Small Town Real Estate Trends to Watch in Canada

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We live in a time when most people want to go to big cities. They think that they will find their luck once they relocate. However, small towns, especially in Canada, can give you so much. It is sometimes much better to live there than to go to a much bigger place. So, it is vital for you to learn everything about small town real estate trends to watch in Canada so that you will be able to make the right decision. After that, finding the right company for moving and storage Canada will be a piece of cake. So, make sure that your decision is the right one and everything should be okay!

Ontario is one of the best places in Canada to find a small place to live in

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. It is also one of the most beautiful countries where life should treat you the right way. However, some places are far more economically advanced and that is an important thing when relocating. You certainly want a place where you will be able to prosper.

Woods adn lakes in Ontario
Ontario is full of small town real estate trends to watch in Canada

Even though the small places usually mean that you will be stuck there in most people’s heads, Ontario is much more different. Some of those places are:

  • Aurora,
  • Stratford,
  • Oshawa,
  • Arnprior
  • Milford,
  • Orangewill.

Make sure to see why small towns in Ontario are some of the best places in Canada!


As we have said, Ontario is one of the best places you want to move to if you want to have a decent lifestyle. There are many great, both bigger and smaller places where you can be sure that you will have an ice time. One of the smaller ones is definitely Aurora, Ontario. This is a place with 62,057 residents, which is definitely not too much. Of course, it is not the smallest place in Canada. What you need to know about Aurora’s real estate trends is the fact that the average home value is $1,400,000. Ontario is not a cheap place but it is definitely worth it to come here this year. This may persuade you to avoid getting movers Aurora to help you move. But, if you are more willing to rent, things are much easier.

Renting median price is $1,440. Naturally, this is for a studio where you will not have that much space. Most people get a two-bedroom apartment where they have to pay around $2,300. The great thing is that there is enough space for you to decide and choose which real estate suits you best! This is why Aurora has one of the best small town real estate trends to watch in Canada.


If you are willing to go even smaller, then the city of Stratford is the right place for you. This is a place with 31,465 residents and it is a perfect place if you want to live a more peaceful lifestyle. However, the price of real estate here is not as low as you would expect it to be. The median home value is  $1,063,974. It is based on 150 homes. Naturally, this can be a big number for a lot of people. That is why renting is much more affordable. The average house rent is $1,126.

Trades, transport, finance, business, and manufacturing are certainly a few of the occupations where you have a higher chance of getting into. So, if you have a degree in some of these fields, then Stratford, Ontario is the right pick for you!

A beautiful building in Stratford, ON
Small town real estate trends to watch in Canada can’t go without Stratford!


It can be hard to decide what a small town is. Since there are so many big cities in Canada, we could easily include Oshawa, a place with 175,383 residents, in the list of small places. It is one of the best places you should be informing yourself about the real estate trends in Canada. The median home value in Oshawa is $807,000. This is a pretty good deal, especially when we compare it to the much smaller places. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,668 and for a two-bedroom apartment $2,066. As you can see, the rent is higher than in the previous places on this list while the median home value is lower.

Another great thing about this place is its proximity to other places. For example, Ajax is not far away and you should not have too many problems going there and coming back in no time. Also, if you can’t find the perfect movers in Oshawa, you can always try movers Ajax and let them take care of your relocation. This is a big benefit when you have other great cities close to you. You do not have to do everything only in one place!


Talking about small town real estate trends to watch in Canada can’t go without mentioning the smallest places. Arnprior, Ontario is one of the smallest places that you will find on this list. It has only 8,795 people living in it. We can easily say that there will not be that much competition when it comes to real estate. This also means that the prices will be much lower than the other places on this list.

The median home value in Arnprior is $478,000. It is twice as low as the median home value in Oshawa. Also, when it comes to renting, you will also be in luck. Renting is as low as it can get. The average rent here is around $1000. This is basically nothing compared to the other places on the list of great real estate trends to look for in Canada.


You did not believe that we can go even lower terms on population than Arnprior? Well, you are wrong. Milfort is a close community with less than 1000 residents. It is mostly a rural area where most people live off tourism. But, the smaller the place, the lower the expenses of real estate. For example, the median home value here is $269,900. It is basically nothing when we compare it to the other big cities in Canada like Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, etc.

A girl counting money after reading about small town real estate trends to watch in Canada
Canada towns have an affordable cost of living

Renting is basically nonexistent here since most people own their homes. However, there are some options for you to pick from if you do not want to settle here in the long run. You should be able to pay only $645 for rent. It is a pretty big deal, especially if you want to use this place as your haven!


This is a particularly great place if you want to be near big places like Brampton, Ontario. It is only 37 kilometers away and that is practically nothing when you are going by car. Many people use this fact to live in Orangeville where they will pay less for real estate and work in Brampton. It is a win-win situation. The median home value is $775,000. It is almost 25% lower than the price of real estate in Brampton.

However, the matter of moving can be problematic. Smaller cities like Orangeville, with 27,975 residents, do not have that many moving companies that can help you relocate. But, due to the proximity of Brampton, you can use movers Brampton to help you out and move with ease. This is usually an easy relocation for most experienced movers so you should not have that many problems if you pick the right people to help you out.

Other small town real estate trends to watch in Canada other than Ontario

Ontario is not the only region in Canada, even though it is considered one of the most developed. There are other places with tons of great smaller places you can move to like:

  • Regina, Sask. – median home value is $268,000

Are smaller towns better when it comes to real estate trends?

There is one thing that is a fact, smaller places have better conditions when it comes to the price of real estate. You will spend less money and that is one of the most important things for many people. However, bigger cities offer a much wider option. There are more things to do, and more opportunities and that is what matter the most for other people.

For example, Oakville, Ontario, is a place with 211,382 residents. You will certainly have more job opportunities, more opportunities to find suitable real estate for you and your family, etc. Last but not least is the fact that you will easily find movers Oakville that will not have any problems transitioning your items from your place to Oakville. It does not matter whether you are having a local move or a long distance one. They are more than capable to handle everything you put in front of them.

Other big cities that are also worth exploring

Even though small towns are better when it comes to the price of real estate, as we have said, bigger cities have more options. That is why you should consider bigger ones as well when making a decision. There is no need for you to get stuck with only one option.


Living in Burlington will give you a lot of options. Some of the best job options for you here are software development, manufacturing, logistics, clean technologies, etc. Even though the price of real estate is high, you are getting a lot. The average price for a house is $831,000. When comparing to the income you will be making here, it is not that bad. Public institutions and medical care are on the highest level, which is certainly not something you will get by living in smaller places. If you choose Burlington as your new place of living, you should find movers Burlington that will do the job for you. It is a delicate process so make sure you take the same approach.

A car in front of a buidling in Burlington
Bigger cities often offer more


Another great ‘big’ place where you should follow the real estate trends in Canada. It is a place with over 600,000 residents, which is certainly a big number. The average sold price is $850,000 and the median rent is $2,500. Both of these numbers are higher than most of the ‘small’ places on this list. However, by choosing to come here, a lot of other things will be possible.

It is a place with the greenest spaces in this area. It is perfectly suited for people that want to lead an active lifestyle, even in a city as big as this one. There are plenty of great places where you can go out and blow some steam off. All of these things are reasons for you to get movers Scarborough to start preparing for the move. However, it is not as simple as that. We understand that there are other aspects that you have to consider. So, consider them and make a decision!

A trail in the park
Scarborough is full of outdoor activities

Find the right people to help you with finding real estate and with moving

It is vital to follow the real estate trends in Canada so that you could be able to make the best possible decision. However, even when you make the decision, you are not done. You will have to purchase or rent the place, organize the move, etc. That is why using professional services can be a good thing. When we talk about finding the right place for living, you should find a reliable real estate agent. They are perfectly suited to help you out in your search for the right house or apartment.

Of course, after you find a suitable place, you have to relocate. The good thing is that you do not have to use the moving company from the place you are moving to or you are moving from. For example, if you are living near a bigger place like Mississauga, you could use movers Mississauga to help you with the transition. It is the beauty of living in or near bigger places. Use everything that you can to make the relocation easier!

A mover that can help with moving after learning about small town real estate trends to watch in Canada
Get the proper help to relocate!

Do your own research and find the perfect home!

Of course, when talking about small town real estate trends to watch in Canada, we can’t put everything in only one text. However, the purpose of this article is to help you with searching for the right place easier. You should use all the information and make the best decision for yourself!


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