9 Tasks To Do Before The Movers Arrive

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Preparing for the move is a process not everyone looks forward to. It can take a lot of time, and if you don’t have a structured plan, can get messy. So, in order to prepare correctly, you should get familiar with this process. Not everyone knows how to start preparing for relocation, so the best thing is to write down the steps. From packing to calling the moving company, a plan is the most helpful thing to have. Think about your moving day and which day of the week will work best for you. Also, consider what tasks to do before the movers arrive as this will affect the time it takes for relocation. If you are unsure, you can always call professional packers and movers in Canada to ask for the information you need.


Something that is always recommended is that you start your preparation process by preparing all of the things you own. This means making a plan and going through every single box, every drawer, and looking through the wardrobe. Decluttering is a process that will make every relocation so much easier. It will also make living in a house easier, but most people don’t find the time for that unless they are moving. So, sort everything you own into a few piles, things you will be bringing to a new home, things to donate, and things to throw away. Sorting everything out will make the whole preparation easier. It will affect both packing time and moving costs.

girl sorting through her clothes
Sort everything into piles for bringing with you, donating, or throwing away

Make sure you do this early, as it can take a lot of time and decision. You might fall into thinking about memories behind some items, and your family may have different thoughts on what to bring. So, leave enough room for this so you don’t become stressed and do it in the wrong way. Decluttering is really a great process for starting your home fresh. Not only will you not overcrowd your new place, but you will also have a reason to buy new things as well.

Packing is a task to do before the movers arrive

Another part of the preparation that takes a lot of time is packing. So, don’t leave this for the last moment either. Start by gathering all the needed moving supplies Toronto has. You will need boxes, of course, tape, markers, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Surely, you can also reuse something you already have. Old boxes that you kept, suitcases for packing, instead of packing peanuts and bubble wrap you can use t-shirts, towels, or sheets.

Before you start randomly packing what you come across, think about the future and the time you will need to unpack. You should pack with your new house arrangement in mind, not your current one. So, everything that will go into your new bedroom should be packed and labeled “bedroom”. Always label all sides of the box so you know where to take the box once you get to a new house.

woman calling professional movers
Call your moving company and ask about tasks to do before the movers arrive

Calling a company

Deciding on a long distance movers Canada based doesn’t have to be hard. If you have never used one, you can try and get reviews for a company. Look online and ask around. Maybe someone you know has a moving company to recommend. This is a great way to see how a company treats its customers. Another important thing you should do is to check for a company’s license. Making sure you are hiring a reliable moving company will ease so much stress you might have. After all, they will be handling all of your items and will be responsible for how your moving day goes by. You can even go down to their office to meet them in person and discuss the best way for your relocation.

Picking a moving date

Discuss with your movers Burlington based what the best time for the relocation is. Since most people decide on a weekend, there might be too much traffic. Moving companies generally know what to recommend on a moving day. Of course, fit it into your schedule, based on your work, or your family’s activities. Picking a good day for your relocation means you will get your things quickly and the price will be lower.

Last arrangements

Before you move homes, there might be different things to be done depending on the type of your move. For example, if you are moving interstate, you will need to get a few documents in order. In this case, you should change your healthcare plan, update your driver’s license, and register your new address with your boss. This way you can get taxed properly. You should also officially change your address so that your mail goes to your new home. If you have kids and they are changing schools, you should get their school documents from their old school. So, try to think of all the documents and legal things you will need to do for an easy start at your new place.

sorting documents is one of the tasks to do before the movers arrive
Make sure to get all documents sorted for your new home

Tasks of moving day before the movers arrive

Coming to the moving day, you should have everything that was mentioned done by now. Here are tasks to do before the movers arrive that you can make a checklist for:

  1. Rest well the night before
  2. Check that everything is packed and ready to get loaded
  3. Pack items that you were still using until moving day
  4. Make a small emergency bag filled with water, snacks, and paper towels
  5. Check if everything is turned off and unplugged
  6. Clean what needs to be cleaned
  7. If you have a pet, maybe take them to a friend or family
  8. Have a plan if something goes wrong on the drive
  9. Go over the plan with the movers once again

After that, when you get into your new house and unload all the boxes from the truck, relax a bit. Relocation lasts until you make your new house feel like a home. And if you packed and labeled everything, this will be an easy thing to do.


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