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In Canada, the peak moving season is from June through August. As much as 80% of the total moves in North America happen between May and September. And once the temperatures start dropping, the non-peak moving season steps on the stage. While a local Toronto move during the sunny summer months has its obvious advantages, the off-peak moving season comes about with numerous benefits too. So, if you’re on to moving locally in Toronto during this non-peak season, Professional Movers Canada will point out the perks of it. Besides, our moving specialists will share a few valuable tips on how to make your local Toronto move in the low season an easy endeavor. So, take note, and benefit from our expert moving advice.

Moving locally in Toronto – high season vs. low season

The moving industry is in its heyday during the summer. Local relocation in Toronto is at its peak as people use their time off work and kids being out of school. This is the stellar feature of the peak moving season.

And while transferring your possessions in the icy cold weather might sound like a downer, the stuffy air in summer can equally be so. Hence, here’s the myth about moving to be easier in the hot months debunked.

So, if you have the leisure to choose, an ideal local Toronto move might be in the fall or spring. Some of the best local movers Toronto operate on a regular schedule, hence unavailable quality moving services due to overbooking will not be one of your concerns.

Case in point, if you’re worried about undertaking a short-distance move in Toronto during the colder months, you shouldn’t be. Besides, here are a few more benefits of moving during the non-peak season to consider:

  • Affordability
  • Availability of resources
  • Efficiency
  • Enjoy your summer vacation
Toronto in fall
Moving locally in Toronto during the low moving season has a number of unique benefits to consider

Relocating locally in Toronto during the off-season is a budget-friendly option

It’s no secret that moving costs can be high, and this is one of the main points of consideration for anyone planning a move. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget, you can book premier moving services Toronto at lower prices than if you were to roll on your local moving project in Toronto during the summer.

As demand for moving services skyrockets during the peak season, the prices also go up. On the other hand, fewer people move during the colder months. Naturally, movers will adjust their fees to attract more clients. You will be able to book dependable moving services with a reputable mover at affordable rates. Moreover, you’ll be able to purchase packing materials at discounted rates too. So, if you aim at saving money, consider organizing your local Toronto relocation before or after the high moving season.

Flexible moving dates and available moving companies

Regardless of the time of year, you should always book your local moving services in Toronto ahead of time. However, the availability of moving companies is often an issue in summer. Often, you’ll have to book your residential movers Toronto up to 8 weeks in advance. Of course, a lot can happen in this timeframe, and you may need to change your moving date. However, the busy schedules of movers during the peak season don’t offer you many choices. And in contrast to this, moving throughout Toronto in the colder months gives you plenty of options to choose a moving date that really fits you. Rescheduling is also much easier.

Model houses with numbers
The reduced volume of people moving allows you more flexibility in choosing a date for your move in the off-peak season

You’ll be able to move quicker in the low moving season

With their hands full of work, movers have many customers to attend to during the summer months. As a result, you may find yourself in a situation requiring you to postpone your actual moving date. Besides, the traffic in summer tends to be much denser, due to the volumes of people moving and transiting for holidays. Thus, moving locally in Toronto during the off-peak season can be a much faster and straightforward process.

Get the most out of your summer holidays

In summer most people have more time on hand than in the colder months. And this means great possibilities for travel and a refreshing holiday. Now, most of us wouldn’t like to trade this perk available once per year for the not so appealing option of moving. Thus, if you opt to move in the slow season, you wouldn’t have to trade off days from your precious holidays. 

The cons of moving locally in Toronto during low season

Like many things in life, moving doesn’t have a one size fits all solution. Of course, the question of when is the best time to move depends on a number of individual factors. However, an off-season local move in Toronto has a few unique advantages that may benefit your specific moving circumstances. The aforementioned are the most obvious on the list. But, since every coin has two faces, so does our matter at hand. Thus, here are the main drawbacks of local relocation in Toronto during the cold months:

A dump road surrounded with fall foliage
Humidity and weather conditions are the main concern when moving during the cold months
  • Moving locally in Toronto in the off-peak season means you possibly need to take days off work. Your children may also face interrupted schedules at work.
  • The weather in winter can be harsh, and snow, ice, mud, or all these together can make moving uncomfortable.
  • If you intend to sell your house, you may get a lower price for it, as the real estate market is following suit with the slow-moving season. 

Useful tips for a safe off-season Toronto move

The weather conditions in the colder months of the year can be a major concern for people contemplating a local move in Toronto. However, if you prepare well, you’ll pull out your move with ease. So, here’s what you should pay special attention to:

  • Pack with an extra layer of protection. The humidity and moisture of cooler months may easily get to your items and cause potential damages. Thus, wrap them up with an additional layer of waterproof material, such as bubble wrap or a stretch wrap.
  • Mind the road conditions. Fog, ice, and snow place certain risks on the road. Hence, drive safely if you do, and don’t forget to equip your car with the appropriate winter gear.
  • Wear good shoes and dress adequately. It’s easy to get flushed when moving in winter, either because of the cool air or because you’re on to the job full speed. Anyway, dress up, and pick warm and comfortable clothes. Most of all, wear appropriate shoes, to prevent injuries due to twisting your ankle, and to avoid getting your feet wet in the cold.

In summary, this is all you need to know about moving locally in Toronto during the off-peak season, to do so safely and to your utmost benefit. Follow our advice, and enjoy a smooth transfer. Good luck.

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