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There are many important factors that are relevant and you should pay attention to when trying to calculate the cost of your relocation to Kingston. It’s crucial you know what they all are so that you can plan your move accordingly. Nothing should be left to chance! If that’s the case, your move might end up more expensive than you previously thought. Even if you have a solid budget, not knowing all the factors can make your whole experience turn sour. You certainly don’t what that to happen, so make sure you get familiar with all the moving parts. That’s why we at Professional Movers Canada are writing this article. Let’s get started, and by the end of it, you’ll feel much more secure when it comes to organizing your Kingston relocation.

Explore the cost of homes in Kingston before your relocation

Kingston’s housing market is rapidly on the rise, more than in any other city in Canada. The prices of homes are steadily going up, and knowing this is crucial while you are trying to calculate the cost of your relocation to Kingston. The average single-family detached home price is $569,900, with an increase of 4.7% on a year-over-year basis. If you’d prefer an apartment over a house, the price per square meter of an apartment in the city center is $7,423. That should give you a pretty good understanding of the housing market. The average rent people in Kingston pay is $1,730, which has also seen a 25% increase when compared to the previous year. Knowing these details is imperative if you want to successfully relocate anywhere, so don’t even think about finding the right Kingston moving services before you know how much your home will cost.

Kingston cityscape
The prices of homes in Kingston are on the rise, so take that into consideration when trying to calculate the cost of your Kingston relocation to Kingston

What’s the cost of living index in Kingston?

The average cost of living in Kingston is $3,177 per month for a single person who rents a home. This average is based on many factors and those factors are:

  • housing
  • transportation
  • groceries
  • entertainment

We’ve already covered the housing part, but what about the rest of them? One person in Kingston, on average, spends $387 a month on groceries. For utilities, the average monthly cost is about $166 and on transportation $562 a month. Entertainment, of course, depends on what you plan to do and how you love to spend your time. If you are moving with your family members, these averages will definitely be higher. These are all important things to know as they will affect how you calculate the cost of your Kingston move and how you distribute your budget.

Will you need additional help while you’re organizing your Kingston relocation?

By additional help, we mean things like a babysitter or similar types of service. If you have kids, relocation can be a stressful thing. Getting a reliable babysitter is no easy task and it costs money, so if you decide to hire one make sure you ask your friends for a recommendation. A good way to go about this is to ask your family for help. Leaving them in the hands of the people your kids already know and love is the better way to go. Of course, you will also save some money this way. You can also ask your friends and family to help you pack your stuff prior to moving. That way, you might not need to use those services from the moving company of your choice. If saving money is your priority, definitely use the help of those who are closest to you.

Woman counting money and calculating
If you want your relocation to Kingston to be a pleasant experience, be very precise with your budget and cut costs where you can

Get free moving quotes to accurately calculate the cost of your relocation to Kingston

Not all movers estimate their services at the same price, but that doesn’t mean the most expensive option is the best one. By the same token, the cheapest option might also not be the worst one. In order to know how much your relocation to Kingston will cost, make sure you get free estimates from multiple moving companies. You can find them on their websites and all you have to do is fill in the required fields. Once you do that, it will show you the potential moving fee. Most Kingston movers have this option on their websites, so make sure you use it. If you find yourself choosing between multiple moving companies in the same price bracket, make sure you compare their online reviews. Good customer experience is key, therefore always go for the better-rated moving company.

Be smart about getting packing supplies

Packing supplies, like most things that go into a relocation, cost money. To know exactly how much money you will have to spend, first organize your belongings, sort them, and then figure out how many packing supplies to get. Getting too much will result in you spending more funds than necessary. Those funds could be better spent elsewhere, so don’t overestimate the number of boxes and other supplies you’ll need. A good way to decrease the amount of money you’d spend on this is to get supplies on the cheap. Most long distance movers Kingston has to offer provide these supplies as well, but it’s cheaper if you try and source them from your friends and family. They will maybe even give them to you for free! If those closest to you don’t have them, browse ads on websites like Craigslist.

Man calculating the cost of his relocation to Kingston
Being well prepared and organized is the only way of successfully planning your relocation to Kingston!

Make sure all your bills and utilities are paid before your relocation to Kingston

This might sound obvious, but it’s imperative to mention it. All your bills, tickets, etc, should be paid before you leave your current home. You don’t want to forget them as they for sure have to get paid at some point. Don’t start your stay in Kingston with debt, so be adamant about paying your bills, changing your license and registration to reflect your new address, and so on. Leave some room in your budget for all the bills and utilities you will have to pay after you get there. Once you take all the above-mentioned factors into consideration and calculate the cost of your relocation to Kingston, only then start thinking about hiring the best local movers Kingston has at its disposal!

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