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When it comes to smaller homes, it takes some time to properly set up everything. However, one of the benefits of moving into a smaller apartment is decluttering that often comes with it. Once you realize how many extra items you have, you will learn how to live a simpler, clutter-free life. Plus, it’s much easier to move and adapt to smaller homes. On the other hand, you will need a reliable moving partner to help you with your relocation. Every new relocation is a new life chapter at the same time. We at Professional Movers Canada understand the importance of the move and how stressful the moving period can sometimes be. Our crew is only a phone call away and ready to carry out your move!

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Moving into a smaller apartment is a great choice for those who linger towards a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Moving into a smaller apartment often means a fresh start

Changing from a bigger home to a smaller one is a huge change for many. Some are used to bigger living spaces, while others couldn’t wait to downsize. Either way, you’ll be surprised with how easier it is to live and breathe into a smaller, well-furnished, and maintained apartment. Some of the most common reasons for relocating into a smaller home would be:

  • Retirement
  • Life-changing situation
  • Cost-effective lifestyle

Remember that downsizing to the smaller apartment requires a prior decluttering process

Go to your new place of residence and take a look at rooms. Decide how would you set up the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and the rest of the apartment. After that, make a list of items you will take with you, and one more list for leftover belongings.  Next, divide the leftover items into several categories:

  • Give away – Ask friends or family members whether they would benefit from additional furniture pieces. Also, check clothes and objects you don’t want anymore and make someone close to you happy with an unexpected gift.
  • Donation – Support local charities with extra furniture, clothes, shoes, books, and etc.
  • Sell – Fortunately, it’s possible to quickly sell your goods online. All it takes is to create accounts on E-bay, or other popular online platforms. Besides, you can also organize a sale at your home or in a rented space.
  • Recycle – Apart from glass, plastics, wood, and paper, you can also recycle electronic devices.
  • Trash – Whatever doesn’t serve any purpose anymore belongs to a garbage bin.

Clean your new apartment before moving in

It’s much more difficult to plan your new life in a dirty space. So don’t forget to thoroughly clean the apartment before you move anything inside. Unpacking is often tiring and doesn’t end in just one day. However, it will get much easier when you’re starting your new life in a clean and tidy environment. You can hire cleaners to help you out. Also, many condo movers Toronto residents highly recommend also offer useful services in order to prepare your apartment as soon as possible.

Relocating to a smaller home is convenient and cost-effective

It costs less to maintain smaller living space. You’ll spend much less on bills, and cleaning won’t be as time-consuming. Small apartments have been quite popular across the world. Even famous designers and artists linger to a bit more minimalistic living. Plus, technology advancements bring new inventions every now and then. For example, the bed-desk combo is an ultimate solution for small rooms where it’s possible to work and sleep while having more space. Although some prefer a bigger kitchen for long cooking sessions, at least there won’t be too much mess. Once you realize you spend much less time cleaning, you’ll have more room for rest and other activities.

Research before hiring a moving company for your relocation into a smaller home

Don’t rush with hiring movers. Remember that moving is a big responsibility. You don’t have to entrust it to whichever company and hope for the best outcome. The company you hire has to be fully trustworthy, licensed, and capable to work in unpredictable situations. Their crew must be well-trained and careful with your belongings. It’s possible to have a joyful moving experience and you shouldn’t settle for less than that.

a couple ready for the move
Pack all belongings you want to keep.

You will need a set of additional services when moving into a smaller place

The list of necessary moving services depends on whether you’re moving long-distance or locally. The best solution, in this case, would be hiring reputable and capable long distance movers Toronto has on offer. Usually, they offer a wide array of different services at different rates. That’s why we recommend the cross-comparison method so you can quickly make the best decision for your move. Keep in mind that packing supplies and storage services are the most sought-after moving services. It’s inevitable that moving delays will sometimes happen. That’s why your belongings deserve to wait safely in a modern, climate-controlled environment.

a woman moving into a smaller apartment
You will need additional supplies for your move.

In case your move takes less time, you may opt for small movers Toronto offers. Affordable yet quality service is all you need. Plus, you won’t have to spend money on storage services if you’re able to relocate everything in a day or two. That way you’ll save more for other moving tasks or additional repairs.

Relocations are always easy to handle when you know what to expect

Take some time to research the neighborhood before moving into a smaller apartment. A moving day becomes much more exciting once you find out more about your new place of residence. Simply go online and see what other people say. Look up reviews of different places or read some interesting facts. If possible, schedule a couple of days when you don’t have too many duties and go for a short trip. Observe people, have a cup of coffee in a nearby coffee shop and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. Such psychological preparations are always helpful during both local and long-distance moving endeavors.

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