Packing your bedroom before moving to Mississauga: how long does it take

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During the move preparations, you will still need a place to sleep. And having a good night’s sleep is really needed. By regular sleep, you will keep your strength. That is why packing your bedroom before moving to Mississauga is one of the last things to do. In general, packing time is depending on the size of the bedroom. And on the number of possessions that you have in it. To make the packing of the bedroom faster and easier, you can do it in stages. So, you can pack all the items from the room that are not essential. Leave just basics like bed, wardrobes and some clothes. Those will be the last things to pack before the arrival of movers Mississauga.

Packing your bedroom before moving - a bedroom with a bed, bench, night table, lamps, and pillows.
Bedrooms are usually having many decorations and accessories.

A way to organize packing your bedroom before moving to Mississauga

Before you start with any activity related to packing, do decluttering. Usually, people are doing the famous “spring cleaning” to get rid of clutter. So, moving is an excellent opportunity to go through your wardrobe and sort through your belongings. There will, for sure, be a lot of things that you will:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Discard

Only after decluttering, you will be able to calculate the number of packing supplies that you need.

What packing materials you will need for packing your bedroom

After decluttering, you have a better idea about the amount and kind of packing supplies that you need. So, you will need some materials. And you will need some tools. Here is the list of the basic supplies:

  • Moving boxes in various sizes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Self-adhesive folio
  • Packing tape
  • Markers
  • Garbage begs
  • Tools for disassembling furniture
  • Covers for matrasses
  • Blankets for furniture

During packing before the move, you may realize that you need to store some items

While decluttering, not only a bedroom but other rooms too, you may realize that there are too many goods that you should keep. Those things are still in good condition. Also, you will need to use them from time to time. But you simply don’t have enough space for them in your new home. So, the solution is simple. You can always check with moving and storage Canada, and rent the storage unit. They have a wide range of storage solutions. Also, you can choose between renting short-term or long-term storage units. And you can be sure that your possessions will be properly handled and safe in their storage.

When you start, store the filled up moving boxes in some other room

When deciding which room to pack first, for sure it will be a guest room. So, you can use the empty space there to store the boxes from your bedroom. Just keep them in one corner of the guest room. In the other corners, you can temporarily store the moving boxes from the kids’ rooms. The important is to properly label all the boxes. And also, keep the boxes from one room together. This will help you later on to load the moving boxes orderly. And it will also help, when unloading, to put them in the respective rooms in your Mississauga home.

Various tools on the hardwood floor.
To disassembled bedroom furniture, you need tools.

Start by packing your clothes from the bedroom closet

As you have already checked the clothes and left the good ones, you can start by packing them. Doing so, leave a few comfortable clothing pieces. Carrying the moving boxes and moving things around, your clothes will get dirty soon. So, make sure to leave some change aside. Also, before starting to pack, check which of your clothes needs cleaning. Some you can wash. Some you will have to take to dry cleaning.

It may look like an additional job in an already fully booked roster. However, once you move to Mississauga, you will be thankful for this. You will just put the clothes into the closet. If it still sounds hard or losing time, imagine coming to your new bedroom. Instead of simply putting the clothes in, you will have to check them again. And you will have to start your moving in by doing laundry.

Packing various decorations and accessories when moving your bedroom to Mississauga

Bedrooms are usually having many decorations and accessories. They somehow blend into the space, and people don’t think about them. Well, at least until you start packing the bedrooms. At that moment you are realizing that you have one or more pictures hanging on the walls. Also, there are at least a couple of lamps. You may also have a fancy wall mirror in the room. So how to pack such items? You may hire a packing service Toronto. Or you can pack them yourself.


They are usually very light, but also very fragile. Before packing, you should remove sheds, bulbs, and lamp bodies. Pack each of the pieces separately. After wrapping them in the bubble wrap and packing paper, put them into smaller boxes. You can also add some packing peanuts to better protect them. So packed, they will be protected against dents and smudges. And they will survive moving to Mississauga.

A Red and white truck is on the road with two cars following it.
All bedroom items must be properly loaded onto the moving truck.

Photo frames with pictures

First that you should do is to put some soft material over the glass part. The folded T-shirt can help, if you don’t have soft packing paper. After that, wrap the picture and the frame in the bubble wrap and secure this covering layer with the packing tape. Lastly, put the picture into a small box. The best kinds are the boxes like those used for packing wall clocks or mirrors.


The procedure to pack mirrors is the same as when you pack the wall pictures. When you complete packing, don’t forget to write FRAGILE on each box. Also, when mounting mirrors and pictures onto the moving truck, put them into the upright position. Also, secure them additionally to prevent moving of the boxes during the transport. That way, all your fragile things will reach your new home without damage.

Disassemble bedroom furniture so that you can pack it

By this, most of your bedroom packing is completed. So, doing it gradually, as described, you didn’t need a too long time to complete the job. What remains is to disassemble and pack the furniture. When packing it, make sure that the sharp edges are well covered. Also, collect all the screws, nuts, and bolts into a plastic bag. After that attach the bag with the belonging furniture parts. The residential movers Canada will take care to securely load the furniture and matrasses and fasten them. That way, they will not sustain damages during sudden braking or due to improper loading.

Moving to Mississauga

As packing your bedroom before moving to Mississauga was done on time, you are ready for the moving day. Knowing how to sort, pack and move your bedroom, helped you to complete the job easily. You also learned that packing your bedroom gradually, saved a lot of time. And of course, in case of some difficulties, you could always rely on the skilled services of your movers.


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