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When it comes time to retire, seniors often decide to move and strive to find a quiet place where they can enjoy and live a peaceful and decent life. Statistics have shown that a large number of seniors choose small towns. And these are mainly those who offer a quiet but at the same time active life. When a city has a high quality of life and strong economy, it starts to be a frequent choice of all people who decide to move. The same is true when it comes to senior moving. In their case, they want to escape from the crowd, but at the same time to keep a quality life, shops, health care, and all other possibilities that will facilitate their retirement. That’s why today, Professional Movers Canada decided to introduce you to the best small towns for seniors in Canada. Let’s choose your new city together!

Canada is one of the best countries for seniors

Did you know that Canada is in 4th place on the list of “Best countries for seniors“? Also, Canada ranks seventh in terms of safety and income, fourth in terms of health services, eighth in terms of employment and education opportunities and ninth in terms of a favorable environment. These are some of the reasons why Canada is an ideal place for all generations to live, especially seniors. What is certain is that pensioners will be able to lead a safe life, have a secure income, and lack stress. In addition, seniors will be able to enjoy all the benefits that this country brings them, as well as various activities and beautiful nature.

Canada is one of the best countries for seniors that can provide a safe life.

Canada is a multicultural country, and if you decide to live here, know that you will meet and get to know a lot of people from different parts of the world. Also, if you are looking for an ideal city in which to retire, know that you will certainly find it in Canada. Canada has 393 small cities with a population of 10,000 to 100,000, and 52 cities with a population of 100,000 to 1 million. And of course, 3 cities with over 1 million inhabitants. So, we are absolutely sure that one of these cities will suit your needs and your lifestyle. If you are moving to Canada from somewhere else, know that an exciting life awaits you.

How you can know which city is best for you?

When you look at a map of Canada, you will see many cities, big and small. And what you will surely think is “how I can know which city is the best for me“. We would tell you that you need to do your research, google about cities, and activities, as well as living amenities for seniors. But we know it can be hard work for you. Previously you could see that Canada has over 400 cities. Imagine exploring all 400? Really hard work. That’s why we decided to make a short selection of them, and introduce you to the small towns for seniors in Canada.

But the main question is, how will you know that that particular city is ideal for you? It’s simple. Set your goals, and determine your needs and wishes. Considering that you are going to retire, you will not have any major obligations such as going to work every day. Here are some examples of what each city must have in order to be ideal for you:

  • Affordable living expenses.
  • Affordable real estate/rental prices.
  • Excellent health care.
  • Easy access to all health and other institutions.
  • Public transport.
  • Lots of interesting activities.
  • Retirement home.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Peaceful and quiet neighborhoods.
Old woman searching on internet about small towns for seniors in Canada
Determine your requirements and search for small towns for seniors in Canada based on them.

If these are your requirements, then you can continue reading. We will introduce you to some of the best cities that can offer you a really nice retirement life. Also, know that you can expand or reduce the list of these requirements in relation to your needs and wishes.

We will meet you with the best small towns for seniors in Canada

As you can see by now, there are a lot of curses in Canada. And it’s very difficult to make a selection. But when you have clear wishes and needs, everything will go more easily. When we selected the small towns for seniors in Canada, we were guided by your basic wishes and needs. That’s why we will immediately move on to the topic. Here are some of the best cities for seniors:

  • Aurora
  • Brampton
  • Etobicoke
  • Mississauga
  • North York
  • York Region
  • Vaughan

These cities meet your needs but know that each of these cities is different. Therefore, when you make the final decision, carefully compare your wishes and needs with all the possibilities that each of these buildings offers. Let’s star!

Aurora – One of the towns with the best retirement homes

If you are planning to retire in Aurora, this could be an ideal place to enjoy your retirement life. This city offers you enjoyment in a rural environment as well as an urban one. It’s your choice! Aurora is a city located near North Shore, as well as one of the most popular cities in Canada, Toronto. The very location of this city makes it an ideal city for retirees, but also for other generations. If you are planning to stay in a retirement home, Aurora is the best place. Here you can find more than 10 best retirement homes, which offer the best living conditions, but also organize various activities. Also, retirement homes offer all kinds of medical services, as well as adequate health care. Which means you have nothing to worry about.

A person lying in bed receiving medical attention
Aurora is an ideal place if you want to live in a retirement home and need medical care.

Retirement homes in Aurora, in addition to adequate health care and excellent living conditions, offer you two solutions for your stay in the home. You have at your disposal living with support, as well as independent living. Also, your movement is not limited and you can move anywhere if your health condition allows it. Aurora is a city with about 55,000 inhabitants and has a very favorable real estate market. And our movers Aurora revealed to us that a large number of retirees initially choose smaller homes in order to adapt as quickly as possible to a new place and a new way of life. This means that you aren’t tied to a nursing home, and it may not be an option for you. If you can, you can choose to live alone and enjoy the retired life.

What Brampton can offer to seniors?

So, now that you no longer have responsibilities like taking the kids to school and going to work, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Retirement is an ideal time for this. What you need to do is find your new town and movers Brampton. Movers will be of great help to you when you decide to move. So, when thinking about which town in Canada might be ideal for you, keep Brampton in mind. This town has a lot to offer you, and we are sure that it meets your needs. That’s why we will immediately introduce you to several neighborhoods in Brampton:

  • Downtown Brampton
  • Westgate
  • Gore Meadows
  • Heart Lake
  • Brampton South

Brampton is known as the “Flower City of Canada”. In fact, if you are a flower lover, this will blow your mind. Brampton is home to the largest greenhouse industry, and here you’ll be able to meet some new types of flowers that you’ve probably never seen before. Also, this town offers high-quality living, as well as top medical services. Also, what is very important is that the neighborhood you choose has a low crime rate so that you feel safe. Brampton also offers many different activities such as hiking, excursions, cycling, and much more. And all this makes Brampton one of the best small towns for seniors in Canada.

Etobicoke or Mississauga?

Etobicoke is one of the safer suburbs near Toronto that could be your new ideal place to live. the comfort offered by this town, the high quality of life, as well as various possibilities for entertainment make Etobicoke an ideal place for retirees. Also, the movers Etobicoke confirmed to us that this city is one of the favorites of all seniors. One of the reasons is that this small town offers you a large selection of apartments and real estate at affordable prices, as well as a very low cost of living. According to data, the monthly cost of living for seniors is about $2,225. If you want to live in a city that can offer you a lot of activities and a slightly different way of life, in addition to Etobicoke, consider Mississauga.

Seniors meditate
Etobicoke and Mississauga offer a wide variety of outdoor activities for seniors.

When we talk about Mississauga, it’s a little bigger town compared to Etobicoke, but it can be a good choice at the same time. Mississauga is a fairly large and strong community, with very high living standards. It offers you a way of cultural life, and here you can enjoy visiting galleries, theaters, art centers, concert halls, and museums. Compared to Etobicoke, Mississauga differs in the cost of living, which is very high. Let’s say, rental prices hover around $1,600. If you decide to start your retired life here, movers Mississauga are at your disposal. And they will also reveal to you all the details related to senior moving.

North York

North York is one of the most popular areas of Toronto, and it’s also one of the most convenient locations for living that you can choose. This is a multicultural neighborhood in Toronto and is also home to all generations. And if you like festivals, traditions, and different cultures, North York is exactly the city you should live in. This is one of the areas in Toronto with a large number of different festivals throughout the year. And your greatest experience will be that you will have the opportunity to get to know the Spanish, Hawaiian and Korean cultures. Also, in a conversation with movers North York, we discovered that retirees choose North York for the reason that this town is full of fun and allows them to move easily because it has a very developed public transport.

York Region – Place with best towns in Canada

York Region is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) but is very different from the City of Toronto and consists of 9 towns. The greatest characteristics of the York region are that it has its own public transport (IRT/VIVA, which will enable you to move easily throughout the York region. So, we mentioned that the York region has 9 towns, and we will single out one that meets all the requirements for senior life. And said, Vaughan. Also, if you are planning a move in the territory of the York region, movers York is at your disposal. Also, they will tell you many more interesting things about the place you choose, because they are moving, and have the best information.

Vaughan is one of the best towns for seniors in the York Region

Vaughan is one of the best towns for seniors in the York Region. And what makes it the best is precisely the low cost of living. Did you know that Vaughan is 31% cheaper than New York? So, if you decide to move to Vaughan, your retirement life will cost you about $930 per person per month, not including rent. Which is more than convenient. Rental prices in Vaughan range up to $2,000. Also, you can find cheaper apartments, and the price depends on the location and number of rooms.

Vaughan is one of the cities near Toronto that is ideal for senior living.

What makes Vaughan one of the small towns for seniors in Canada is modern health care, developed public transportation, affordable living costs, and many activities that guarantee seniors good fun, socializing, and getting to know each other. Also, Vaughan offers you many activities such as hiking, dancing, hanging out in nature, day trips, etc. In addition, this is an ideal place where you can find many hobbies. What is very important to say in the end is that moving is a big job for all seniors. If you decide that Vaughan will be your new place to live, do not hesitate to contact movers Vaughan. They really know how to handle senior moving, and make it easy for you. Trust us, these fantastic guys will be of great help to you. But before that, you need to choose your city.

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