Reasons to Move to Odessa, Canada in 2023

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The community of Odessa, albeit small, has some history behind it and lots to offer to newcomers. It’s part of the Loyalist Township in Ontario and has approximately 16,971 residents. Now, when moving to Canada or within the country, most people look for bigger cities to call home. However, smaller places such as Odessa also have a rising number of people interested in living there. So, that raises the following question: what are some of the reasons to move to Odessa, Canada in 2023 and in general? There are Professional Movers Canada who will help you discover and explore Odessa, from the quality of life to points of interest within. Even though it’s relatively small, Odessa can still be worth considering, and this article should help you figure out why.

Unlike Canada’s larger cities and counties, Odessa is both accessible and affordable

It goes without saying that great things come in small packages, and this especially applies to Odessa. For starters, the Loyalist Township is in a nice location: 20 minutes away from Kingston and 40 minutes away from Belleville and the U.S. border. On top of that, it’s 2 hours away from Ottawa, 2.5 hours away from Toronto, and 3 hours away from Montreal. This makes the job of finding local movers Kingston and surrounding areas trust much easier. On top of that, it’s easier to get where you need to, because Odessa lies on King’s Highway 401. It’s a common misconception that living in small places leaves you isolated from the rest of the world.

View of lake Ontario with trees and boats
The Loyalist Township, the place where Odessa belongs, lies on Lake Ontario as well.

Because of its location and size, living in Odessa can be financially relieving. The Loyalist Township’s second-largest community is Odessa itself. It functions as a center for services and shopping because of Highway 401. Odessa is home to the Township headquarters, the area secondary school, the Tactics and Rescue Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), and the OPP detachment. In 2016, the average value of housing in Loyalist was 38% below average across Ontario, meaning that the same applied to Odessa. According to Statistics Canada in 2016, 15% of owned households spent 30% or more of household income on shelter.

The Township of Loyalist which Odessa is in has lower than average normal poverty rates. According to Statistics Canada’s prevalence of low income based on the low-income cut-offs after tax (LICO-AT), just 3.3% of the population were considered to be living in poverty in 2015, only one-third the level across the province. Out of over 16,000 residents, only 105 were deemed to have an income below the poverty line.

Some of the reasons to move to Odessa are the job opportunities and the many places you can visit

The local economy in Odessa and its vicinity is expanding rapidly. The Kingston-Pembroke region’s overall employment has increased by more than 8% over the last five years. In 2019, the unemployment rate was at 5.6%, down from 7.2% in 2015. The Township is currently looking to bring in new businesses to the area in order to expand its export-based sectors and offer more local services. People migrating to the area will now have new opportunities for nearby employment. The key employment sectors in Odessa and the area are as follows:

  • Sales and service occupations
  • Trades
  • Transport and equipment operators
  • Business
  • Finance and administration
  • Occupations in education law and social
  • Community and government services and management occupations
Hiking and outdoor activities as one of the reasons to move to Odessa
Besides its convenient location, there are other reasons to move to Odessa in 2023.

If you end up landing a job in Odessa and need to move to the town, don’t worry. Our movers Odessa ON trusts will happily assist you with your relocation. But of course, just the economy isn’t enough to convince someone to move: there are other things to consider! What is it like to live in Odessa, Ontario?

Odessa provides its residents with plenty of opportunities for an active life. Many outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and even sailing, diving, and fishing, can be done in Odessa. On top of that, there’s the Second Chance Ranch, and the Camden Braes Golf & Country club. If you feel like exploring and going back in time, visit Odessa’s Babock Mill. Lastly, if you want to get in touch with some animals, the Second Chance Ranch is a must on your list. You’ll find many more places to visit on Tripadvisor’s page dedicated to Odessa.

A few more words about moving and living in Odessa

We’ve covered some bits and information about Odessa’s economy, points of interest, and the likes. So, is Odessa the place for you, and how do you determine this? Are these reasons to move to Odessa? Should you start looking for small movers Kingston ON and Odessa ON rely on? In general, if you prefer living in smaller areas, with a mix of rural and urban feeling, you should choose Odessa. If living in a big city isn’t for you, but you still want to have access to necessities and to be close to more urban places on the map, Odessa is, again, a good choice. If you want to start a career or start a family but not spend a fortune on housing and necessities, once again, Odessa will prove to be a great choice. 

A woman and a man looking at a calculator
Is Odessa the right place for you and will you choose to move and live here?

There may be more niche reasons to move to Odessa, Canada in 2023, but these were just some of the most basic reasons and facts we could think of. Usually, when choosing a place to move to, people look at basic things such as the cost of living and job opportunities. If you, after reading this article and doing your research, decide to move to Odessa, then choose Professional Movers Canada to help you. We have lots of experience with both big and small moves, are fast, and efficient, and will keep your belongings safe. All it takes to get help when moving to Odessa is a free moving quote which you can get on our very own website. 


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