Mississauga, Oakville, and GTA School Rankings

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When you decide to move, there are so many factors that can be important to you. You should make the decision after you get enough important information. If you are moving to Ontario with your children or you have plans to start a family soon enough, you should find out what are Mississauga, Oakville, and  GTA school rankings. And also, one very important thing in preparation would be to find moving and storage Toronto based company that will help you with your relocation.

How to find the right movers?

You should learn all you can about the school system in Great Toronto Area. But the truth is that you don’t have to choose one school before you relocate. But if you want to have a professional moving help, this is one of the first things to decide. If you are moving to Mississauga, look for the best movers Mississauga have to offer. And the thing is that if you have a good friend who moved recently, that person can recommend you, movers, if they were satisfied with them. That could potentially save so much time that you will need for research.

moving company men
Find the right movers.

But this is not what happens usually. So you will most probably have to do your own research. And yes, we do recommend you to look for a moving company in the place where you are moving to. So if that is Oakville, your logical choice will be one of the movers Oakville. The good thing is that they will know just about everything they should about the area you are moving to. They will know about the traffic jams, are there any and at which hours, but also how to avoid them and bring your items in the safest and shortest way. That will include even knowing alternative roads. So it is a good choice to choose one of them.

Let’s look for some GTA school rankings

Before we jump in the GTA school rankings, we have to mention another option when it comes to choosing movers. If you live in Burlington now, you can search for movers from your area, too. The thing is that someone will probably have some recommendations about movers Burlington you want to hire. And that is not an insignificant thing at all. But let’s start now with our list of the school system in the area you are interested in.

GTA school rankings
Let’s look for some GTA school rankings.

What Mississauga has to offer

If you are about to move to Mississauga, know that you will have a lot to choose from. When it comes to public schools, there are four public elementary schools that all scored 10 in their Fraser Institute rankings. Those are Al Ricola, IQRA Islamic, Khalsa School Malton, and also Safa & Marwa. But the list of great schools doesn’t stop there. So if you have teenagers and you are looking for a great public high school, look no more. John Fraser Secondary School has really high scores. But this is not all. There is a private school called ISNA that now outranked it. If you are looking for French immersion schools, you will have the opportunity to choose the right one for you if you want to live in Mississauga.

Let’s see schools in Oakville

If you are moving to Oakville, it is logical that you want to know which would be the best school for your kids. We have to point out that the top-ranked elementary public school is Joshua Creek Elementary School. In only a year, this school jumped from the 163rd place to number 60. If you want to choose a catholic school, the best ones in Oakville would be St. Luke, Holy Family, and Mother Teresa. There are also two private elementary schools: Al-Falah Islamic and St Mildred’s Lightbourn. If you are into French schools, you’ll be able to find, only elementary schools in Oakville. And we will number the three of them: du Chene, Patricia-Picknell, and Sainte-Marie. If you want to look at percentages, you will find that 16 schools are ranked in the top 10 percent.

GTA School Rankings

If you are moving to the Toronto area, you will have a great variety of schools to choose from. There are some neighborhoods that are filled with top-ranked schools. We will name the three of those areas. And you can continue your search from that. So we have to start with Rosedale-Moore Park. There you will find a great number of schools. And our recommendation will lead you to search more about Whitney Junior, Rosedale Junior, Cottingham Junior, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Deer Park Junior, and Senior. And the list is going on. Other areas that we have to mention are Willdowdale East and Steeles.

There are some great schools in the Toronto area.

If your kids are a bit older, you may be interested in the best Canada Colleges that the Toronto area has to offer. And we will have to mention St. Michael’s College School as the top one when it comes to catholic colleges. But wonderful schools are also Royal St. George’s College and also University of Toronto Schools.

Did you find our list of GTA School Rankings helpful?

We really do hope that our list of Mississauga, Oakville, and GTA School Rankings has helped you make the decision on where to relocate with your family. The thing is that when it comes to moving and choosing another destination, there are so many different factors including indecision. But schools are a really important one. We understand why you take it so seriously and why you want the best for your loved ones. And you should always look for the best conditions you can possibly find. Also, it would be important for you to look for job opportunities, costs of living, and safety. So this search will take some time and that is found because you are about to make such an important step. Don’t rush it, sit down and make your own list of your favorites.



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