5 Tips to Ensure A Safe Move

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Safety comes first no matter whether you are moving across town or long-distance. Moving is a stressful endeavor and added tension and injuries are the last you need. To ensure a safe move, it’s necessary to stay organized. Most importantly, your health and well-being are of utmost importance. Apart from the tips, you will find in this guide, choosing a trustworthy moving team will make your worries disappear. So feel free to contact us at Professional Movers Canada and let us do the work for you. Our team is there for you from start to finish and will ensure you have the safest moving experience.

Follow these 5 tips to ensure you have a safe move

Typical relocation horror stories you might have heard of won’t necessarily be your reality. All it takes is precaution measures for your peace of mind. Therefore, rest assured it’s possible to have a relocation without injuries, thefts, or other unwanted outcomes. In addition, don’t rush when choosing your ideal moving company. Take time to research moving companies Etobicoke before contacting them. Confirm with their representatives all the information about services and their price range from the website.  After that, book several moving quotes (commitment-free) and decide which company works best for you.

a woman labeling the box
Staying organized and focused will ensure a safe move.

#1  Keeping the clutter away from exit routes ensures a safe moving day

Avoid tripping over something while carrying the boxes and furniture. Throw away excess items, put the shoes into another room, and overall make sure there’s nothing on your way while exiting and entering your home. Also, make sure there’s nothing on the stair. In addition, ensure the stairs aren’t slippery.

It would be great to declutter your home before moving prep. The less burden and garbage you have around your home, the easier it will be to pack and move everything. Plus, you will earn some extra money by selling well-preserved items you don’t want to take with you. Furthermore, it’s easier to organize and pack for the move once you throw away anything that serves no purpose. So dedicate an entire day to decluttering. Sort your belongings into several categories:

  • for sale
  • donation
  • gift
  • recycle
  • trash

# 2 Be present while movers are doing their work

Coordination can’t go well if you aren’t there while the movers are working. Hiring residential movers Toronto doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be there. You need to make sure the boxes with breakable items aren’t just dumped into a moving truck. Moreover, you will have a stress-free move once you know all items are where they should be. The risk of theft is something you want to avoid. So make sure to be fully present on your moving day.

#3 Hire movers to handle heavy items

Heavy loads are better to leave to professionals. They have the necessary equipment to deal with bulkier furniture pieces, kitchen appliances, and so on. It’s too risky to carry heavier items on your own down the stairs, for example. That’s why professional long distance movers Toronto has on offer provide their own loading equipment.  Therefore, it’s better to avoid possible injuries and let the pro movers do the work.

#4 Wear comfortable clothes

You will be all over the place before and after the movers come. So put on sweatpants, or shorts, depending on the season. The more comfortable – the better. Jeans, pants, and shirts you intent to keep in one peace should stay inside the moving box.

a person reading about how to ensure a safe move
Comfortable clothes enable you to move easily during chaotic moving preparations.

#5 Take care of your health

Safety during the move isn’t just about avoiding physical injuries. Your health and well-being matter the most. A simple routine in the morning or afternoon will make the entire moving endeavor different for you. If you don’t have time for such rituals, then pay attention to the following things you can do to stay healthy:

  • Morning walks or morning jog will boost your energy levels and prepare you for the upcoming day. You will feel much more at ease and ready to tackle the tasks that await you.
  • Stretch in the morning to improve your body’s mobility. Once the movers arrive, you will have to be fast and flexible.
  • Don’t forget to eat and hydrate. People lose their appetite and forget about their water intake due to stress. So put your phone to good use and set the alarm for mealtime. Instead of long cooking sessions, rather opt for simple recipes for satiating meals.
  • Additional supplements like magnesium, zinc, and vitamin c will be beneficial for you while preparing for the move.
  • Also, wear protective gloves before you deal with the boxes and other items for the move. Relocations are often dusty endeavors, so protecting your skin is necessary.

Research the moving companies thoroughly to ensure a safe relocation right from the start

Besides the above-mentioned measures of precaution, you must take time to check the potential movers. Hiring a good moving company is half work done. However, there are many moving companies nowadays that advertise their services on various platforms. The truth is, not every company actually promises what they showcase on their websites. No matter how well-maintained is the company’s online presence, you still must confirm all the information. Don’t take the safety factor for granted, since your peace of mind during an already tedious moving journey has to be a top priority. Additionally, familiarize yourself with your moving rights and responsibilities before discussing the deal with any mover.

a person offering a pen and a contract
Know your moving rights and choose a legit moving company.

Opt only for legit moving companies that hold all the necessary licenses. Next, examine their insurance options and see if they work for you. Another way to check the credibility of the company you want to hire is by reading honest customer testimonials. Official websites and various review platforms have all the info you will need. After that, call the companies, book different quotes, and decide which one is the ideal moving ally for you. Having a capable and professional team of movers at your side will ensure a safe move right from the start. 

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