large number of people, from parking lots to supermarkets, shopping centers, parks, cafes, and restaurants. And especially on days when people don’t work. At the beginning of life in Toronto, this will seem a normal thing. But after a while, it can become a really big problem. Especially if you are rushing somewhere and want to arrive on time.

What are the best places for moving from Toronto?

If it’s your decision to leave Toronto, then it’s time to find the perfect place to live. But before that, you must clearly define what you are looking for, what you want, and what your priorities are. The Greater Toronto Area is home to many communities that are the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Every place is different, has a different way of life and many attractions. But the most important thing is to choose a place that meets all your needs.

Girl moving from Toronto to a smaller place
If your desire is to live in a quiet place as far as possible from the hustle and bustle of the city, pack your suitcases and move.

Some of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Toronto are:

  • East York
  • Bradford
  • Burlington
  • Leaside

Take some more time and get to know these places. Because surely one of them can become your potential choice.

East York

East York is another neighborhood in the Toronto metropolitan area. It’s also one of the most popular. About 120,000 inhabitants live in this small town, and what attracts new residents the most is the peaceful and quiet environment, which is a short distance from Toronto. East York is close to Danforth and other shops. Also, East York is a fairly large community, stretching from Broadview to Victoria Park. So, if East York is your next location, mover East York is at your disposal. At any time. What also makes this place so special is the large variety of content for all ages. And that means you will never be bored, even if you don’t live in a big city. Here you will find BATL Ax Trowing, Pew Pew Toronto, Little Canda, Kingston Market, and many other interesting places.


One of the biggest benefits of Bradford and also one of the most common reasons why people move here is the security they can have. So, Bradford is one of the safest places to live near Toronto. It’s also among the 10 safest cities in Canada. And for that reason, Bradford is also the choice of families with children. And what makes it an even better place for families are the excellent schools located in this city. Like Fieldcrest Elementary School and St. Charles. But EDUKids and Mini Masters Montessori kindergartens are also located here.

Happy Family
Bradford is one of the best choices if you are moving from Toronto to a smaller place

All these places offer different possibilities for life, so before you call movers Bradford, consider all the details and possibilities. Because that’s the only way you’ll make the right choice for you and your family! One more advantage of Bradford is that health facilities are also located just 20 minutes away at Southlake Regional Health Center in Newmarket. But, in addition, Bradford offers you many parks, children’s playgrounds, etc. Also, one of the biggest attractions is Scanlon Creek. And it’s a favorite place for mountaineers.


Burlington is one of the best places for those looking to find a peaceful haven for their family. This place is located not far from Lake Ontario and about 50 km from the heart of Toronto, and it’s an ideal choice if moving from Toronto to a smaller place. The GO train will allow you to reach Toronto in just a few minutes, so if you miss this city, you can reach it very easily. Office movers Toronto are also one of the conveniences for those who want to relocate for work. You won’t miss anything in Burlington, as there is a wide variety of attractions such as gyms, galleries, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and much more. Also, there are several golf courses, as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools. Also, real estate is very affordable, and average house prices hover around $700,000, while you can buy a one-bedroom apartment for only $400,000.


If you choose Leaside, you won’t have to go that far. But this place is very different from downtown Toronto even though it’s one of its neighborhoods. And currently, it’s considered one of the most popular neighborhoods in Toronto. High standards of living await you here. Also, you need to know that Leaside is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in this city. Since this small town is inhabited by people from all over the world, your neighbors may be Asian and Southeast Asian. Real estate is not more affordable than in Toronto and starts at around $1.1 million on average. But what makes this place special is the peaceful way of life. Also, if you move to Leaside you will be very close to attractions like Canada’s Wonderland, CN Tower, Toronto Zoo, Niagara Falls, and others.

Neighborhood in Toronto
Leaside is one of the richest places to live near Toronto, but also a favorite place for immigrants.

Are you ready for moving from Toronto?

If Toronto is the city you have lived in until now, leaving it can be a big challenge for you. Because over time, the city, like everything in it, becomes your habit and everyday life. That is why it’s very important to think about your reasons for moving from Toronto to a smaller place and make your final decision. And after that, it will be much easier for you to choose your new place to live. Because you will know what you are missing. So, for this reason, we introduced you to a few different small places and revealed to you what attracts their inhabitants. And in the end, we want to tell you again, make the final choice based on your needs, wishes, and possibilities.


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