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Packing is the biggest part of moving. It’s also the hardest part where you really need help from movers Etobicoke. Packing just one suitcase for holiday is hard. Now you can imagine how much more difficult is going to be when you are packing your whole household for a relocation. For this reason, it’s not advisable to do it alone as it will take you a lot of time and you are probably won’t finish it on time. Also, packing is not simple as it sometimes seems. There are a few rules for packing different types of items. For this reason, the solution for your packing problems is to hire a moving company. If you don’t have experience working with movers, here is what you can expect from professional packing services.  

What to expect from professional packing services?  

Professional packing service is not a necessary part of every move. It’s usually reserved for long-distance relocation and bigger households. If you own more than 2 room home, you should use professional packing services. Additionally, if you work long hours or have children, it will be too hard to try packing everything alone. So, professional packing services are also very useful in these situations. If you don’t want to hire a moving company, you have an option to hire moving labor just for specific parts of relocation. It will save you money and time. These packing services will depend on the professional movers Canada you hire and the deal you make with them. Usually, packing services include the following.

  • Packing supplies  
  • Packing all items properly  
  • Labeling moving boxes  
you can Expect from Professional Packing Services to pack your boxes
Professional packers will pack your entire household

How to decide if you need and what to expect from professional packing services?  

Every move should start with you making your moving plan. You should plan your move very carefully so that you don’t get confused or forget something important. First, you need to decide your moving date and that’s not so easy as it seems. You might don’t know that there is a difference between hiring movers during summer and winter. Summer is known as the peak season for moving companies GTA. This means that movers are high in demand and usually booked to full capacity. So, if you want to relocate during summer, you should schedule your movers at least a month, but best two months in advance. The situation is more relaxed during winter as fewer people are moving at that time of the year. Also, you should decide if you will be using professional packing services based on the size of your home, the distance of move, and obligations.  

Should you do an inventory of your items?  

Professional packers are not obligated to do an inventory of your items. There might be a chance to negotiate this service with residential movers Toronto but for extra fees. So, you want to do an inventory by yourself. Doing an inventory is an important step of moving preparation, but it’s often skipped and not valued enough. You should do it before you start packing your belongings or before professional packers come to your home. You probably don’t really know what exactly and how many items you truly have. If you don’t know the true size of your items, you can’t also know how much packing supplies you will need to get. Additionally, an inventory is a helpful tool for your professional movers.  

a large TV on the stand
You should do an inventory before packing

You should declutter your belongings before professional packers arrive  

Decluttering is another service that professional packers don’t have to and probably won’t do. It’s your duty to declutter your household belongings. Decluttering is not a mandatory step of moving preparation, but it’s highly advisable. There are many benefits of decluttering your home for relocation. As you will have fewer items to pack, you will need fewer packing supplies and you will spend less money. Decluttering is not hard as you only need to decide what to keep and what to declutter. The problem is to say goodbye to your belongings especially if you get easily attached to things. But, you need to think practically and declutter items that you truly don’t need or use. You don’t need to pack an old sweater or broken items.   

How much time will professional packers need to pack your home?  

Professional packers will bring the best packing supplies for your items. They will also pack them with care and knowledge and label moving boxes. However, professional movers won’t detailly label moving boxes, just which box belongs to which room. How much time professional movers will take to pack your home will depend on the size of your home and how many packers will do the job. It usually takes two packers 4 to 6 hours to pack a home under 1,000 square feet. If you have a home of a size between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet then it will take two people 13 to 16 hours. Additionally, four or five packers will need about 5 hours to pack the same home size. So, the conclusion is if you have a bigger home, you will need more movers to pack your items in a shorter time.  

two men packing
Professional packers will take a couple of hours to finish everything

Why hiring professional packing services can be very beneficial for you?  

No one really has the time to pack items for relocation while working full-time or taking care of children. So, deciding to do a DIY move is not a very smart choice or cheaper. The biggest misconception about moving preparation is that a DIY move is cheaper than hiring a moving company. Not only can it cost more than professional movers in the end, but also it will take you double or even triple time to finish packing. On the other hand, you can expect from professional packing services efficiency, expertness, and a good deal. So, you really don’t have a good reason not to hire professional movers or packers. Moving shouldn’t be a stressful time of your life, but a rather pleasant experience. You can achieve this if you use professional packing services. 

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