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Packing for moving can really be a tiring and challenging job. And at the same time, it can take a lot of time and require a lot of effort from you especially when it comes to packing bulky furniture. If you haven’t started yet, look around you – What do you see? There must be a lot of furniture that needs to be prepared and packed. But the main question is how? We’re sure you’ll want to search for some useful packing tips. That’s why Professional Movers Canada has prepared many useful tips for you when it comes to packing your furniture. But actually, one of the reliefs is to disassemble furniture before the move. So, if you follow our tips, this will not be a difficult and tiring job. And if you at the end think that you can’t do it by yourself, contact us!

Less stuff – Less work!

When it comes to moving, one thing is crucial, and that is, the fewer things you move with you, the less work you will have to do. If you’ve ever moved, then you know what we’re talking about. And if you haven’t, listen to our advice. We’re sure you’ll thank us later. So, what furniture movers Toronto will certainly advise you is sorting and decluttering your house inventory. By the way, if you are moving to Toronto, consider yourself to have made the best decision. Toronto is one of the economically strongest cities in Canada with outstanding opportunities for life and work.

Living room
If there is a lot of furniture in your home, think about whether you need everything.

So, it’s simple. All you have to do is reduce your inventory list. Because above all, that way you will make your job easier. We advise you to think carefully about what furniture you really need and what you don’t. As well as getting rid of everything that you no longer need or that is damaged and unusable. Consider donating items, there are many donation centers in Toronto. When you have sorted the furniture and separated what you will move with you, proceed to the next step.

Prepare your furniture for the move

Preparing things for packing is one of the indispensable parts of this job. And you must be wondering – Is it necessary? Yes! Preparation will help you to pack your things more easily, reduce the possibility of damage, and also make the period after the move easier. When we talk about the preparation of your inventory, for example, kitchen appliances, cleaning is essential, because moisture, water, and dirt can negatively affect other things in your truck or warehouse. Also, when it comes to furniture, it’s necessary to clean it of dust.

When we talk about furniture, one of the parts of preparation is to disassemble furniture before the move. Disassembling the furniture will benefit you and your movers. In this way, you will facilitate not only the packing of your furniture but also the loading into the moving truck. Because it’s always easier to pack and load smaller pieces of furniture in relation to bulky and larger ones. Also, considering that overs can charge for their services by the hour, if you do this work before they show up at your address, you will save several tens of dollars. So, the conclusion is that they should definitely dismantle the furniture before moving.

Couple packing furniture for the move
Handling bulky furniture can be difficult. So, it’s best to disassemble the furniture before the move.

Also, our movers are available throughout Canada. For example, if you decide to move to Burlington and you need help, it’s enough to call our movers Burlington. And in addition, Burlington is one of the more favorable cities to live in the vicinity of Toronto, and Hamilton, but also near the US. Also, the city’s economy is diverse, making Burlington one of the best young cities to live in CA.

How disassemble furniture before the move?

This isn’t a difficult job at all. But of course, the bigger it’s the piece of furniture, the more demanding the job. Before you start disassembling the furniture, try to find the original instructions that you received for assembly, as well as the original packaging. If you couldn’t find it, improvise. At that moment, you will need several zip bags for small parts (screws, nuts, wheels, etc.). Next, find a screwdriver, some boxes, and bubble wrap. If you aren’t sure that you can do this yourself, you always have a solution to seek help from moving companies GTA. They are always ready and come to your address within the agreed time.

Couple disassembling furniture before the move
Disassembling the furniture will enable easier and faster packing.

For example, the process of disassembling furniture will depend on the type of furniture. What is universal for everyone is to first remove the glass parts, mirrors, and interior parts (cabinets or shelves). After that, you can start by, for example, removing the door from the wardrobe, and then the side parts. Also, it’s very important that you mark the parts of the furniture with numbers so that you can assemble it later more easily. And especially take care not to lose small parts. For example, after you disassemble the table, you can pack the legs together by wrapping them in bubble wrap. While you will also disassemble the upper part of the table if it has an additional part and pack it separately.

If you have troubles, hire the movers!

Moving is a process full of surprises, and you can always encounter an obstacle, problem, or unpleasant situation. The most important thing isn’t to stress and stay cool. When we talk about packing and disassembling furniture, he knows that this can be a difficult and complicated job. And that’s why we advise you that if you encounter the first obstacle, leave this work to the professional movers immediately. And if everything goes smoothly, and you manage to disassemble all the furniture, consider yourself to have already crossed the halfway point. Also, we mentioned at the beginning that you can always donate everything you no longer need. It’s one of the ways to make someone happy and do a good deed. There are many reasons to donate, and you can always find the right place to do it.

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