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Nowadays, there are many moving companies available. And many of them are affordable. Making a DIY move is fine if you have to move only a few things. Or if you are moving close by and having friends to help you. However, if you are moving a larger number of possessions,  it is better to hire professional movers Canada. Also, if you are considering hiring movers in Toronto, be aware that it is a time-consuming process. So, you should start early. In order to find reliable movers, you have to check several companies. And you have to know what to check. And what to ask from your possible movers. The affordability of a moving company is important. But you must make sure that your future movers are honest. And that your possessions will be safe with them.

Hiring Movers in Toronto - a man and a smiling woman holding a laptop are sitting at a table in an office.
Meet company representatives.

Before hiring movers in Toronto, do research

There are various ways to learn about hiring movers in Toronto. You can start asking your friends, family, or co-workers. If you know someone who was recently moving, ask about their impressions and suggestions. You can also do online research. As a rule, reliable moving companies have their own websites. There, you can check about the services they offer. Also, you can find moving prices and contact details. Choose a few companies that look good to you and continue with your research.

Check online referrals for Toronto movers

Besides checking the Toronto movers’ websites, look for online referrals. The google search will give you the sites with reviews. Find reviews of your target companies and read them carefully. You can also find reviews on LinkedIn, Facebook, and some other platforms. To begin with, pay attention to repeating referrals. If you happen to see the long but uninformative referrals, they are usually false. And this is true especially if you keep finding the same copy on various platforms. Regardless of whether they are negative or positive referrals, cross that moves from your list.

What other insights you can get from online platforms about Toronto movers?

The one-time referrals are usually those you should concentrate on. When you read them, see if the customers are praising a company for good work and politeness. Or, if they are talking about damages, delays, company holding their belongings, and asking about additional fees. Remove such movers from your list too. Hiring movers in Toronto is a serious job, and you don’t want scummers.

Ask several Toronto movers to provide you with a written cost estimation

Before the residential movers Toronto can provide you with cost estimation, they need int initial input. This means they need to know the number of possessions that you are moving. And they need to know the moving distance. Also, in case they have to carry your possession downstairs, or you have narrow hallways, the cost will be higher. You can also make appointments with a few other companies to send their representatives. Or you can make appointments for virtual home checks. This way is much simpler. And more advisable in these pandemic times. After he checks, ask them to send the cost estimation to your email.

A girl in a black T-shirt and a cap stands next to a van surrounded by moving boxes.
During loading, make an inventory of your things.

Make the appointment for meeting company representatives

This you can do either in person or organize an online meeting. Ask them questions about the company, including:

  • How long are they in moving business
  • Are their movers employed, experienced, and trained, or they are taking daily labor
  • Do they make a background check before employing them
  • Are they insured and can they show you the insurance papers
  • Can they show you their licenses
  • What percentage does the insurance covers in case of loss or damage to your things
  • In case of a long-distance move, how do they secure your things overnight
  • What cancellation policy do they apply
  • How they were resolving previous complaints
  • What services are included in the cost estimation
  • Do you have to pay additionally for some services

This may look like a lot of questions, but local movers Toronto know they are important. And they will answer all of them. Moreover, the reliable movers in Toronto will provide you with even more relevant information.

Compare the interviewed movers and make your choice

Now, you have the cost estimations of a few companies. And you made interviews with chosen movers in Toronto. So, you should be able to make a choice. Of course, you would like to hire the most affordable company. And this is especially if you have to move a lot of things. Or if you are moving a long-distance.  However, you will decide to hire a company which is offering affordable costs. And which is fulfilling the other important requirements too.

Sign a bill of landing with movers in Toronto and book your move

The bill of landing is a document that serves as a contract between you and your Toronto mover. In short, that is a document that lists everything you are shipping. And is made in form of a receipt. This is the most important document that you will sign with your moving company. So, read it carefully. And keep it at a safe place after it is signed.

Woman is holding a pen and signing papers at the desk.
Never sign any blank moving document.

What does the bill of landing contain?

When you sign the bill of landing with movers near me Toronto ON, it will contain the following information:

  • The Toronto moving company’s contact details
  • Licensing information
  • The moving vehicle ID’s
  • Your contact details
  • Starting and destination  addresses of the shipment
  • Delivery and pick-up details
  • List of the requested moving services
  • List all rates
  • An inventory list of your possessions
  • Insurance information and details
  • Payment method details
  • Information about possible dispute settlement

So, make sure that the bill of landing includes all information. And, information must be correct and clear. Also, never sign any blank moving document. Or the document that you don’t understand. In such a case, hire professional help.

You can complete the moving preparations and move

Now that you have hired good and reliable movers in Toronto, you can complete moving preparations. As a professional company, your mover will have good quality moving supplies. And they will organize disassembling and packing your possessions. Also, they will skillfully load them onto a moving truck. That way, your possessions will be safe. However, in case you encounter any unpleasant situation, give a call to the company immediately. Don’t be shy to report any problem to a moving company. Any Toronto reliable company will sort the problem out immediately.

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