How to Pack For a Move With a Pet

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Having pets makes out lives better. They are our best friends and we know that they will not leave our side. However, when the time for the move comes, things can become a bit tricky. There are a ton of important tasks that you have to do if you want everything to come out okay. It can be hard to pack for a move with a pet, but with the advice you are going to get, things will become much easier. Naturally, having the right people behind you, like Professional Movers Canada, is always beneficial because they will make everything even easier for you. However, they can’t do everything. Here is what you have to do when packing for the relocation with a pet.

Get the packing supplies and let your pet get adjusted

Packing for the move requires you to get all the necessary packing supplies. However, depending on the size of the move, there can be a lot of supplies that you will need to get. All of this can be problematic for your pet. You are bringing a big change to their home. So, you want to give them time to get adjusted to all those supplies you will need to use for the relocation. The good thing is that most pets will find these supplies interesting. There is an unlimited number of empty boxes and plastic wraps that they can cut open. Doing this will definitely make your pet less anxious and you can continue to the next steps of packing for the move with your pet.

A dog in the box
Let your pet get familiar with packing supplies

Do not exclude your pet from the process

In order to pack for a move with your pet, you will need to do a lot of tasks. All of those tasks will consume a lot of time. During this period, you may ignore your pet. However, pets don’t handle well losing your attention. Before you know, they will become anxious and nervous. That is why you want to spend time with them, even though you have a ton of work to do. As you probably know, when the pet is tired and sleeping, it will be easier for you to handle the preparation. Naturally, you will have even more time for this if you choose to hire residential movers Toronto who will do everything for you. We can say that this is something that you w should do, since relocating with pets requires a lot of organization.

Do not change the routine for your pet until the last possible moment

In order to pack for a move with a pet as safely as possible, you should not change too many things before the moving day. What we mean is that pets do not like changes. They can get really frustrated and it can be hard to handle them if this happens. In order to keep them in order, you should not disrupt their daily routine. They should eat at the same time, you should walk them at the same time, until the moving day comes. This is inevitable and you will have to relocate. Believe us, your life is going to be much better and easier when preparing for the move this way.

Ask someone to take care of them while you pack for a move with a pet

During the process of packing, it can be hard to do several things at the same time, especially if you are doing everything on your own. You should then ask someone close to you to keep an eye on your pets. During this time, you can work on packing the entire home in peace. You will need the time for all of this and there is no better way than when someone else is helping. When we are already talking about help during your packing for a move with your pet, we need to mention professionals. When you look and find GTA movers, you will have a much easier job. You may not need someone else to take care of your pet. You could do everything on your own while the professionals will take care of their end.

Friends that can help to pack for a move with a pet
Ask close ones to help you with the process

A visit to the vet is necessary before you move to another place

Before you finish packing for the move with your pet, you need to consult with a veterinarian. Depending on the specific place you are moving to, this can be even a crucial thing. There are several things that are important when going to the vet when relocating with a pet:

  • vaccinations
  • making sure that your pet is completely safe for the move
  • additional tests if needed
  • recommendations about the new veterinarian
  • talking about ways how to minimize stress for your pet
A dog in a vet's office
Get clearance from the vet before you pack for a move with a pet

Make sure to prepare the items for your pet too

When packing for relocation with a pet, you should think about their items too. Your pet probably has its favorite toy or blanket. They keep them safe and you should bring them as well when moving. Of course, if you are using moving services Toronto from professionals, you will do this on your own. This is not something that your movers will handle because these are the items essential to the well-being of your pet during the relocation. Do not forget this!

Prepare the pet carrier and finish the move

When talking about how to pack for a move with a pet, it is not that important to focus on the items themselves. It is vital to talk about ways how to ensure that you handle this the right way. All of the tips above are here so that you could prepare for the move in peace and with the utmost care. The last thing to do is to ensure the right pet carrier during transport. Have in mind that pets do not tolerate that well and you do not want them jumping on your head the entire trip. Secure them in the carrier and drive to your new home.

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