4 reasons to move to Scarborough

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Scarborough. Once known for no more than a small collection of farms and tiny villages and now one of the most spectacular and beloved coastal locations in the country. With two sweeping bays, each with its own distinct personality, you’d be lucky to call it home, even temporarily. Either side of a headland dramatically topped by the ruins of a 12th-century castle makes for a prestigious living experience you can boast about to your friend group. If you are already planning on relocating to Scarborough, you can contact movers Toronto now to book the best movers on time. In the next few paragraphs, we will share with you some of our top reasons to move to Scarborough.

Rouge Beach
Scarborough is quickly becoming one of the best neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto area.

4 top reasons to move to Scarborough

If you are not one of those people who enjoy the comfort of living in the same town for their entire lives and you are often moving and shaking around looking for your perfect spot, Scarborough might be your next best bet. Since the Europeans first settled in here in the 1790s, Scarborough had grown into a significant metropolitan area and it now has a lot on the table. There are a number of good reasons to move to Scarborough. The town of Scarborough holds a special place in the hearts of many. Presupposing that you had already started planning your move, we suggest hiring moving and storage Canada and make this experience stress-free for yourself.

1. Affordable living

Unlike in Toronto or Vancouver, Scarborough housing prices remain reasonable still.  The housing market in Scarborough is accessible for first-time buyers. If you opt to remain just a subway ride away from downtown Scarborough, you will be able to avoid obscene mortgage rates. Another pro of living in Scarborough is that it is within close proximity to the enormous city of Toronto. In Scarborough, you are getting almost all of the amenities of Toronto only without the heavy traffic. Sounds like a good deal to me. The public transportation system is reliable and it will take you to the city center in no time. Other Torontonians like to think of Scarborough as a small suburban place where everybody knows everybody. In reality, Scarborough is a quite large and populous area.

2. Safety

There are some rumors going around about Scarborough having high crime rates. But you should know that there is no evidence showing high crime rates and that these rumors are unfounded. In fact, in downtown Toronto crime rates are much higher. You can look this up and compare the two in Toronto’s Public Safet Data Portal. Scarborough has lower violent crime rates than any of its neighboring towns. If truth be told, many city councilors have spoken out about this. They often talk about how the representation of Scarborough as a dangerous place is unfair and untrue. Scarborough is a friendly, safe place to live in with many excellent schools. It is a great choice if you have younger children.

3. The Outdoors

Scarborough is a true haven for nature lovers. The scenery in Scarborough is breathtaking and magical, to say the least. Not many people have the chance to enjoy that kind of view every day of their life. There are plenty of greens and blues and earthy, stunning-looking colors everywhere. The northeast area of Scarborough is the most rural one and it has some of the last remaining farms in the Greater Toronto Area. Some of the prettiest spots in the Toronto area can be found right here in Scarborough. Imagine being able to enjoy the fresh air and go for a swim in the river and admire the steep cliffs and stunning views every day.  This neighborhood is home to some of the most popular natural landmarks in the area:

  •  Scarborough Bluffs
  •  Rouge Beach
  •  Lake Ontario
  •  The Toronto Zoo
  •  Rouge National Urban Park
The Scarborough Bluffs Park
One of the best reasons to move to Scarborough is its fascinating nature.

4. Steady Growth

You should never underestimate the importance of living in a town where steady growth is taking place. After hearing that you really don’t even have to have many more reasons to move to Scarborough. The town of Scarborough is a manufacturing hub that thrives on its internationally boosted economy. Development never rests in Scarborough. Actually, in recent years it has been growing in faster. New and improved infrastructure continues to come to fruition each day in Scarborough. In the future, it might even surpass Toronto. If you are moving your business to Scarborough, you can look up this article on how to move your office to Scarborough for some helpful tips and tricks for office moves.

In addition, Scarborough is a hotbed of talent. It has been home to some of the biggest talents to come out of Canada. We encourage you to do your research on your own. As a sneak peek, we will just leave this sentence here: Both The Weeknd and Deborah Cox are from Scarborough. Many more musicians have come out of Scarborough. It might be something about the waters. We are sure that you have at least one or two of their songs on your playlists. Scarborough is also the hometown of the Olympic sprinter Andre de Grasse. It is also where some of the most famous actors were born, like Mike Myers.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd is one of the most famous musicians to have come from Scarborough.

We don’t think you need any further reasons to move to Scarborough, although this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you make your move, you will discover that there are many more things to love about this beautiful neighborhood. When you feel ready to pack up your bags, just hit our movers Scarborough up with a quick call and you’ll be ready to go in no time. Your new hometown will welcome you with arms wide open.

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