Should You Disassemble Your Furniture Before Your Movers Arrive

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Doing the preparation work in advance makes packing considerably simpler. When relocating, smaller items are simpler to pack than larger ones. They can easily fit inside the boxes. However, what should you do with big pieces of furniture? Should you disassemble your furniture before your movers arrive? The answer depends on several conditions. In any case, Canada movers will assist you with packing and moving all of your large items. However, there are several things you can do in advance of the relocation. See what you can do to make moving and packing your furniture easier!

Do Movers Disassemble and Assemble Large Pieces of Furniture?

Movers will put your furniture together and take it apart, but for a price. In order to relocate your household items securely, some items need to be disassembled. Moving companies will bill you by the hour at their standard rates if your relocation is regarded as local, which means less than 100 miles. On the other hand, movers will bill you according to weight if your relocation is long-distance more than 100 miles or state to state. For this reason, if you are planning to move to Kingston, search for furniture movers Kingston and see their rates. If movers’ rates are affordable, it is always better to have professionals do everything. It will save you time and energy and spare you from injuring your fingers or damaging your items. However, it might not fit your current moving budget.

A mover ready to disassemble your furniture
Movers will disassemble furniture for an additional fee

When Should You Disassemble Your Furniture Before Your Movers Arrive?

You’ll spend less money if you disassemble the furniture yourself. Moving companies may be quite pricey, and hiring them to complete things you can do yourself can be costly. To make the most of your relocation, hire small movers Kingston ON that can help you with moving tasks you cannot do alone. In addition, you can disassemble furniture alone if you know how to do it. It is not that easy to disassemble furniture, especially pieces that require special care. Then, you also need to have all the necessary tools to disassemble furniture. This might be a problem for some people. All in all, the best way to disassemble all the pieces would be to ask your friends or family members to help you. You should not try to do it alone since disassembling a huge bed frame might be too challenging for one person. Avoid injuring yourself.

What pieces of furniture should you disassemble?

Here are all the items you should take apart before the movers come.

  • Bed frames – the majority of bed frames must be disassembled.
  • Any piece of furniture with a sizable mirror or glass connected – if the glass part is easily detachable, you need to disassemble it.
  • Dining room tables and desks – because it’s simpler to load the dining room table in the truck with the legs removed, doing so prevents the legs and table from breaking in the moving truck.
  • Shelves – remove the shelves from your bookshelves and wrap them individually if they have glass shelves or if you can just take them off.

If you have any other similar type of furniture, you should disassemble it. However, in the case of a piano, you should have Kingston piano movers take care of everything. After all, pianos are very sensitive and they require special care. Unless you know for sure how to do it, let movers handle it.

A living room with different pieces of furniture
You should disassemble your furniture before your movers arrive

What about large appliances?

You might be wondering if movers disassemble large appliances too. Well, the answer is no. The majority of movers won’t assemble or disassemble large items like refrigerators, washers, or dryers. This is due to the risk of a pipe breaking and causing a water or gas spill. Some movers, nevertheless, will connect these appliances. Make sure it is very apparent whether or not your movers will offer these services. However, it is better to hire a handyman or plumber to perform it if your moving company won’t do it. The same goes if you’re unsure of how to do it exactly. If you’re handy, you can learn how to do it. This way you can just do it yourself. It will certainly save you money. This is in case you need to move your appliances. If not, then you can focus your energy on other pieces of furniture.

How to disassemble your items?

Make sure to place all of the screws and other components for each piece in a plastic bag. This will make your job easier. You can either label the bag or tape it to the furniture. This way, nothing will be missing when it’s time to assemble everything after moving in. You should start disassembling your furniture well before the moving day. Depending on the number of goods you have, you should begin as early as a month in advance. Make sure you give each item the appropriate length of time. Having said that, if you’re only relocating a few things, you can usually finish it in a weekend. Don’t attempt to do everything by yourself. As mentioned, you should have at least one more person to help you. Moving is not the time to injure yourself or damage your items when you disassemble your furniture before your movers arrive.

Tools on the wall
Get all the necessary tools to disassemble furniture

What Is the Final Conclusion?

Should you disassemble your furniture before your movers arrive? The answer is yes. Although movers can disassemble some furniture, it is better for you to disassemble and reassemble the pieces yourself. Of course, you should get in touch with movers directly to inquire about their services if you don’t want to deal with disassembling your furniture. This also applies to people that don’t know how to do it or don’t have all the necessary tools. However, it is important to remember that it will be more expensive if movers do everything. Therefore, decide if you want to spend more money or spend time disassembling all the pieces of furniture.

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