How to Pack Your Plants When Moving to Kingston

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When moving sensitive items like plants, it’s important to pay attention to a few things. Plants require special attention and care during your move. Therefore, if you plan to move plants with you, consider that they need special preparation and care, but the transportation conditions must also be taken into account. You must be careful when transporting, packing, and moving plants because plants are also living beings and feel the slightest change. Some changes can negatively affect the plant itself and lead to its wilting. So, you need help from moving experts when it comes to moving plants. Luckily, Professional Movers Canada is here to help you with that. Therefore, below you can find many useful tips and tricks that be of great help to you if you decide to move and pack your plants when moving to Kingston.

Plant Care

Growing plants is just as challenging as taking care of pets. Plants also require special attention. Food, a certain amount of water, and sometimes some stronger supplements are needed for the plant to survive. There are also those types of plants that require special attention, a certain climate, air humidity, exposure to sunlight, etc. As we mentioned, plants feel the slightest change. So, if you don’t give them enough water, you can see the result in just a few days. The leaves turn yellow and the stem of the plant weakens. There is also pathogenesis, the process of disease development. Then the plant is really in trouble. So, in a way, this is the routine of growing plants that can be disrupted during the move. Therefore, below we will talk about packing plants when moving to Kingston. And we will pay the most attention to their way of packing.

The girl transplants the plant into another pot before packing the plants when moving to Kingston
Plants are very sensitive, and growing them is a very demanding hobby, so devote yourself to them as much as possible during your move.

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Plants to Kingston

It’s very important when moving plants to pay attention to the climate in which the plants are currently located, to know what temperature and air humidity they need during transport. It’s also important to do a little research on the climate you’re moving to. The climate in Kingston is warm in the summer, but the winters are cold. So, keep this in mind depending on the period of your move. Your Kingston movers will also warn you about this. If you have several plants to transport, you need to prepare them well for the trip. Before the trip, it’s advisable to water them so that they can bear the trip as well as possible. If they have enough water, they will feel less about the other changes.

How to Pack Your Plants When Moving to Kingston?

What should you take into account when transporting plants? What you most certainly do not know is that you need to transport flowering plants separately from those plants that only have leaves and green leaf mass. You must never store or transport plants with fruits, vegetables, or cut herbs. The reason for this division is simple, these products produce ethylene, which significantly affects the freshness of plants. And if you want to move your plants with you, then you need to prepare them for a move.

Steps for packing plants for the move:

  1. Sort the plants
  2. Provide adequate packing materials
  3. Pack the plants carefully
  4. Choose the right transport

If you follow our advice, you can be sure that your plants will be safely transported to the new location. This means that your plants will have a successful move and not a single consequence of the hard journey.

How to sort and prepare plants for moving to Kingston?

The plants should be properly prepared for the trip. It’s preferable to clean it of all dried leaves and thus direct the nutrients to the healthy parts of the plant. Make sure the plant has enough water before the trip. If necessary, you can transplant it for easier transport. Take care when transplanting. The root of the plant is very important and it isn’t advisable to transplant a larger plant into a smaller pot, as this will suffocate the plants. Sort plants according to species, size, and requirements.

A professional mover packing plants for moving to Kingston
If you aren’t sure that you can pack your plants when moving to Kingston, feel free to contact Professional Movers Canada.

Get all necessary packing materials

There are different materials for transporting plants. These are special boxes, which at the same time provide the pot in which the plants are located as well as the plant itself. What is suitable for transporting small plants are iron carts, they have more floors and therefore the carts can transport more pots and are more stable. Maybe you can get them, and you can also always use moving supplies Kingston. Also, for smaller pots, you can get plastic boxes and pack them together. Also, you will need bubble wrap.

How to pack plants carefully?

When we talk about how to pack your plants when moving to Kingston, special attention should be paid to the packing method itself. Special cages are used for packing, which we mentioned earlier. They are intended for plants with lush leaves. If there is a slight movement during transport, the plant will remain stable. The cage will provide your plants with safety and prevent damage. Also, bubble wrap must be placed between the cages, so that they aren’t damaged during transport. If you think this is a difficult job, use packing services Kingston. They will not only make it easier for you but also save time.

Potted plants packed in a wooden box.
Moving can be very stressful for plants, so take care of them properly.

How to choose the right mode of transportation for your plants?

A suitable means of transport should be chosen for the transport of plants. Today, they are air-conditioned trucks and vans, and if the move is smaller, there are also pickups. Each of these vehicles is specially equipped, they can adjust the temperature, and some also have air humidity settings. Each vehicle also has appropriate ventilation. Ventilation means a lot because when you get close to the desired location so that the plants don’t experience too much of a temperature shock, the air conditioners are turned off near the end of the journey and only ventilation is used so that the plants adapt more easily to the Kingston climate. 

Enjoy Your Move to Kingston!

If you are a lover of plants and nature, then Kingston is the right place for you. Kingston is a city that has a very beautiful nature, as well as a combination of nature and urban life. And here you can enjoy it. First of all, Kingston is a very accessible place to live, but it has also become a very popular city. According to Global News, the population of Kingston grew by 7% during the previous year. Around 132,485 inhabitants currently live here.

Nature in Kingston
In Kingston, you can find incredibly beautiful places in nature, as well as a large number of new plants.

So, to enjoy your move, you must prepare well. And if you are moving your plants with you, be careful. Also, don’t forget our tips to pack your plants when moving to Kingston. With those tips, you will have an easy move and lovely plants when you get to your new residence.

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