Why do millennials move to Odessa nowadays?

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It is not surprising that young people are getting married and starting their families later than their parents. Moreover, they are careful about the place where they will settle down. Large cities and their employers have always attracted young workers, which remains true today. However, life in big cities may be a bit pricey, which makes millennials move across the country and look for alternatives. More and more people hire Professional Movers Canada to help them relocate to a smaller area, such as Odessa. Located in Ontario, the place is gaining popularity among people in their 20 s and 30 s. Are you thinking about moving to Odessa? Have you already done some research about it? Read more to find out why so many millennials move to Odessa nowadays, and what makes the city special.

Odessa is a very affordable city

The cost of living is a very important factor to consider when you move to another place. Luckily, Odessa has a lower cost of living than the national average and most other cities in the state. While some areas on a state and federal level may be more expensive than others, Odessa’s cost of living will not break the bank. The overall average of housing costs, utilities, grocery items, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services is less expensive. For example, if you want to buy a house in Odessa, it will cost around $ 286,900. According to movers Odessa ON, only 15 % of owned households spend 30 % of their income on shelter costs. This is significantly lower than the provincial average.

A woman counting her money
Millennials move to Odessa because they can save money. Odessa is one of the most affordable places in Ontario

Millennials move to Odessa because it is close to major centers

Another important thing to think about when moving is proximity. According to recent studies, people mostly choose a smaller community, but they want to be close to major downtown areas. Odessa is placed between Napanee and Kingston, in Lennox and Addington counties. It is two hours away from Ottawa, one of the largest cities in Canada. Moreover, the city of Kingston is only a short drive away from this small place. There are many attractions to see and even more fun things to do. For example, you can hire some of the best movers Kingston ON recommends to take you on a Ghost tour, which is a major attraction for those above 14. Moreover, you can go sightseeing, cruising, and dining on Thousand Island Riverboat Cruise. All of this enables you to enjoy a calm area while at the same time being close to major events, places, and jobs.

There are plenty of options for business

People often move to find better job opportunities. Moving from Ontario to Quebec is common nowadays, however, many millennials decide to come back and settle in Odessa. There is a wide range of employment opportunities awaiting in Odessa. Manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and green business thrive in this region. Moreover, other creative industries are emerging, and artisan food and beverage ventures are expanding. Odessa’s natural tourism opportunities keep many retail boutiques, storefronts, and restaurants up and running. Another benefit of living and working here is that Odessa is a rural area, which means you don’t have to commute long distances. As Odessa is only 2 hours away from Ottawa and Toronto, and 3 hours away from Montreal, you will always be connected with the largest business centers in the country. This is why millennials move to Odessa.

A businessman looking out the window and thinking about why millennials move to Odessa
There are plenty of job opportunities in Odessa awaiting young people and professionals. You can also become one of them if you move to this amazing community

Odessa takes pride in its low crime rate

Probably one of the most important reasons why people choose a place is the crime rate. It’s not a secret that some cities and towns in Ontario have a very high crime rate. However, Odessa’s crime severity index is well below the average for other cities in Ontario, as well as across Canada. If you want to see the exact numbers, here is a result for you. The rating for Odessa was 46.9 compared to 80.4 for other municipalities in Canada. What is more, the government continues to work on providing a safe environment for all residents and tourists. The number of crimes reported is getting lower each year, which makes Odessa a popular spot among millennials.

You can choose from a variety of outdoor and recreational activities

Millennials who decide to move to Odessa live in a picturesque setting that attracts visitors from across eastern Ontario and the United States. Many people who come to visit decide to stay in this wonderful area, and soon start hiring moving companies to relocate them. Because it is located on the Lake Ontario shoreline, Odessa offers beautiful views as well as a variety of recreational facilities and outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, nature watching, hiking, and cycling. Moreover, millennials who move with families can enjoy plenty of fun activities with kids. Some of these may include camping, water adventures, farm visits, star gazing, museum visits, and other educational exhibits.

Children playing football in the park
Odessa is a place with plenty of recreational activities. You will love doing sports in one of the most beautiful parks and playgrounds

Odessa is a unique place in Ontario

Odessa is truly an amazing area and one of the most unique places in Ontario. Located near all, other major cities and centers, it makes a perfect spot for millennials, professionals, startups, retirees, and families with children. Odessa is located in Lennox and Addington counties. Things may look a bit slower here, but there is always something to do. There are on-road and off-road trails to explore, fish to catch, picnics to pack, and many unique opportunities to see caves and pictographs. Rather than large chain stores, the small towns in this county welcome visitors with talented artisans, domestic shops, and farm fresh food.

Final words

People move, all the time, and this is becoming normal in modern times. Millennials often search for a new place to live, work, and build a successful career. Many of them choose Odessa in Ontario, a small town that is getting more and more popular. There are many reasons why millennials move to Odessa. Despite being a rural town, Odessa has plenty to offer and people do many recreational activities. Moreover, it is an affordable city with a low crime rate and good employment options. If you are interested in moving to this beautiful place, you can always hire a moving company for your place. There are plenty of movers in Ontario ready to assist you in your relocation. You can also find your place in your new dream home. And this place is closer than you think.

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