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If you relocated at least once in your lifetime, you would understand how overwhelming and stressful this process can be. Of course, the process is not all stressful. However, your approach and preparation for it will surely determine how easy you go through it. Today, we help you prepare for moving to Oakville with a pet. Relying on moving professionals, like Professional Movers Canada, will surely make your relocation process a lot easier. On the other hand, professional movers cannot relocate your pet, you will have to do that on your own. Because of that, it is crucial that you can work on both parts of the process. Luckily, professional movers can make one part of the move much easier for you. So, let us help you prepare yourself, as well as your pet, for this relocation. Remember, planning is everything when you are moving to a new home.

Grasping the process of moving to Oakville with a pet

A relocation will always require time and attention from you. Regardless of whether you are moving down the street, or across the country, you will have to devote yourself to the process. That is if you want to make it smooth and easy on yourself. When we have, for instance, a pet, to take care of while moving, it can be slightly harder to do. Nonetheless, this does not mean that it is impossible.

If you approach this process carefully and with proper plans, you will, without a doubt, be able to go through it without any major issues. However, you should never allow yourself to be caught off-guard by an unexpected problem. Remember, during the relocation process, this can easily occur. Furthermore, you will need to be able to have the process of moving under control, while finishing all the things you need, to ensure your pet moves safely.

First and foremost, contact your vet

Look at it this way: When you are moving to a new location, you will want to have your medical records with you. Because your chosen vet is practically a doctor for your pet, it is crucial that you pay a visit. There are several ways that a vet can help you prepare for this relocation. Some of the most important things you should do while there are:

  • Acquire all of the pet medical records
  • Ensure that the vet does a routine check-up on your pet
  • Consult, in case there are special laws or things you will need to know about when moving
  • Ask for a recommendation for a vet in your new area
a dog lying on the carpet in the living room
Your pet might not be thrilled by this visit, but this is the most important thing you need to do

Because movers Oakville will not be able to relocate your pet for you, you should consult your vet about the transportation. If moving by car, make sure you learn what you should prepare for the journey.

Preparing the essentials bag

Preparing an essential bag is very important when moving to Oakville with a pet. Namely, the essentials bag should contain all of the items your pet will require while on the road. From food, treats, toilet bags, or litter, to toys and grooming kits, make sure you pack all of the essentials. If you are moving, using movers Toronto services, you can move all of the other pet items with them.

However, because you and your pet will spend a couple of hours in the vehicle, it is crucial that you have certain necessities at hand. Additionally, if you plan on staying the night somewhere else along the way, make sure you bring all of the items you need for your pet. Logically, you should not forget things like drinking and eating bowls, leashes, cages, etc. Your pet is your journey companion for a while.

Moving to Oakville with a pet means keeping the pet secluded while you pack

There is no doubt that your home will be a mess for the duration of the process of moving. Of course, even if you can manage everything and keep it as tidy as possible, your pet might sense there is something going on. Sometimes, this can create stress for the pet and it can cause serious delays and issues for the pet, as well as the process.

a woman holding a small dog in her arms
You can leave your pet at a friends house for a day, while you do most of the important work in your home, or you can seclude it in a kennel somewhere safe and quiet

It is important that you try to seclude your pet from the process itself. Because this can be stressful to them, you can always opt to leave them at a friend’s house a day at a time or at the kennel. However, make sure you visit them constantly and ensure they are not under stress from the entire situation. If you place them in a kennel, ensure that they have all of the conditions they need to stay there for a while.

Try to stick to the routine as much as possible

A good, daily routine is good insurance for the pet that everything is okay. As long as you are able to keep their daily activities the same, as you normally would; they will cooperate much easier. Of course, this means that you will need to ensure they have their meals, as usual, walk them regularly, and take some time to play with them.

a couple walking a dog through the park as a routine to maintain when moving to Oakville with a pet
Do all the things as you normally would and ensure they have the time of the day to release their energy

Not only will this ensure they are not under stress, but it will also help you, as well. People often de-stress while moving. Moving to Oakville with a pet means that you can de-stress on a daily basis by simply spending time with your pet. If you hire moving services Toronto, you can take breaks from time to time to enjoy a small walk outside with your dog.

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Love and Harsharan were Amazing. They showed up when they said, got right to work and didn't go over the time allotted. They were gentle with everything and very well mannered. 100% recommend. Thank you guys for making this move easy for us

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