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If you have decided to move to York, for sure you know that it is one of the GTA neighborhoods. However, here are things to think about before moving to York. It is a rather large area. Often, you will read about the Southern and Northern York Regions. However, this division mostly reflects the region’s electricity infrastructure. So, Southern York Region includes the municipalities of Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham. The main towns in the Northern York Region are King, Newmarket, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch-Stouffville, and Georgina. In general, the entire area of York is considered a good place for living. So, you will be fine, regardless of where Professional Movers Canada brings you.

Downtown Toronto is the one of things to think about before moving to York.
York is a GTA neighborhood.

How to choose the right city for yourself?

There are various reasons for moving. Usually, the reasons decide to which of the GTA York cities you are going to move to. The most common reasons are joining the family and moving for a job. However, as the York region is close to Toronto, you may also opt to move due to lower housing prices. So, you will have a good job in Toronto. And you will be able to afford to buy a good house. And commuting distance is reasonable. Also, there are many students in the region. They are attending York University, known also as YorkU. It is located in Toronto. As the 4th largest university in Canada, it has about 55,700 students. For them, living in Your is affordable. And commuting to Toronto is easy.

One of the things to think about before moving to York is its affordability

Toronto, besides Vancouver, is one of the most expensive places for living. But as we already saw that the living in York is much more affordable. For that reason, many students and workers are choosing to live there. Of course, there are other affordable places in Canada. However, they are not enough close to Toronto. And regardless of good living amenities, they can’t offer a reasonable commuting time to Toronto. Also, when you are moving to York, you should check the prices in several towns. Some of the towns are more affordable than others. Once you buy or rent a house, you can contact movers North York. They will easily bring you to your new location. And you will be very satisfied with their affordable prices.

Moving to York is an excellent decision for students and young parents

York University is offering excellent education. For many intelligent students, it would not be possible to attend it. And only because of the very high rents in Toronto. And because of other living costs, which are also high. Having the possibility to rent and live in York, is the salvation for them. So, having so many students in the area, we can freely say that York is the students’ district. So, this is one more thing to think about before moving to York. If you intend to rent or buy a home, do it during the summer holidays. It is a bigger chance that you will find many vacant accommodations. During the school year, it would be much harder.

Graduated students in black gowns throwing hats up in the air.
Due to the University of Toronto, York is known as a students town.

York is a very safe place for living

In general, Canada is one of the safest countries worldwide. And York, where most of the citizens are students, young parents with kids, and farmers, is one of the safest neighborhoods in Canada. York is also known as a place with a low crime percentage.  Moreover, it has a good educational system. There are available good preschool institutions and high-rated elementary schools. So, this nice neighborhood is also a good option for young parents with kids. If you are a young parent, this might look appealing to you. So, you may consider moving to York. And one of the things to think about before moving to York is a reliable moving company. Luckily, there are movers East York. And they will, for sure, fulfill all your expectations.

York has many farms and beautiful nature, and this is one of the things to think about before moving to York

Since York has a lot of farmland and beautifully preserved nature, it is also a very healthy place. There is not much traffic. And so, the air is clean, without pollution. That is also good to know before you decide to move to York. First, your kids will have an excellent food choice coming straight from farmlands. Second, for anyone having some breathing problems, asthma including, York is an excellent choice. Also, if you like spending time outdoor, it has a lot of stunning places. You can go around hiking and exploring some of the most beautiful places in the area. Here is a list of the 10 most visited parks in North York:

  • Sunnybrook Park
  • Earl Bales Park
  • Downsview Dells
  • Newtonbrook Park
  • G Ross Lord Park
  • York Mills Valley Park
  • Windfields Park
  • Betty Sutherland Trail Park
  • Edward’s Gardens
  • East Don Parklands

Many of the parks were private real estate. However, at the turn of the 20th century, they were donated to the city. In those picturesque parks, you will find many sports fields, picnic spots, hiking and biking trails. Also, don’t be afraid of getting lost. Although you will enjoy pristine nature, there are also many well-maintained paved trails. So, you will always be able to go back to civilization.

Small waterfall surrounded with all color leaves and wooden railing.
Although you will enjoy pristine nature, there are also many well-maintained paved trails.

Since York is just a GTA neighborhood, you can reach downtown Toronto very quickly

Maybe you were never leaving Toronto before. But, even after movers York brings you to your new home, you will still be in Toronto. So, keep this fact in mind before moving to York. You are actually not living in your hometown. You are simply changing the neighborhood. Maybe you needed even more time to rich downtown Toronto from your previous home. The difference may actually be only in the lifestyle. You will change the Toronto rushing for the peaceful and slow lifestyle of York. Some people may miss the rush. Especially if they are used to it. However, very soon you will adapt. You will slow down and enjoy peace. As many others, who moved to this beautiful neighborhood did.

York is a large district, with many local and international students

As a large district, York is having many different places. It has many urban areas. It also has a lot of farms. But what is making this Toronto neighborhood really specific, is the huge number of students. Besides having many Canadian students, the University of Toronto is traditionally welcoming students from other countries. So, you should not be surprised to meet them. And, living in York, you will be living in a community of changemakers. This is also one of the things to think about before moving to York.

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