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Are you considering a move from Belleville to Odessa? A lot of people have been leaving Belleville in recent years and choosing to relocate to more rural areas. Belleville is located between Toronto and Ontario, and it borders the United States of America. It is situated on the beautiful lake of Ontario. The population of Belleville is 50,716. Odessa is one of the communities in the Loyalist Township. With 16,917 residents, it is significantly smaller in both size and population. It has a slower pace of life, as well as a more rural feel. Here are some of the main reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa, according to experienced Canada movers in the area.

Potential problems to living in Belleville

Belleville is a great place to live in, however, as with any other city, it has its downsides. The problems that can arise during life in this city can potentially be why people move from Belleville to Odessa. Let us take a look at some of the cons of living in this Ontario suburb according to local movers Canada residents trust.

A lake during a sunset as one of the reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa
Aside from the picturesque nature, there are some downsides to living in Belleville.

Problems with housing

A lot of residents of Belleville have been leaving the town in recent years. The prices of housing are increasing while the number of options available has been decreasing. This leads to a lot of renters choosing to leave Belleville since the monthly rent is too high for the quality of the housing. Quite a few homes and rentals in the town require a lot of renovations and with prices getting higher it just isn’t worth it. Moving away can be a good option as you can find better homes for the same price, or even more affordable. Additionally, if you choose to move from Belleville to Odessa you don’t have to spend a lot of money on relocation. Finding reliable Belleville movers for affordable prices will guarantee you a safe relocation.

Cost of living in Belleville

One of the reasons why Odessa is attracting a lot of new residents who are moving to Belleville with  offers is the living costs. Belleville is more expensive than neighboring Ontario cities, and it is all-around one of the more expensive places in Canada. If you’re earning a lower wage, living in the city can become hard to manage and afford. The cost of living is also expected to keep increasing which is one of the reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa. The difference is noticeable in services, groceries, and utilities. However, the biggest difference is in housing.


The province of Ontario has higher tax rates than the rest of Canada. Belleville is a part of the province of Ontario which means that all the strict policies regarding taxes also apply to this city. There are two types of taxes that residents of Belleville have to pay: federal tax and provincial tax. The main concern is that the taxes can be really high, even so, that 20% is on the lower end, while they get as high as 53% of the income.

Papers used to calculate taxes with a note
High taxes in Belleville are one of the problems residents face.

A lot of new residents are choosing Odessa as their new home, find out why!

Are you contemplating leaving Belleville for a smaller town and a more relaxing lifestyle? Odessa might be for you! If you choose to move to Odessa, this is the sign that you need residential movers from Kingston ON for your relocation. Odessa is a rural secluded town, with beautiful landscapes and nature, while still being in a central location. Sometimes people are deciding to relocate from Belleville to Odessa because they want to escape the city and experience calmer living in a rural area. Odessa can be a perfect choice because you’re getting all the benefits of living in the countryside whilst still being near big cities and the U.S. border.

Odessa is one of the communities of Loyalist Township which is one of four municipalities in Lennox and Addington County in the province of Ontario. Loyalist Township has been attracting a lot of new residents in recent years. This is due to various factors, one of them being their economic growth. A lot of young professionals, as well as new business owners looking to expand, have been moving to this fastest-growing municipality in Eastern Ontario. Loyalist Township has seen an increase of over 10% in the past decade, and it is expected to only keep developing.

A street in a suburban area during sunset in the fall
Odessa has been attracting a lot of people because it has the benefits of a rural area while being centrally located.

Cost of living

Odessa has a reasonable cost of living, especially compared to the rest of the province. According to statistics around only 15% of all households spend more than 30% of household income on shelter costs which are below average in Ontario. This is one of the most popular reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa since the cost of living is lower compared to Belleville and other urban areas. So, this should be reason enough for you to look for a company that can provide you with some of the best packing services Kingston has to offer and let them prepare your belongings for the move.

Location is one of the top reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa

Odessa has a convenient location, especially for people working in Kingston. It is only a 40 minutes drive from both Belleville and Kingston in opposite directions. Additionally, Odessa is located in great proximity to the U.S. border which can be useful for young professionals, or anyone who travels to the States regularly. Statistics Canada has made a scale called the Index of Remoteness. It shows the proximity of municipalities to service centers. Toronto has an index of 0, which is the lowest. Odessa has an index of only 0.2 which signifies that is a great location with a lot of service centers near. The average index for Ontario municipalities is 0.3. Residents of Odessa has a lot of schools, healthcare centers, professional services, entertainment, etc. close to their home.

Odessa is the second largest area in Loyalist Township. It serves as a retail and service hub because Highway 401 is right along its northern border. This makes this municipality great for people who have to commute often as it is connecting Odessa with other towns in Ontario. Secondly, the great location will make finding quality moving companies in Odessa easier, and the relocation from Belleville will be a piece of cake!

Housing is more affordable in Odessa

One of the biggest problems residents of Belleville’s face is the less-than-ideal housing situation. Belleville doesn’t have a lot of housing options, especially compared to towns of similar size. Not only is there not enough variety, but the available housing is pretty expensive. It is difficult to find homes in the medium price range. They are either too expensive or relatively cheap but in bad condition and require a lot of renovation. The median home price in December 2022 was $595,882 and it is $628,111 as of January 2023. This is an increase of 5,41% month-by-month and it is expected to keep increasing. This is one of the reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa.

A suburban house with a brown facade and a black roof for people moving from Belleville to Odessa
Housing in Odessa is better quality and more affordable which is one of the reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa.

Odessa doesn’t necessarily offer significantly more affordable housing, but it has more variety. It could be a great place for young families and first-time homebuyers because of this, and because the houses are better quality for the same price. It is still more affordable than the average across Ontario. Most of the homes that are listed are 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom houses. The average rent in Odessa is also lower than the Ontario average. As of February 2023, 4-bedroom homes in Odessa are available from $449,900. The median home asking price has decreased by -19,13% since February last year, and the number of houses offered increased by 162.5%. This means that new places are up for sale frequently, making it more likely for you to find the house of your dreams in Odessa.

Education and employment in Odessa

The economy in Township and therefore in Odessa is growing strongly in recent years. There has been a significant decrease in unemployment from 7,2% to 5,6% in course of only 4 years. Odessa has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the province of Ontario. The town is now also pursuing new industries with the idea of exporting goods. This will open up a lot of new local job opportunities for residents. Additionally, because Odessa is so close to Kingston, a lot of residents work in the city. If you’re not opposed to working in Kingston, while living in Odessa, this will allow you to have even more great opportunities for employment and career development. The top 5 employment sectors in Odessa are:

  • Healthcare
  • Public administration
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Educational services.

Median household income, as well as the median personal income, are both 9% above the national average in Odessa. The number of self-employed people is 10% which is slightly lower than the rest of the province. Additionally, poverty rates in the municipality are one of the lowest in the country.

A teacher and students in the classroom
Education is one of the reasons for people moving to Odessa

Education is strongly valued among Odessa residents. The population between the ages of 25 and 64 is more likely to have college-level education than the province. Also, 92% of residents have graduated high school which is well above the province average. Additionally, 60% of residents have post-secondary education. Schools in Odessa are Odessa Public School and Ernestown Secondary School.

Quality healthcare

Residents of Odessa have access to some of the best healthcare in the country. 91% of all residents have regular healthcare providers, which is above average. Statistics show that over 70% of residents perceive their mental health as great or even excellent which is a really high number of people. This is partially due to the quality of life in Odessa. Residents perceive life in Odessa as calm and slow-paced. Only 19% of people reported feeling stressed daily, and an outstanding 75% of people say they feel a sense of belonging in the community. One more interesting fact regarding the health of residents in Odessa is that 56% reported that they are active at least 150 minutes per week.

Quality healthcare - one of the reasons why people move from Belleville to Odessa
Odessa offers great healthcare to its residents which can be a very important factor when choosing a place to live.


Most of the residents in Odessa are elderly and families with children. It is a tight-knit community of highly-educated individuals. These factors lead to a very safe environment and a low crime rate. The crime rate is 46.9 on The Crime Severity Index for Odessa which is lower than other municipalities in Ontario. For the average municipality in Canada, the Crime Severity Index is 80.4.

Entertainment and nature

The beautiful village that is Odessa is attracting tourists from around the country because of its vibrant nature. This is one of the greatest benefits residents have. Breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenic beauty of nature in Odessa is one of a kind experience. The village is home to Parrot’s Bay Conservation Area, a great source of entertainment for nature and animal lovers. It consists of beautiful flora, hiking trails, and wildlife. It is the perfect place for spending time outdoors after moving to Odessa. Another activity loved by locals is the Camden Braes Gold and Country Club in Odessa. The course is great for both experienced and inexperienced players, and also a good way of meeting your neighbors since it is a hot spot for locals. Also, Odessa is located close to Lake Ontario, a great place for enjoying outdoor activities throughout the year.

Move to Odessa effortlessly

Odessa has a lot to offer to its residents, and it has been a popular location for all the right reasons. And since Belleville and Odessa are close to each other, when people move from Belleville to Odessa they usually hire local movers to help them relocate effortlessly. If you decide to relocate you should start preparing for your move in time, and contact us to help you. The real estate market in Odessa has been competitive recently so make sure to start looking for the right home as soon as possible. Luckily, since the two towns are close, moving won’t be too stressful!


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