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As your company grows, you often need to rent a larger space to accommodate the new workers. Or you could have scouted a better deal and now you are thinking of moving your office. Regardless of the reason, your move needs to be as efficient as it can be. You want to spend as little time as possible on the move itself and continue to be productive from day one. After all, time is money. And you’ll already be spending money on the move, so you should try to minimize the losses. You can perform the move yourself, but that’s not the optimal solution. Professional office movers Toronto know how to move office equipment efficiently and will make the whole process quicker and easier. Here are some tips on how to move your entire office like a pro.

Make a master plan

Everything starts with a good plan. If you’re running around and figuring it out on the go, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to accomplish much. You need to be very clear on the date when you’ll be moving out and moving in. You should inform your employees of the dates too. Hire Canada movers you like well ahead of moving day and keep in contact if anything changes. Further, you need to make a packing schedule. Probably, you want your company to remain productive for as long as possible. So, you should pack items that are not essential for your operation first. Pack the items that your company can’t function without last. However, don’t try to jam it all into moving day. Even if it seems like it’s possible on paper, it never works like that in practice.

A man sitting at a table taking notes.
You won’t be able to move office equipment efficiently without a master plan in place.

You can’t move office equipment efficiently without professional movers

You simply won’t be able to move office equipment efficiently without professional help. That’s not to say that you can’t move your office without professional assistance. But you won’t be able to do it quickly. You’ll lose more workdays than you’d like to and consequently more money than if you paid professionals to do it for you. And this is talking about a local move. If you are changing your base of operations and moving long-distance, you have no shot at doing alone. The best long distance movers Canada provides have the expertise and equipment to move you cross-country. A long-distance office move can’t be done without their help. So, save yourself the headache and find movers you like straight away. 

Assign responsibilities to your management staff

You can expedite the moving process if you use the resources you have on hand. You likely have office managers, team leaders, or some other management personnel in your company. Utilize their skills to help you with the move. They can help you move office equipment efficiently and take some of the burden off of your shoulders. You can make the schedule and have them see that it’s followed through. Assign someone to oversee the packing process. Another person can be your point of contact with the local movers Toronto you hire. This will give you enough time to take care of the legal aspects which always accompany an office move. If you try to do everything yourself, not only will you tire yourself out, but there’s a good chance that you’ll start making unnecessary mistakes. You can easily avoid that by delegating.

How to move office equipment efficiently.
Use your staff to your advantage and delegate.

Prepare the location of your new office

Organizing a move doesn’t just include leaving your old office. It also means your new office needs to be ready. You should be able to start working within a day or two of emptying out your old office. The new office doesn’t have to be 100% right away. You just need to be able to start setting up the essential equipment straight away. Whether that includes simple things like desks and chairs, or more complicated things like the IT infrastructure will depend on your situation. You know what your company needs to operate. So make sure that everything is in place before you start emptying out your old office.

Protect fragile equipment 

One of the most important steps in moving an office is packing everything properly. If you want to move office equipment efficiently, you can’t just put everything in a box and hope for the best. Proper packing will take a bit of effort and you’ll need to buy the proper packing supplies. But that’s nothing compared to your valuable equipment arriving safely at your new destination. Get strong, sturdy boxes and lots of bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Don’t try to cut corners when packing your equipment. If you are leasing your office equipment, contact the vendors. They will give you instructions on what you should do to keep it safe.

Inform your workers ahead of time

A major factor in a successful move is having everyone on the same page. Of course, you will inform your workers that you’re moving the office. But don’t just spring it on them a week before the move. Once you’re 100% certain that you are moving and know where you are moving to, make sure you tell them. And be sure to remind them as moving day draws near. They need to pack their personal belonging, too. Don’t just send out an office-wide memo. Let’s be honest, many people don’t read them. So hold a meeting where you can inform everyone in person. 

A woman holding a meeting.
Hold a meeting to inform your workers of your plans.

Inform your clients

Finally, your clients need to know that you are moving, too. After all, it’s useless if you manage to move your office equipment efficiently and get a running start in your new office if your clients end up searching for you at your old one. So, contact your clients and make them aware of your move. Give them your new address and contact information. Print out new marketing material with the updated information a week or two before the move and update your website. And give your vendors or suppliers your new address, so that there’s no confusion. In essence, the basis of a successful move is good communication. If everyone is on the same page, you’ll be able to handle anything that might happen.

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