How to relocate a fish tank?

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Every relocation is specific on its own. That means that people often have different demands and need different treatment for some of their belongings. To be honest, that is completely normal and also something our Professional Movers CA learned throughout the years. Nevertheless, when it comes to handling certain bulky items, you came to the right place. We will help you not only learn how to relocate a fish tank but also our movers will be the ones to do it for you. Stay with us to learn more about this process.

Relocate with ease thanks to our simple moving guide

Whether you’re moving around the corner or to another country, our moving services Toronto will definitely do your good. Let’s be honest, many people who have to go through the moving process tend to get lost in it. Additionally, they get too stressed out which can result in some negative consequences while the relocation lasts. However, the key to a successful relocation is to start early. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to move stress-free, you should start as early as you decide you’ll move.

Fish tank with a beautiful fish in it
Be careful when planning your relocation with a fish tank.

Although moving can be a stressful and tedious process, we do it for a living. Therefore, there is no one else who you’d rather turn to in order to help you move with ease than to us. Anyway, let’s give you input on how to move without a single bit of stress:

  • Start as early as you can – If you want to avoid all that moving stress, you will start preparing early for your relocation. This means starting approximately 3 months prior. That will give you enough time to prepare and pack.
  • Schedule a moving date with your movers early – In order to get the moving service you want, contact movers Toronto. They can help you get a hold of anything you get stuck with.
  • Buy quality packing materials – Opting for quality packing supplies is a must. If you want to move with ease and without any obstacles, put in more money.
  • Declutter everything – You should clean your house thoroughly before you start packing. Put everything in two piles. One should be filled with items you’re bringing along and the other should be items you will get rid of.
  • Donate or sell unwanted items – If you want to be efficient, you should donate unwanted belongings. On top of that, if you want to earn money, you could organize a garage sale.
  • Call your utility provider – Another crucial thing is to contact your utility provider so they could relocate your utilities and set them up in your new home.

What to do before the moving day arrives?

If you want to be fully ready for your moving day, you need to be efficient prior to it. What we mean by this is that you should prepare everything for the moving day itself. As we already mentioned, timing and good organization are everything. Therefore, just follow our advice and you will definitely nail this relocation! After we finish with this topic, we will help you relocate a fish tank with ease.

So, you can do a few things before your movers arrive. First of all, you can ask them whether they will disassemble the furniture for you. Additionally, you can pack an overnight bag in which you will pack all the items you will need for your first night in your new home. That way, you will save a lot of time and energy since you won’t be searching through endless boxes to find sheets. Also, if you want to help your movers downtown Toronto, you can organize your boxes for loading. The bulky items go first and then all the lighter stuff.

Moving the bulky items – tips and tricks

Besides moving a fish tank, our tips can serve you for other bulky items you’re moving. Since relocating a fish tank is more complicated than moving other bulky items, we will start from more general ones. Anyway, here is what you can do on your own:

  • Remove legs from chairs, couches, and tables
  • Empty all your shelves and drawers
  • Clear any obstacles in the house
  • Remove doors if you have to
  • Protect your floors from damage using tapes and towels

How can you relocate a fish tank without sweat?

If you want to relocate a fish tank with ease, you should let professionals handle that. Still, if you don’t want to opt for movers this time, we will help you move it yourself. Alright, so first you’ll want to avoid moving fish alongside the tank. If you plan on moving long-distance, then we recommend you find a new home for your fish. That’s due to their own safety and protection. On the other hand, if you’re moving locally, then you can follow our advice. 

Clown fish swimming
Treat your fish with caution during the move.

Here is how you can relocate a fish tank:

  1. Remove fish from the tank into a holding container
  2. Drain all the water from the aquarium
  3. Disassemble your tank
  4. Be careful about plants that are inside the tank
  5. Carry the disassembled tank to the truck
  6. Reassemble everything after moving

What to be careful about when relocating a fish tank?

You should know that fish can’t really hold on for a long time if they are not in the aquarium. Therefore, it would be noble of you to give your fish to someone else and find them a new home if you’re moving long-distance. On the other hand, you should pay attention to your plants within the tank. They can survive only a while after you empty the fish tank. Hence, try to talk to experts who know more about this topic. When it comes to moving with your fish, make sure you keep the water at an even temperature by placing the fish in a sealed or compartmentalized cooler.

Fish swimming in a tank
You can reassemble your fish tank after moving and enjoy your new setting.

Getting ready to settle in

After you relocate a fish tank, you can reassemble it and place your fish back in the tank. However, make sure you use a battery-powered air pump and airstone during your car trip. All in all, after you finally place your fish back in the aquarium, you can throw a housewarming party. Your new friends can enjoy your company and your fish will be safe!

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