Moving musical instruments in Toronto: How to do it right

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Moving to a new home requires a lot of organization. Now, if you have an in-home studio, for personal or public uses, moving musical instruments in Toronto might be a little more difficult than you might think. However, the difficulty of this process will be heavily influenced by how you approach the process in the first place. That is why, today, we are going to talk about how you should approach the packing process of each instrument you might own. So, for instance, hiring the services of a professional moving company, like Professional Movers Canada, will ensure you transport the instruments as safely as possible. In addition, relying on different services from a moving company, like obtaining packing supplies, can create a world of difference when it comes to the packing process. The materials you use, as well as how you pack the instruments, are what truly matters here.

Moving musical instruments in Toronto: How to approach it

Now, regardless if you have one or several instruments, their longevity is of high importance when moving. Most musical instruments will pose either a monetary or sentimental value to the owner. Whether we are talking about an old piano or a brand new guitar. So, to safely relocate these items, you will need to find the right approach.

a home-studio with different types of instruments in it to represent the difficulty of moving musical instruments in Toronto
Your in-home studio is probably very valuable to you, so make sure you ensure that your instruments remain intact

In addition, the time you have to do everything will also play a vital part in the process. Namely, the more time you have, the better you can apply protection to these items. So, because of that, relying on moving services Toronto, for example, might be the best solution for the relocation of these instruments. Finally, as they can also vary in size, it is important that you know exactly how you should approach each instrument you own to ensure its safety in the best way you can.

Obtaining the right supplies

Before you start doing anything, you will need to shift your attention to finding the right packing supplies for the job. That way, you will be able to ensure a safe and positive relocation experience for you, as well as your instruments. Now, because your instruments are of high value to you, you should ensure they are as safe as possible during the transportation process.  Therefore, regardless if you hire condo movers Toronto, or any other services, you can always make an inquiry about the packing supplies from your moving company. These supplies are what will keep your items safe during the relocation process. Some of the essential supplies you should acquire are:

  • Packing paper or packing plastic
  • Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or any other cushioning material
  • Professional grade packing boxes or wooden crates
  • Tape, scissors, and labels

Relying on a moving company

You should rarely try to do this on your own. Especially if you have a lot of instruments that you need to move. More importantly, you should always contact moving companies as they can offer good solutions to your process. For instance, if you have a piano or two that you want to move, it is best to leave this to piano movers Toronto, than to do it yourself.

a professional mover carrying two boxes and a bag to the moving truck
Professional movers usually have a lot of experience, as well as adequate equipment to safely transport your instruments

The two major reasons why you should do this are; that you might injure yourself or you might break the instrument you are moving. Either way, moving musical instruments in Toronto by yourself should be a big no. Injuring yourself or breaking an instrument might result in higher financial losses than having to pay professional movers to do it for you. Therefore, relying on movers is not only a safer option but a more budget-friendly one, as well.

Moving musical instruments in Toronto: Before you start packing your items

Before you start to pack your items and wrap them in cushioning and protective materials, there is something you need to do. That is disassembling what you can. Many instruments can be disassembled. If not whole, then parts of it. For instance, you can disassemble your drum kit to maximize efficiency and minimize the potential damage. This is very important for drum kits, for example, because they are very susceptible to scratches and shock damage. By disassembling, you will reduce the chance of an item breaking during transport. Furthermore, there are parts of drum sets that need regular change, so you can use this opportunity to do so. The same process goes with guitars, pianos, and any other instruments you can disassemble. Basically, disassembly will help you move the items quicker and much safer.

Cleaning the instruments prior to packing

Before you wrap your items in packing and protective materials, make sure they are clean. Now, this might not seem like a big issue, but it can be. Especially if you own any instruments that are quite sensitive. So, regardless of whether you are to move your drums, guitars, pianos, or keyboards, you will need to clean them prior to packing them.

a person holding a spray bottle while wearing pink gloves
Cleaning your instruments ensures their longevity, especially if you plan to store them inside a storage unit for a while

If you utilize the step we were talking about above this paragraph (disassembling), you will have a much easier time cleaning these instruments. Simply disassemble a part of an instrument, clean it first, and then wrap it in protective materials. The cleaning process will depend on the material the instrument is made out of. So, you should clean and wax wooden surfaces, clean the strings, drum kits, etc. Basically, ensure that the surfaces of your instruments remain clean and intact.

It would be best if you could utilize the original cases for your instruments

You know, the original cases your instruments have to provide the finest protection for them. In fact, these cases were usually made to protect the instrument inside. So, hopefully, you did not throw them away after purchase. Moving musical instruments in Toronto by using residential movers Toronto services, is a great way to increase the level of safety in the process. However, using original cases for your instruments will ensure that they arrive safe, no matter the circumstances. If you have original cases, do not waste time with other packing materials. Instead, use packing materials for the instruments you do not have cases for. They are the ones in need of protection.

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