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People always want to try something new. However, they want to move away from the hustle and bustle of a large city. As a result, they like to visit small towns in search of tranquility and excitement. Moreover, these small places are great for sports and outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, biking, and many more. Who can resist a charming little town with beautiful nature and a pristine environment? If you are one of these people, then consider visiting Kingston and nearby small towns. These communities are perfect for spending time outside and completing leisure activities. The list of small towns near Kingston perfect for sport lovers is long. However, with the help of some Canada movers, you can become a part of these beautiful places too. Read more to see which towns near Kingston are worth visiting if you like sports.

#1 Belleville

Belleville is a small town located near Lake Ontario, and it is definitely worth your attention. Since it is an important place on the railway, Belleville grows fast, and so are the activities and attractions in it. The most popular sport in Belleville is hockey. In the past, this small town took pride in having some of the major senior hockey teams. Today, many minor male and female teams play in American Hockey League. If you are a fan of this rough sport, then you will certainly enjoy watching some of the best teams in Belleville. Prescott moving companies are always ready to help people relocate there and play hockey in one of many sports facilities. Moreover, if you are not a hockey fan, you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and having a picnic by the lake.

Women playing hockey in Belleville, one of the small towns near Kingston perfect for sports lovers
Hockey is the most popular sport in Belleville. Women and men of all ages like to spend time on a golf course

#2 Napanee

Napanee is another small town 45 km away from Kingston. This is a perfect spot for people with family who want to be active during the day. As there are plenty of great recreation opportunities, it is impossible to stay in one place in Napanee. According to Kingston movers, people relocate to Napanee because they love the town’s amazing sports facilities and recreational centers. Therefore, if you love softball, football, basketball, and volleyball, you will find your place here. Moreover, Napanee has some great golf courses with plenty of visitors coming to attend annual golf competitions. Furthermore, your family will love fishing, camping, biking, and strolling along the Boardwalk from Conservation Park to Springside Park.

#3 Gananoque is one of the small towns near Kingston perfect for sport lovers

Gananoque’s major attraction is the Thousand Islands, thus giving its residents the name “islanders”. This is the place where you can create lifetime memories. Spend your day at the beach making sand castles, sun-tanning, swimming, and fishing. Moreover, this charismatic small town has great options for kayaking through the island, and jumping out of the plane. What makes Gananoque special is that sport lovers can enjoy outdoor activities 365 days a year. The weather is warm and comfortable during all seasons. As a result, visitors can bring their bikes or rent one to take a ride on one of the stunning parkways or watch professional bikers conquering long biking trails.

A man kayaking on the lake in Gananoque
If you like kayaking and spending time on the water, then you should go to Gananoque. This is one of the small towns near Kingston perfect for sport lovers

#4 Brockville

This small town near Kingston is so diverse. Sports lovers include Brockville in their list of the best small towns to visit and enjoy plenty of sports and recreational activities. Some of the most popular sports in the place are basketball, rowing, track and field, hockey, baseball, rugby, swimming, and automobile racing. The town takes pride in some of the best basketball teams, such as Brockville Blues and Brockville Blazers. Moreover, some of the most popular athletes took part in the greatest Canadian competitions and championships, and the government is working to promote sports to young people and children. It is not surprising that plenty of visitors later decide to look for moving supplies Kingston recommends and pack for a move to this amazing town.

#5 Perth

Perth is a small town that you will fall in love with immediately. This place has a long history, and people are so friendly that you will have to stop and talk with them on the sidewalk. As Perth is a town that doesn’t sleep, there are plenty of options for sports lovers. First of all, cycling in Perth is a favorite activity for people of all ages. Feel the excitement of walking and pushing the pedals along the trails of Perth Road. Second, Perth is becoming increasingly popular for embracing curling, karate, tai chi, yoga, CrossFit, and fitness classes. Another great thing about Perth is that it is surrounded by mountains and a rural landscape, which allows for kayaking, mountain climbing, and hiking.

A woman doing yoga in Perth
Yoga is great for people who love outdoor activities. You will spend a great time in Perth doing yoga and tai chi

#6 Wellington is another place worth your attention

Another small town near Kingston that you will never want to leave is Wellington. This place is a real jewel that attracts plenty of visitors and people who like outdoor activities. The most famous attraction is the Wellington Beach, where you can do long walks to the lighthouse. Moreover, if you like fun and excitement and want to be active during the day, you can go kayaking, cycling, fishing, and take yoga lessons. Another reason why this town is suitable for sports lovers is that there is a wide range of activities to do with children. Therefore, you can do bird watching with your family, or take your kids to swim and yoga lessons.

Choose one of the small towns near Kingston perfect for sport lovers

There are plenty of reasons why people move to small towns around Kingston. One of these is that there are many sports opportunities. People who love spending time outside know how much sports are important. Therefore, they are always in search of small towns near Kingston perfect for sport lovers. Belleville is known for hockey, Perth is perfect for yoga and tai chi, and Wellington has many fishing and kayaking options. Whatever city you choose to go to, you will not make a mistake. This ideal destination will be suitable for anyone’s needs. Therefore, hire a moving company to take you somewhere around Kingston, and enjoy your new sports adventure.

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