5 ways to brighten a dark room after moving in

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After you move into your new home, there must be some things you will need to repair or fix. Although the house can be perfect for you, being able to redo some of the parts of the house can make your home even more beautiful. One of those things is to brighten a dark room after moving in. With some of these tips, you will be able to make some light in your home and enjoy spending time in that room. Even though your home might need some redo such as brightening up, moving into that house can be piece of cake with Professional Movers Canada.

How to prepare for brightening the room?

Once you have decided in which way you will brighten a dark room after moving in, you are able to get all the items you need for the work. When you are hiring condo movers Toronto has, make sure you tell them where exactly to place your boxes after the move. You would not like to have all the boxes in the center of the room, it will be easier to start your job once they are in the corners.

Ways to brighten a dark room after moving in

There are a few ways to do this task. Some of those might require hiring professionals, but most of them you can make a “do it yourself” project and be proud of your work. The key to fixing this problem can be in some kind of flexible lights which you can change depending on the time of the day. It can also depend on how and for what will you use that room.

If you want to turn a room for work into a romantic movie night, you would need to pay attention to the right places for lights and lamps.

Natural light

When it comes to natural light, the Sun, the brightest of the room will depend on the windows in the room. This means next:

  • If the window is turned on the north, this room is usually cold and dark. But the artist loves to pick this kind of lightning because it gives a natural tone to the colors.
  • When the window is turned on East you can expect the sunlight early in the morning but not for the rest of the day. You would need to use some extra lighting that will be placed on the north side of the wall This type of room is perfect for a bedroom.
  • A window placed on the south means that this room is warm and you can expect the sunlight almost through the whole day. Although the warmth of the sun depends on the season. This is the room you spend most of your time in. One thing you need to be careful of is not to make direct sunlight into the tv or the monitor of the computer.
  • Last but not least is the room with a window on the west side of the walls. This type of room is ideal for romantic movie nights or just some relaxing time when the kids are asleep. You can also make a balcony on this side of the wall because the sunlight will be here all afternoon.
girl standing near the window
Natural light is the best way to brighten a dark room after moving in

Changing the color of the furniture is one way to brighten a dark room after moving in

Black, grey, or brown furniture is not a good solution when you want to brighten a dark room after moving in. If you have an option, pick some of the bright colors, such as white, baby blue, or similar colors. They will make the room look brighter. If you do not want to have furniture in these colors, the other solution is to get brighter rugs, pillows that will be on the bed, etc. If you are moving the furniture that is already bright, make sure you have the right moving supplies Toronto‘s moving companies are having. You do not want to damage the furniture in any way. 

Using mirrors

One more way to brighten a dark room after moving in is to place some mirrors in the room. This is the oldest and most used trick which can make your room even visually bigger. You can start using mirrors that can be glued to the wall. But do not use a lot of mirrors. Instead of placing a few of them, try getting one mirror that is big and placed horizontally and places it above the bed to the couch.

place mirror on the wall to brighten a dark room after moving in
The mirror can reflect a lot of light, so try using them for brightening your room.

One more way to brighten a dark room after moving in is to use some fine paintings

Some experts will advise you next:

If you have a room that is full of brown and grey colors, use some colorful paintings as a contrast. Painting with some sea details is a very good choice. Also, plants in the corners can light up your room too. Make sure you take care of indoor plants so that they live as long as possible.

Do not use too much decoration

Some of us can really place a lot of decorations with all kinds of colors. These are usually items we got as a gift or brought from traveling. However, unnecessary items can make your living space darker and smaller. Instead of placing a lot of small details, try choosing one big but very conspicuous. This can be some kind of lamp or a vase. And if you can get one that is made of metal or glass, it would be the best solution. This is because they can reflect the light. For example, the giant metal lamp is a great solution for the hallway that is dark and has small or no window at all. If you already have this type of lamp, hire some of the best long distance movers Toronto has. These professionals will take good care of your items and give their best to move them without damaging them.

hallway that has lights
If you need to lighten up a hallway, try placing some giant lamp in the corner

If you want to brighten a dark room after moving in, make sure you do not overdo it. Having a too-bright room is bad as having a dark one. Do not let that happen after moving in. So, you should experiment and mix all of these tips in order to make your room lighter. Place your lamps or chandeliers on one piece of furniture or some art. If you can, make sure you have a lot of natural light, because this type of lightening the house is known as the most suitable one for living.

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