5 Common Myths About Using Professional Movers

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We often hear about people who have had bad experiences moving. Whether they had trouble moving on their own, or with professionals. Everyone assumes that when you are moving by yourself, it is going to be hard. This is not always the case. But it is stressful at least. If you are moving on your own you are going to have some difficulties.  Especially if you are not experienced enough. This is why there are professional moving companies. But, you often hear people have some prejudice about hiring professionals. Hearing bad stories from people who have moved makes you rethink your decision to hire professionals. Here are 5 common myths about using professional movers that we’ve heard a lot. Maybe talking about them make you change your mind about this way of relocation. And if you do decide to hire professional movers, Canada movers are here to help you out.

Myths about using professional movers

Hearing many stories about unsuccessful relocations and bad moving companies is unavoidable. This might make you reluctant on using one. This feeling is not uncommon. But let’s agree that myths are there to be debunked. As a result, this will make you feel more relaxed about hiring professional movers. It will also help you greatly in making your relocation day stress free. Allow companies that are experts in the relocation business to help you. Preparations are essential when moving homes, but you can lift many tasks off your shoulders. You can look for movers near me Toronto on the Internet to help you decide on a company.

toronto skyline view
Don’t let myths about using professional movers stop you from having a relaxed relocation

Professional movers will damage your items

One of the most common myths about using professional movers when relocating is that your items will break. Or they will get damaged, or disappear. We are sure there are people who have experienced this unfortunate situation. But, this doesn’t happen often. Especially when you use a reliable moving company on your moving day. Professional movers are experienced in handling your items and furniture with utmost care. They will make sure that all your possessions stay safe and without a scratch. With moving companies, you also have the possibility of getting an insurance policy. This way you can protect your valuable possessions even more.

Moving companies are all the same

Another thing people often think is that all companies are the same. Finding a reliable moving company that is the best fit for you is very important. Firstly, you should make sure that you check the company’s license. This way you will ensure that you don’t hire a scam company. Secondly, always read the company’s reviews or ask other people you know for their experience. This is the best way to see how a moving company treats its customers. Every customer and every relocation is different. For an easy moving day, finding the right one certainly is crucial.

So, not all companies are the same. That’s also just a common myth when hiring professionals. Different companies are going to offer different experiences. The best advice is to check for their offers and pick the one suitable for you. You can check if they offer packing, storage, and insurance policies. Look into some of the reliable movers Etobicoke has.

people wrapping a chair in bubble wrap
Hiring a moving company will ensure your possessions are protected and packed safely

Using professional movers is way too expensive

When it comes to relocation, it’s completely understandable you want to save money. Staying on a budget in these situations is welcome. This eases stress and helps with days after moving. So, it might be tempting to skip hiring a moving company in order to save a little bit. If you decide to relocate on your own, you need to think of these:

  1. spend time decluttering all your items
  2. buy all the necessary packing material (different size boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts)
  3. disassemble large pieces of furniture
  4. protect all of your furniture and large home appliances
  5. rent a truck
  6. load a truck in the correct way to avoid damage
  7. load everything into your new home and unpack

When you see this quick list, you might think is it really cheaper to do it on your own? Is it just a myth that using professional movers will save money? Doing it on your own will take a lot of time. Whereas using a professional moving company will shorten it. Moving professionals have a lot of experience and will relocate you in a quick and safe way.

Moving companies don’t offer packing/unpacking

This differs from company to company. With a lot of good and reliable moving companies, you will have this service offered. Movers can come to your home with all the necessary packing material. They will then ensure that all of your items and furniture are packed correctly. When professionals pack your items, your items will be safe. Labeling your boxes with room names is very helpful. Ask your moving company if they can also label your packed boxes. This will make it super easy to unpack and put boxes in the correct rooms. As well as packing, some moving companies may help you unpack. This will come very useful with large pieces of furniture or home appliances. Check what packing services our movers Mississauga can offer you. This way you won’t have to worry about packing and protecting your home.

myths about using professional movers is that they wont pack boxes
A common myth about professional movers is that they don’t offer packing service

Moving day has to be stressful

Everyone always talks about how moving day is a very stressful event. Generally, there is a lot of tension and anxiety leading to that day. It doesn’t mean that your relocation can not be a pleasurable event. Myths about using professional movers are just that, myths. Hopefully, you see that they are not always true. Keep in mind to always search for a reliable moving company. This way you and your family will have a good experience. If you end up hiring a moving company, they will prove a lot of help. Your task list will be much shorter meaning that you will worry less. Leaving the job to a professional team that has a lot of experience will ensure this.


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