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Talking about the reasons why you should relocate to Ottawa from Toronto is difficult. This is a delicate question where you want to get as much information as you can before you look for the best movers in Toronto that will handle the relocation. There are always good and bad sides but we are going to focus only on the good things. Ottawa is a great place with is often neglected by other, bigger cities like Toronto, and Vancouver. So, learn the reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa and the right way how to handle it. Everything is important when going from one big city to another!

Differences between the places make them unique

Relocations are difficult. It is not easy for people to make a decision to get from one place to another. It is the same thing with Toronto and Ottawa, especially since the distance between the places is over 300km. People need to make sure that they are making the right choice here. Making a decision and actually moving here will usually mean that you will change the environment for good. Going from one to another great city is never easy and these relocations are always more difficult. Bigger cities have more traffic, and more people on the streets and it makes everything much harder. However, the point is to see the reasons why you should move from one place to another and make sure you are making the right call!

A woman relaxing as one of examples of reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa
A more relaxing lifestyle is among the reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa

Ottawa is usually a calmer place

Making a clear distinction is very hard and that is why this is a relative thing. Toronto has approximately 3 million people while Ottawa has around a million. The difference in two million plays a major role in how each city operates. Toronto is more like New York City in the US. It is busy and has some similar districts as well. There are people on the streets all the time and that can be quite hectic for some people.

Even though Ottawa can be quite the same on some days, it is usually not. It is a much calmer place where you will have the feeling that you are living in a medium-sized place. That is why moving from Toronto to Ottawa can be quite beneficial to people that are tired of Toronto’s speed. It can be energetic for some time but it can wear out a person!

Lower housing costs are among the reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa

Bigger cities are often hard to live in. Housing costs alone are big enough for people to start thinking about going to a smaller place, where the costs are not that high. Toronto is one of the most expensive cities in Canada where the median home value is $1,100,000. This is quite hard compared even to other big places in this country. However, this is for a 2-bed apartment. If you want more space, the numbers can go up to $2,000,000.

On the other hand, Ottawa is much more affordable. The median home value is $689,000 for a 2-bed apartment. It is almost half off when compared to the prices in the city of Toronto. The prices usually go up to a million. It is also a big number but when we compare these costs to Toronto, Ottawa feels like a cheap city!

A beautiful house in the suburbs
There are more affordable housing costs in Ottawa and that is one of the reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa

Everyday costs can be extremely different as well

Another important reason for people to move to Ottawa from Toronto is the fact that you will spend less on everyday things. There are a couple of things that we are going to include here:

  • rent prices – rent is more expensive in Toronto. When we take everything into consideration, the rent costs are around 40% higher in Toronto than in Ottawa. This is a big deal for most people, especially nowadays when all the prices are going up. Ottawa is cheaper and it will be easier for you to deal with these costs.
  • groceries – everyday costs play a major role when considering relocating from Toronto to Ottawa. The costs of groceries are 9,3% higher in Toronto. It may not sound that much but when we take the whole year into consideration, things are quite different.
  • restaurant costs – you will not dine at your home all the time. You will want to explore Ottawa and have some fun with your friends and family. Restaurants in Ottawa are 6.9% cheaper than restaurants in Toronto. It will definitely be easier in Ottawa.
  • overall purchasing power – the overall purchasing power is 17% lower in Toronto. Yes, the salaries are higher but the costs are too.  This is where the discrepancy comes from.
  • transportation – bigger cities often come with higher expenses when it comes to this matter. The monthly pass for using public transportation is lower by 25%, which is not a small amount. Again, you want to look at the bigger picture, at the expenses you make in a year.
Canadian dollars on the table
Everyday costs are lower as well

It is easier to navigate in Ottawa – one of the reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa

The point of living in one place is for your life to be easier. You want to go from one place to another without having to spend that much time in traffic or walking big distances. Life in Toronto will bring you exactly that! You will have to deal with this every day, especially if you live in one of the many suburbs. Do not get us wrong, life in Toronto is great. However, having to spend hours in traffic can become exhausting at some point.

On the other hand, Ottawa does not have these problems. Navigation is much easier because the city size is smaller. This means that it will be closer to going from one place to another. Also, since there are fewer people on the streets, it will not take you as much time to get to your destination. This matter may not seem important to you now, especially if you are single. When you get a family, accommodation becomes a priority. You will not want to lose time wandering in the city. When you see this, the decision to move to Ottawa will be easier. You will be left with the task of finding residential movers in Toronto to handle the relocation and that is it. If this is the main reason for the move, you will gain a lot!

A man riding a bicycle
Navigation will be easier in Ottawa

Safety is a big deal if you want to live carefreely

One of the biggest reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa, especially when they have a family, is the crime rate. Even though Canada is a relatively safe country, it does not mean that it is perfect. The crime index is 50.2, which is lower than most of the places in Canada, both big and small. It does not mean that Toronto is not safe, but since there are more people here, the chance is always higher that something bad is going to happen. Safety is one of the priorities in people’s lives and that is why Ottawa is the perfect place for you!

More green and nature places than in Toronto

Ottawa is one of the best cities to live in Canada if you want to explore the country. Even though it is smaller, there are many nature activities that you can do here. There are over 4000 hectares of parkland! Have you ever heard of something like this? People in the city of Ottawa care about their parks and nature and that is why everything is so green here. There is something to do everywhere you look.

One of the most popular things among people is Gatineau Park. It spans over 365 square kilometers so there is no chance that you will be able to see everything just in one day. Also, you can go riding in the Rideau Canal, the longest skating in the world, not just in Canada. As you can see, even with just two of these places, you can do a lot in years. So, if you are considering coming here from Toronto and you have a dilemma, you should snap out of it. Ottawa is the greatest place to come and enjoy nature to the fullest!

A beautiful park as one of many reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa
More greenery everywhere you look

Decided to move to Ottawa from Toronto? Make sure the move goes smoothly

These are reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa and these only are more than enough. Of course, there are some other things but the differences between the two cities are not that drastic. However, the thing that is drastic is the distance between the two places. There are over 300 kilometers that you will have to go through. That is why finding the right company for moving and storage Canada can be a good deal. You will get people to help you out while you will be able to think about other tasks that you have to complete. Of course, the process of getting the right people to help is not easy and not fast.

How to find the right movers that will help you relocate from Toronto to Ottawa?

It is not easy to get the right professionals to help you move long distance. There are a lot of moving companies out there but not all of them will do a good job. Remember, you are moving long distance and this is quite a challenge, even for experienced movers.

That is the reason why you want to make this easier for you. There are a lot of things that you can do and make everything much easier. One of the biggest problems is bringing every item that you own with you. This will only create more problems. Not all your possessions are worth moving long distance. You want to make a selection and make sure that you bring only the items that you really need. Do everything that you can in order to have a nice and pleasant moving experience!

Get the right services and make it easier on yourself

Finding the right movers for your relocation to Ottawa is one thing. Now you have to be precise about what you really need from your movers. There are a lot of moving services Toronto that you can use from the companies. You can use move-only services, packing services, storage services, special items services, etc.

For example, relocating furniture is one of the hardest things to move. They are heavy, bulky, and oddly shaped and they represent a big threat. There is always a chance that you injure yourself. That is why furniture movers in Toronto can lend a helping hand and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Of course, the thing is the same for other things like appliances, fridges, stoves, etc. They are always people in Toronto that are more than capable of making sure that this goes the right way!

Boxes ready for a move from Toronto to Ottawa
Hire professionals to help you with your move

Come to Ottawa this year and see why it is perfect

We have stated that there are even more reasons people move from Toronto to Ottawa. Some of them are the fact that this is a nation’s capital so every vital institution will be here, the city is old so there is plenty of architecture to enjoy, great for families due to the lower costs and more green places, etc. Ottawa is one of the best places in Canada where you can start a new life, even when coming from a place as great as the city of Toronto. There are some vital differences between the places and there is a place for everyone in both places. Toronto is more for career drive individuals while Ottawa offers a more relaxed lifestyle. Make sure that you think about your decision well before committing to it. If you choose to come here, we are sure that you will adapt in no time.


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