Packing Outdoor Items for a Move: Tips & Tricks

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If you are lucky enough to live in Toronto and own a yard, patio, or even a large terrace, you have indeed accumulated all the outdoor furniture that helps you enjoy those sunny Toronto days. However, if you are moving somewhere, packing outdoor items for a move may give you a headache. This is where we, Canada movers, step in and help you with that tedious task. This article will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to be ready to pack and move all your belongings.

Doing the prep work for packing outdoor items for a move

To successfully move your patio furniture, you must do the necessary prep work. And that work in moving always starts with cleaning. Before packing outdoor furniture for a move, you should thoroughly clean everything.

A person with a spray and cleaning rag
Before you start packing outdoor items for a move you should give everything a thorough clean

To make things easier on you and the movers Richmond Hill you should hire, everything should be cleaned and disassembled before transport. Moving disassembled outdoor furniture is not practical at all. You will waste space and increase the risk of accidents if you don’t disassemble everything you can. If you are moving bulky items to a new home, make sure they will fit. Take measurements before packing them. If you realize something won’t fit, consider putting it in storage, selling, or donating it.

Getting the right packing supplies

The packing supplies you use can make or break the entire move. If you get the right ones, you will ensure that everything gets transported safely and efficiently. Since outdoor furniture is usually bulkier than regular household items, you should use sturdier cardboard boxes. When disassembling furniture, you should use Ziploc bags, smaller boxes, and containers to store smaller parts and any tools you may need to assemble it once you move in.

The order for packing outdoor items for a move

After getting the packing materials, you are ready to start packing. No matter what you are packing, you should follow a basic sequence:

  1. Cleaning – this is the crucial detail many people forget. Outdoor furniture is exposed to various weather conditions, making it susceptible to dirt and bacteria. Make sure you clean everything before packing outdoor furniture for a move.
  2. Disassembling the furniture – make sure you clean the parts also. Pack all the bolts or tiny parts into smaller bags or boxes along with the piece of furniture to ensure nothing gets lost during the move.
  3. Use appropriate packing materials
  4. Label everything – you should mark all the boxes not only by the content but also by the destination. It will help the movers know where to put your items. Remember to label everything that is fragile or easily broken.

    Cardboard box you will need for packign outdoor items for a move
    You will need sturdy packing boxes for outdoor furniture

After you have done every step, the only thing left is to call moving companies Toronto that can safely transport everything you packed to your new home.

Packing pots and planters

Usually, long distance movers Canada don’t transport plants. This is typically a rule that movers do not move living beings, including animals and plants. However, if you are moving locally, you may be able to find some way to transport your bigger plants or potted trees. However, if you cannot move the entire plant, you can report it somewhere and save the pot. Outdoor pots and planters can be packed the same way you pack any breakable item. Put them in a cardboard box with lots of soft material, such as packing peanuts and blankets.

Packing a trampoline, swing sets, and playsets

Packing these types of outdoor items for a move is the hardest. This is because sometimes, the assembly and disassembly of trampolines, swing sets, and playsets are complex. If you don’t plan on hiring professionals to do this type of job, you can try and do it yourself. You can find almost any kind of tutorial online on assembling and disassembling swings, trampolines, and playsets. They are easy to pack; however, when placing them on a moving truck, be careful where you put them because they can damage your other furniture.

Packing patio furniture

Packing outdoor furniture is usually the most straightforward job because you can generally move it as is. Of course, disassembling, if possible, is always advisable. What you will need for outdoor furniture specifically are plastic sheets, packing tape, and some movers blankets. If your outdoor furniture can’t be disassembled, it may be easier to pack. However, pay closer attention to the material. Specifically, you can pack your patio table as is. But if it has a glass top, it is advised to pack it separately in either some bubble wrap or towels.

A set of wicker chairs and table
Usually, outdoor furniture can be packed as is, without any disassembly

Packing grills and smokers

Before you start cleaning your grill, you should remove charcoal and gas tanks. It would be best to dispose of gas tanks because most moving companies do not transport them as they are considered hazardous material. The next step is to clean your grill. Cleaning grills and smokers is some dirty work. The charcoal is especially hard to clean. You can start with a simple rinse and clean it with grill cleaning detergents. After you dry everything, you can begin to disassemble all the pieces and pack them in a smaller box. Make sure you secure any parts that can’t be detached but can move with strong packing tape. Finally, find an appropriately sized box and pack it securely with packing paper.

Final thoughts on packing outdoor items for a move

Nowadays, there are a plethora of professionals who can help you in all the stages of your move. However, we are sure you can manage if you plan on doing it yourself. Having a clear plan for going about things will make the whole process easier. By following our simple steps for packing outdoor items for a move, you will be able to reduce the likelihood of damaging your belongings and accidents.


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