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People’s habits are changing. Some for better, some for worse. The good thing is that more people are seeing the importance of healthy and productive life. That is why people are migrating more and more every year to smaller places like villages and smaller towns. Some are even going to communities so small that they don’t see another person for days. Only nature! We are not all the same and our needs are different. We will talk about living in Maitland. A place in Canada that people are interested in. If you ever decide to relocate here, the best option will be to consider professional help. Professional Movers Canada can help you with your task and moving to a new and fresh start in this small place.

Where is Maitland?

The community has approximately 1200 residents. This place is located about 5 Km east of the city of Brockville along the shores of the Saint Lawrence River in the township of Augusta. Getting here is not hard. There are a lot of different and good things to visit here. The main goal for people who come here is to find peace! That is one thing that you are going to get here. You can even move your business here. For that, you will need commercial movers Kingston ON to relocate your things and speed up the moving of your business. People here are happy and the community is strong.

Nature in Canada
Nature in Canada is phenomenal!


For every place on planet Earth, there are positive and negative things living there. We also have to mention that one thing can be good for somebody and negative for another. It all depends on what you like and what you need. And everybody who uses the service of movers for relocation says that packing services Kingston is in the group of pros. This will make everything much easier.

Quiet place and religion

People want peace when they come here. And people who live here want their peace to be respected. There are two churches here. The old St. James Anglican Church and the new church. The old church was built in 1827. In 1971 a historic plaque was erected to commemorate the importance of this church. If you are a religious person, this can be a good place for your soul and to make friends with faithful people.

Strong community

People here get along well and always organize gatherings and they make a plan for how to improve the quality of life here. If you want that in your life and you are not lazy to contribute, this can be an excellent choice.

Nature and wildlife

Canada is well known for its wildlife and huge nature. That is what attracts people because nature is the cure for many things. Things like depression and anxiety. And walking in nature is good for physical health. If you are a hunter or animal lover, you will for sure see wild animals here. Remember that wild animals can be dangerous! Movers Maitland ON will help you with moving here and possible storage rental if you need one for your things.


Because the river that splits USA and Canada is there, you can fish and use nature again as your ally. St. Lawrence River is full of different fishes and here you can find Smallmouth and largemouth bass, yellow perch, bullheads, various types of panfish, northern pike, and walleye. 

Fishing is great when you are living in Maitland
Fishing is great when living in Maitland

Cost of living

Maitland is one of the most affordable places in Ontario. The cost of living index is lower than in many other places in Canada. The median home cost is $239,900, while in Ontario the average price is $594,000. It is a great place for those who want to live a peaceful and affordable life.


Some things can bug people when they move here. In the beginning, they won’t, but later on, they can.

Everybody knows everything about you

Because it is a small village, people are interested to know what is happening in your yard. People don’t want to tell everything and they don’t want to know what is happening in their own houses. This will bug you if you are living in a big city where people only care for themselves.

Nothing to do in winter

Winters in Canada can be hard, so you need to think carefully about everything. Also, winters can be boring. There is not much to do when temperatures are below zero and snow kicks in. If you can live with yourself and your family alone for a longer period then this is for you. People are social creatures, but some people don’t like hanging with others all the time. If you are coming here from far away in winter, always hire long distance movers Kingston, because they are prepared and trained for this kind of weather.

Job opportunities and living in Maitland

The village doesn’t have factories and it is not so economically developed. You may be going to travel for work. For some that are not a problem. But for some, that means a lot of time spent on the road.

Food supply

When the winter kicks in and snow falls, it is possible that roads are going to be disconnected from the rest of Canada. If the food runs out during that period, you will have a problem. Usually, this doesn’t happen often because winter services do their job perfectly.

Calculate everything

Before you decide on living in Maitland, calculate everything. Make a good decision when moving. Watch for these things:

  • Job opportunities
  • Do you want a smaller or bigger place
  • What does your wife or husband wants?
  • Opportunities for kids to learn
  • Do you see yourself there?

These are important questions to answer when relocating. This place will give you for certain a good life peaceful life.

A village
The village offers a healthier environment

The advantage of smaller places

Smaller places have a big advantage of healthier communities. The place of Maitland can also give you a healthier environment, cleaner air, and nature in front of your house. You just have to figure out if this is the right place for you and if your family can handle hard winters. For people who are living in Maitland, this is a paradise on Earth. The village is always a healthier solution for everybody, so think about that.

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