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The city of Kingston is equidistant from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, which makes it a special place. It has charming scenery, and a lively downtown area filled with restaurants and shops. There are plenty of reasons why so many people hire movers Canada to move them to Kingston. It is the oldest city in Ontario, founded by French explorers in 1673, but there are always some new things to do. Are you planning to move to Kingston in winter? We all know that summer moves are the best, but due to some reasons, we are forced to move in winter. If this is your case too, there are some things to pay attention to. Read this Kingston relocation guide to learn everything you need to know about moving in winter and start preparing for your adventure.

Why do people decide to move to Kingston?

Kingston may be a small city, but there are plenty of things to do. Not only will you be able to visit many historical sites, but also to enjoy some wonderful natural spots. If you like history, you will have a chance to see fortifications from the War of 1812 and 19th-century buildings, military lodgings, and some fine art facilities. Moreover, Kingston’s economy is getting stronger. It relies on public healthcare, education, tourism, and good jobs. It is becoming one of the most significant aspects of Canadian tourism revenue, due to plenty of things to do in the place.

However, Kingston is not just the city for having fun. It is home to some of the best universities in the area, such as Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College. If you want to become a resident of the “smartest workforce” in Canada, you can hire some residential movers Kingston ON has to relocate you there. You will certainly find your place in this aspiring city.

A girl riding a bike in snowy Kingston
No matter how cold and snowy Kingston may be in winter, it is still one of the most beautiful places in Canada during the winter season

Read the Kingston relocation guide to see the benefits of moving in winter

Moving is indeed hard, especially when the weather conditions are not desirable. However, if you think that moving in winter can cause you a headache, think twice! As much as it seems hard to move in this season, there are some benefits that you can use only in winter. Here is a short list of reasons why moving to Kingston in winter might be a good choice.

Moving to Kingston in winter is cheaper

Let’s face it, no one likes to move in winter. However, it doesn’t need to be so bad. There are plenty of good Kingston moving and storage companies that get booked very quickly in a peak season. However, moving companies are more willing to lower their prices during the winter off-season precisely because of the increased availability. During the winter’s icy temperatures, demand for movers is significantly lower. Therefore, not only will you find and book a good company quickly, but also get some affordable packages and discounts. Moving crews are more available and ready to provide better-personalized services at lower prices. You can rest assured that reputable Kingston companies will handle the job even better in the winter season.

A person putting a coin in a piggy bank
According to Kingston relocation guide, moving is always cheaper in winter. This is a good opportunity to save money before the summer season

There is a wide range of moving supplies

We all know moving goes along with the packing process. And to pack everything properly, you need a lot of supplies. They can be very expensive to get and hard to find in a peak season because the demand for them is greater. The number of cardboard boxes sold in the country for one season is getting higher each year. However, if you choose to move in winter, you might be able to find plenty of moving supplies Kingston has at affordable prices. Whether you need cardboard boxes, plastic containers, moving blankets, or something else, they are available during the winter season. Moreover, you don’t have to travel long-distance to find what you need. Your local shop in Kingston will probably have everything you want available at any time.

You will avoid moving in the heat if you read Kingston relocation guide

Winter in Kingston is cold, but summer and spring are too hot. If you decide to move in the heat, you may suffer from dehydration, exhaustion, and heat-related stress. Moreover, the chill of winter can protect your items, such as candles, soaps and food from spoiling. The inside of the moving truck is cooler in winter, thus preserving your furniture from the hot sun rays and protecting them from overheating. If you dress properly and put on your warm clothes, you will not have any problems during your winter relocation to Kingston. What is more, winter in Kingston is often windy and with heavy snowfall, so wearing boots and a raincoat will protect you from catching a cold. Another good idea is to hire some of the best furniture movers Kingston offers, because they know how to move in winter properly.

A man holding his towel and wiping his face
Moving in summer will make you feel exhausted and drained. However, if you move in winter, you will avoid the heat-related stress

Storage units are easier to find

There are plenty of good storage unit facilities  in Kingston, but they get occupied very quickly in summer. If you want to place some of your items in a storage unit, winter is the perfect time for that. There are more facilities available, so you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your units ready. Moreover, the rent is lower in winter. After the season ends in September, prices start to drop, and they stay low through January and February, until March. If you are planning to downsize and put some of your belongings in a storage unit, some of the Kingston piano movers recommends can help you out. You don’t have to worry that your piano and other valuables will stay out in the cold. There are so many high-quality storage units waiting for you during the winter season.

The drawbacks of moving to Kingston in winter

There are plenty of reasons why people avoid relocating to Kingston in winter. As a result, they are willing to pay much more only to move in summer. We know moving in winter is hard and challenging, however, following some useful tips will greatly ease the process. As much as it is difficult for you to move in winter, you need to accept this as a normal part of your life. Here are some reasons why moving to Kingston in winter is the most difficult job for many people.

Kingston’s weather is harsh in winter

This is probably the biggest reason why you will not see many people carrying luggage in Kingston at this time of the year. Winter in Kingston is long and it lasts from December to March, but snowy days may last from November to April. The coldest month is January when people mostly travel to warmer places for holidays. The average temperature in winter is between -5 to -15 degrees C, which is freezing for people who are not winter fans. Relocating at this time of the year is hard if the weather conditions are bad. Moreover, Kingston has a lot of rain throughout the year, even in winter. You may want to protect your items from downpouring by hiring small movers Kingston ON recommends. Relocating on your own in winter might be a bad idea. Hiring professional movers will make the already difficult process much easier.

A woman sitting in front of her lap top and reading Kingston relocation guide
If you decide to move to Kingston in winter, you need to do a proper research about the weather conditions

Many moving companies don’t work for holidays

There are plenty of holidays during the winter season, including Christmas and New Year. Your moving company in Kingston will most likely not be open on these days. Some of the biggest holidays in the country fall in winter, and the companies will work short hours or schedule fewer moves too. Therefore, if you are planning to relocate in winter, check your company’s working hours during the holiday season. If you fail to do this, you risk postponing your relocation which can put you under a lot of pressure. Moreover, you probably want to spend holidays with your family. Why would you change your plans when you can simply choose a different time of the year? If you need to relocate your office to Kingston, make sure you hire office movers Kingston has in advance. You don’t want to delay your business just because you failed to schedule your move.

According to Kingston relocation guide, moving in winter means moving in the middle of a school year

This can be equally hard for teachers and students. Whether you are a University student or an elementary school student, you will have to miss classes and have less time to study. Moving is already a difficult process, and things get worse if you do it during the busiest time of the year. Moreover, getting used to a new school when there are many exams is not a good idea, too. It would be better to hire your long distance movers Kingston ON has to relocate you during the summer break. This way, your children will have enough time to get familiar with the new area and friends. Furthermore, if you are a teacher, you will avoid getting late for work or having to ask for leaves if you choose to relocate at other time of the year.

A woman and a boy studying in front of their computer and checking Kingston relocation guide
Moving to Kingston in winter means that you need to stop the school year suddenly. This is one of the greatest drawbacks of winter relocation

Moving companies may charge more during the holidays

It is true that most moving companies don’t work during the holiday season, and that they lower the cost of their services. However, some of them may see this as an opportunity to earn. If you choose to move in winter, you may get the bill that will break your bank. Holiday seasons usually bring about a lot of costs, and relocation may be pricey too. Your local mover may charge you more to relocate you during the holiday. Along with all other costs you may have, you don’t need something that will add up to the already stressful period. To avoid this, try to do a proper research about the companies, and use free estimate option on their website to calculate your costs. Moreover, don’t accept the first offer you get. Use the rule of three and look at at least three different options before you make a decision.

Relocating to Kingston may be a unique experience

Whether you move to Kingston in winter or any other season, you will have a unique experience. The city of Kingston is one of the most exotic places in Ontario, and one of the most important locations within the equal distance of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. The city’s goal was to become one of the most modern cities in the country, and the dream is becoming a reality. Kingston boasts a very high quality of life, with plenty of things to do and attractions to see. You can enjoy music festivals, visit historic sites, and shop at the vibrant, bustling downtown areas. Beautiful parks, trails and places to relax and waiting for you. Plenty of tourists visit Kingston each season, and people are moving there more than ever. Going to Kingston can be a unique experience and a real Canadian adventure for you and your family.

A ship on the lake in Ontario
Kingston is the place that has it all. Whatever season you choose for your relocation, it is an amazing place for a living

Final words

Each relocation is unique and it will be a special experience for you. Moving in winter is indeed hard, and it brings about many problems. If you are planning to move to Kingston in winter, you should go through Kingston relocation guide. Following some useful tips should greatly simplify the process. The weather in winter is cold, but the moving services may be cheaper. Moreover, some companies may not work during the winter holiday season, but you will at least have more time with your family. Finally, moving in the middle of the school week may not be beneficial for you and your family, but scheduling in advance may help you avoid this. Whatever you decide to do, moving to Kingston will be an adventure.

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