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What is life like in Canada? Does this country offer good living conditions? What are the popular moving destinations in Canada? What are the pros and cons of living in this country? You will find all the answers to these questions in this story. Do you know that every move represents a new beginning? So, if Canada is where you want to write a new page of your life, then you are in the right place! We will introduce you to some of the most popular places for young professionals, students, families, and seniors. But, before that, we want to tell you that our Professional Movers Canada are at your disposal for your move to the entire territory of Canada.

Is Moving to Canada a Good Decision?

Canada is considered the second biggest country in the world. But when we say the biggest, we don’t mean only its surface and territory, but all the great possibilities it offers. Including life, work, entertainment, education, as well as treatment, and much more. Canada is home to some of the best healthcare institutions, schools, colleges, and some of the world’s leading companies. Canada is a country where you can find absolutely everything you are looking for. Start with a healthy economy based on many different industries such as tourism, manufacturing, finance, and agriculture, to the best nightclubs, restaurants, etc. What is characteristic of this state is that it is also known for the migrations that take place to this country every day.

Canada flag
Canada is a welcoming state for all people from the world!

According to some of the latest research, Canada experienced a very rapid recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. And this is precisely due to the massive migrations that are taking place in this country. Also, we discovered the fact that in 2022, the largest number of new residents in the history of Canada was recorded in one year. This means that during the past year 2022, exactly 431,645 immigrated to Canada. By 2036, an increase in inbound moves is expected, and then the percentage of immigrants in Canada will be around 30%. Also, another interesting piece of data is that immigrants make up 36% of doctors, 33% of business owners, and 41% of engineers. You can conclude that everyone who moved to Canada has a nice and comfortable life. The same awaits you! But look at the pros and cons of this country.

Pros of living in Canada

If you look at all the pros that life in Canada offers, you will understand why Canada is an ideal country to live in. Also, long distance movers in Canada point out that taking into account all the pros and cons is one of the most important things when choosing a new place to live. So, here are some basic pros of living in Canada:

  • Free health care for all residents of this country.
  • A strong, stable, and healthy economy.
  • Beautiful country, with rich nature, and lots of greenery and water.
  • Friendly and kind people all around you.
  • Multicultural state.
  • High quality of life, comfort, and high living standards.
  • A safe and stable country.
  • Excellent educational opportunities.
  • Rich business life.
  • A large selection of cities, towns, and villages.
Lake in Canada
The nature of Canada is very special, and you will enjoy various outdoor activities.

Now the picture of life in Canada is a little clearer for you, isn’t it? Surely now you understand what awaits you if you choose one of the popular moving destinations in Canada that we will introduce you to in the rest of this story. But before that, pay attention to the cons of living in Canada. There are a few of them!

Cons of living in Canada

Maybe the climate is the only cons of this country? Quite low temperatures can be a big problem, as well as heavy snowfalls which are one of the biggest problems in this country during the winter months. But, this isn’t enough reason to give up on your decision to move to Canada. So, here are some more cons of living in Canada:

  • Snowy, cold, icy, and long winters.
  • Delayed movement between cities due to high concentration of people.
  • Life in the city can be a bit more expensive.
  • High taxes.
Winter in Canada
Winters are one of the biggest cons of Canada

If you didn’t know, the first language of Canada is French. You can find out more about this if you research the history of this country in detail. So, if you don’t speak French, this can be a bit of a problem. But don’t worry, if English is your language, you will create communication with Canadians. And as for French, you will learn little by little.

Popular Moving Destinations in Canada

We previously mentioned that one of the benefits of this country is that it has a large number of cities, towns, and villages. For this reason, it’s difficult to single out a few of the best places to live. Because every place is special in its way. And also, like this country, it has its pros and cons that should be taken into account. That’s why we selected several popular moving destinations in Canada based on moving trends in the past year 2022, as well as expectations in the world of moving in the coming year 2023.

Given that Canada is a country for all generations, we made a small division. We have singled out several popular destinations, towns, and cities for young professionals, students, seniors, and families. Among these places are:

  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • Bradford
  • Mississauga 
  • East York
  • York
  • Aurora
  • Ajax

Check out these popular destinations and choose the ideal place for you!

Popular destinations for young professionals in Canada

The Greater Toronto Area is considered one of Canada’s largest populated areas. It’s one of the most popular destinations for moving, not only for migrants but also for those who move here from other provinces in Canada. This place is known for its multicultural diversity, as well as for being one of the favorite places of the young population, i.e. young professionals. About 6.5 million people live here, who often express their satisfaction with the opportunities in this area.

GTA one of the most popular moving destinations in Canada
Some of the popular moving destinations in Canada that we’re going to talk about today are right here in the GTA!

The Greater Toronto Area is known for its outstanding opportunities for life, work, and career. And this area consists of the four regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. Of course, there’s Toronto. Some of the most reliable moving companies GTA have moved a significant number of young people who have decided to live in this area. And of all the destinations, the largest number of them chose downtown Toronto. This would mean that Toronto will be one of the most popular destinations to move to in 2023.  What is the main advantage of Toronto is the business opportunities. The unemployment rate in this city is about 6%, and the most sought-after jobs are in the fields of finance, healthcare, production, and service activities. And one of the cons is high living expenses. So, before you decide, consider all options for living in this city.

The most popular cities for families in Canada

Bradford is among the 10 safest cities in the province of Ontario, Canada. And that’s exactly what makes it an ideal place for families. This city is also home to some of the best schools, such as Fieldcrest Elementary School, and St. Charles. Also, two of the best kindergartens, EDUKids and Mini Masters Montessori, are located here. Education is a very important factor when choosing a place for your family to live. Another feature of this city suitable for your family is entertainment. This city has a large number of parks, playgrounds, and sports fields, and provides your children with endless fun in the open space, in nature. Also, movers in Bradford highlight many parks such as Lions Park, and Middletown Park. But, Scanlon Creek Conservation Area, is an ideal place to visit for hikes and enjoying nature.

Family after moving to Canada
Bradford and Ajax are two popular moving destinations in Canada for family life.

Ajax is also a beautiful city that belongs to the province of Ontario. And this place is also considered one of the fastest-growing places in Ontario. Does your family need a safe place to live? And Ajax is a good choice precisely because of its safety. Reliable movers in Ajax revealed to us that this city is 85% safer than all cities in Canada. This city is also a good choice because of its low costs, which are 11% lower than in other parts of the province of Ontario, while the prices of houses and apartments are also lower by some 38%. Also, based on the data of Living Cost website, the total monthly expenses of a family of four are $4,263. But, in addition to all the advantages, this city also has its cons. One of them is traffic jams and a large concentration of people.

Popular destinations for students in Canada

When talking about Mississauga, it’s important to point out that this city is home to four academic institutions that offer higher education. Also, numerous renowned universities and colleges are located here. Most of them are located in the nearby cities of Toronto, Waterloo, and Hamilton. Also, another benefit is the cost of living, which is almost $1000 cheaper in Mississauga compared to Toronto. Students will need about $3,571 per month including rent. There are movers from Mississauga who will help you relocate to this city that is known for its art, numerous villages, shopping centers, and recreational parks.

Aurora is an ideal place for students because it offers many possibilities. Here you can find the popular Aurora University that offers quality education. This university currently has around 6,246 students, and this university also offers a campus that accommodates 700 students. This city is also affordable and has an affordable cost of living. Rent prices start at around $1,700, while groceries and other necessities are almost 50% cheaper than in Toronto. Young people will like this city because it is located at a very short distance from Toronto, about 50 km, which makes it easy for you to go to Toronto. So, if Aurora is your choice, call movers in Aurora and start your move!

The most popular moving destinations in Canada for seniors

York Region is part of the GTA area and is a large community where you can find a large number of popular neighborhoods that can be a great place to live as well as 9 cities. This place is an excellent choice for seniors, retirees, and older people because of its diversity and the possibilities it offers to residents. Also, easy access to Toronto is another advantage. Here, life has a slower pace, which is exactly what you need. So, movers York advise you to explore the possibilities of this area. And after you choose your destination, call them!

Seniors in Canada enjoying one of the most popular moving destinations in Canada
Seniors, a fun life awaits you in Canada!

East York is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the Toronto area. This place has a very affordable cost of living, which is slightly above the national average. Let’s say, the real estate market is 108 out of the national average of 100, which is even lower than the average in Toronto which is 124. Utilities, utilities, and health care are also favorable. This means that East York can be a good choice based on affordability. Call movers in East York to assist you with your relocation soon because the best recreation centers are located here. Among them are East York Community Centre, Jimmy Simpson Recreation Centre, and Oakridge Community Recreation Centre. So, based on your needs, make the final decision.

Prepare for Life in Canada and Move!

So, to prepare for life in Canada, it’s necessary to explore all the possibilities that this state offers. In addition, you need to be ready for all the challenges and big changes that you can encounter in this country. Starting from cold winters, until meeting a large number of people of different nationalities. So, explore all the activities in Canada and enjoy. Only after that, you are ready to go to one of the most popular moving destinations in Canada.




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