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Are you looking to relocate to Aurora, Ontario? Aurora has long welcomed explorers, visitors, and relocating families to the Great White North. This city will offer you all the amenities of a big city without having to experience terrible traffic and big crowds on a daily basis.  Aurora has a population of a little less than 60,000 and it is just a 45 min drive from Toronto. Aurora is consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in Canada. And it is very conveniently located a little north of Toronto. The city has its own and unique charm, with a vibrant arts scene, ample outdoor recreation opportunities, and you will get to enjoy not one but two fantastic lakes. If you’d like to hear more, here are five more reasons to make Aurora your new home.

A family packing up their boxes to relocate to Aurora
If you relocate to Aurora, your whole life will improve.

1.Aurora’s scenic beauty

If you like spending time outdoors and staying active, you are going to love Aurora.  Aurora has a lot of beautiful parks and protected green outdoor spaces. You will be able to use it for walking, running, hiking, bicycle riding, and much more.  Aurora Town Park is an especially nice place to go camping, swimming, or sailing. So if you feel ready to start moving, call our movers Aurora today. As far as landscape goes, Aurora boasts 700 acres of open space, 45 parks, and five golf courses. All of these amenities take advantage of Southern Ontario’s jaw-dropping nature. Another luscious green space you will get to enjoy if you move here is Fairy Lake Park. The park offers 13.4 hectares for you to explore, including lots of marshland and waterways. After all, there is nothing like going for a jog first thing in the morning and waiving to your neighbors.

2. Reasonable cost of living

The reason why many decide to relocate to Aurora is that Aurora has a substantially lower cost of living than Toronto. Renting a three-bedroom apartment, for example, will cost you an average of $1,700 compared to Toronto’s exorbitant $2,650. Basic groceries like beef are as much as 48% cheaper in Aurora. Overall, the city is much more affordable plus you will be able to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking to buy a home for your family or invest in real estate then Aurora has a number of affordable options in that regard as well. To get more information on this you can visit the Home and Property page on Aurora’s official website. The average cost of a house in Aurora is $679,45 which is extremely low when compared to Toronto. Let’s not forget that in Toronto, the average house price is a staggering $1.04 million.

A typical Canada house
Your money goes a lot further in Aurora than in other parts of Canada.

3.Aurora has a very rich culture

Did you know that Aurora has several historic districts?  To say that developers in Aurora have done a fantastic job of highlighting the city’s rich history and geographical features is an understatement. We will now list only some of the most important cultural districts and institutions in Aurora:

  • Northeast Old Aurora Heritage Conservation District
  • TheAurora Museum & Archives
  • The Armoury
  • The Hillary House
  • Skylight Gallery

If you are an art lover, being able to relocate to Aurora is probably your dream come true. Aurora has many historic buildings, cultural activities, and local artists showcasing their work and so much more for everyone to enjoy. There is a huge art community in Aurora and the Town of Aurora is currently developing its first Cultural Master Plan. The Aurora Cultural Centre is a great free attraction offering exhibitions and an extensive gallery showcasing Aurora’s heritage. The center often hosts several recreational workshops like ukelele lessons, wood carving, painting, and more.  If you want to add to the beauty of the city, call furniture movers Toronto to transfer your own art pieces and valuables. You will get the chance to enjoy myriad performances as well as visual and public art experiences.

4. Higher wages

If by now you haven’t found enough reasons to hire moving services Toronto now and relocate to Aurora immediately, then this next thing sure is. Residents of  Aurora earn more wages when compared to other cities. If you compare the average salary workers of Aurora and Toronto, you will find a vast gap. The average post-tax monthly salary in Aurora is $5,693.33 compared to just $3,945.59 in Toronto. To sum up, the cost of living in Aurora is much lower in Aurora than elsewhere in the GTA and also people typically earn more here. You have read that right. These people are very lucky.

A jar filled with money
It’s unlikely that you will have major financial problems in Aurora.

5. Economic activity

Many major companies have turned to other parts of Southern Ontario for new offices due to the scarcity of land in Toronto. Therefore, the city of Aurora is becoming a real business and commercial hub. There is a lot of economic activity within the city. It is now home to many large companies that bring business to the city and offer employment opportunities to the residents. You’ll likely have no problem finding a job once you relocate to Aurora. If you don’t have a problem with a 40-minute drive from Aurora, you can even keep your job in Toronto. Here are only some of the big companies that have set up offices in Aurora:

  • Compass Food Sales Co. Ltd.
  • Intact
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Canada Post
  • Bulk Barn Foods Limited
  • Amazon
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Loblaw Companies Limited

Deciding to move anywhere isn’t an easy decision, but it definitely helps to know you’re moving to a place like Aurora, Ontario.  Your quality of life will improve, the healthcare is good, and there are lots of daily activities and a thriving nightlife. If you have any further worries about moving, preparing to relocate to Aurora, or moving with children, head on to our Professional Mover Canada website where you will find all the answers and get your free moving quote. And get ready to enjoy all the perks and benefits Aurora, Ontario has to offer.


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