How to avoid fraudulent movers in GTA

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Having some doubt when it comes to moving to your new place is normal. We face frauds and scams at every step of the day. This has become the number one topic among movers in the past few years. Not only that you can deal with some serious troublemakers, but you can also lose a lot of money and your place can be damaged. That is why we have decided to write down the article which can maybe help you avoid fraudulent movers in GTA. One thing that we can make sure of is that Professional Movers Canada is a company that is far away from being a fraud.

Great Toronto Area

One thing that you certainly must have on your mind is that Canadians are the most polite people. According to the studies, this state is the number one place for families and retirement. Not only that you can find a friend on any step of this Area, but you can also have a nice, cozy life. But you should have in your mind that this is a very large part of Canada and of course, like everywhere, there are all sorts of people. From frauds, thefts to the large crime rate depend on the part of the area you are living in. Just to make a more vivid picture, the Greater Toronto Area has over 25 municipalities. Some of them are urban and yet you can find the rural parts of the area.

Night view of Toronto
You might not be able to avoid fraudulent movers in GTA, because this is the most crowded area in Canada.

How can you avoid fraudulent movers in GTA?

First thing first, you need to know what kinds of fraud there are and then the ways to avoid them. Just to make sure, like with every decision you are making in your life, make a checklist with all the things you need to do before moving.

Moving scam – the most popular one

This is a scam that you can see in movies all the time. The moving company you want to hire gives you one price and then before loading out your stuff, the company wants you to give more money in order to make sure your stuff gets to your home. Even if they get home, no one is promising that something is not broken or damaged.

But, in order to avoid this, our advice is to check out which moving services Toronto has on offer and check out their reviews. By reading them, you will see that this is a respected company that is trusted.

Check out the website of the company you would like to hire

In order to avoid fraudulent movers in GTA, you need to check the company really well. Thanks to modern times, you can find everything online. If you are an older person who does not know how to search on the computer, ask someone to help you out.
There is one thing that is common among frauds. The website does not exist. Or if it does, it is usually a website with no reviews and no listed services on offer. So make sure you always go online and check out.

girl checking moving company in order to avoid fraudulent movers in GTA
Make sure you do your research about the moving company you would like to hire.

Paying problems, blank papers, fake trucks

These three things are the most usual when it comes to fraudulent movers. They will try to give you blank paper before they load a truck and make you sign them. Do not do it. And even if there is something written make sure that you read it all, even the small letter at the end of the page. Do not be lazy about this. Most of the frauds happen because people are too lazy to read the document.

Besides this, the fake company does not give you an option to pay with your card. They will demand cash only and usually a large amount in advance.

One more thing you need to pay attention to. Fraudulent movers in GTA will come to your place to load the truck that has no mark on it. There will be nothing written on the truck. They are usually big and white and blank.
All the reliable residential movers Toronto has on offer are coming to your home with the truck of the company, with their sign and commercial over it. If you do the previous step, by researching the company, you could find out if the trademark of the company on the truck is real.

The storage facilities are one more thing you need to pay attention to in order to avoid fraudulent movers in GTA

Fraudulent movers are tricky. The most common fraud they make is giving you the fake addresses of the storage and makes you pay them more cash in order to give you the right address. This is something that you need to pay attention to. You do not want your stuff to be trapped somewhere. There are a lot of examples of people paying more money and then find the stuff broken and damaged. Sometimes the best thing is to check out the place where the storage facilities are.
But you can avoid all of this if you check out moving and storage Toronto companies have. Take some advice from people who have already used the services of the company you would like to hire.

Man reading the contract
Do not sign any blank pages and make sure you read everything written on some, even the small letters.

In order to avoid fraudulent movers in GTA look into anything that you might find suspicious. It is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you double-check everything. The right company will be okay with you asking for something more than one. It will make sure that you have all the information you need before hiring them. Read the contract and make sure that you understand every part of it. If you do not understand something, the company should and must give you the answers. Good luck!

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