Greatest Challenges of Living in Canada

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One of the highly urbanized countries is Canada. Approximately 82% of the population lives in medium or larger cities. Canada is one of the best countries to live in because of its affordability, good access to education and health care, political stability, and individual freedom. And that is extremely important for young people who are just entering the world of adults, building their careers, and creating the conditions for life the way they want. Also, it’s important for the other residents. However, like most countries, Canada has certain challenges to live in. We and our Canada movers will meet you with the greatest challenges of living in Canada so that if you decide to live in Canada, you will be prepared for everything you can expect there.

Seven of the Most Common Challenges in Canada

In life, we face various challenges that are integral to every person’s life. Challenges teach us, change us and adapt us to certain situations. But also, moving to Canada can give us many challenges. And if you would like to overcome them, long distance movers Canada can best help you with this.

A girl who coped with all the challenges of living in Canada
To enjoy life there, you must be ready to face the challenges of living in Canada

The greatest challenges facing Canadians are:

  1. Winters are getting colder and colder
  2. Expensive city life
  3. High real estate prices
  4. High tax prices
  5. Slow motion and many people
  6. Another language
  7. A large number of neighborhoods

In the following text, you will have the opportunity to learn more about each of the above challenges. Which will help you to be sure of your decision when it comes to moving to Canada. Also, you will find some useful tips on how to deal with these challenges, so that you can be happy and enjoy your new life!

As time passes Canada gets colder and colder

Canada is one of the colder countries because it has a moderate to very cold winter climate, which extends over most of the country. During winter, severe frosts occur, and snow drifts usually exceed 1m, which we believe isn’t pleasant for anyone to see, let alone fight with drifts. Clearing drifts can be a very tedious job, if you were to undertake such a thing, it would take you a couple of hours to get rid of the snow. If you even think of finding someone to do it for you, it would be simply impossible because finding labor in the dead of winter in Canada is impossible.

Also, the coldest cities in Canada are St. John’s, Saguenay, and Quebec City, where more than 21 feet of snow falls each year during the winter. So, if you don’t want to fight snowstorms, then choose slightly warmer cities where there is less snow. For example, Victoria is the warmest city in Canada, where no more than 15 cm of snow falls annually. Besides this city, you can think about Toronto and Ottawa. Snow falls in these cities too, but the amounts are smaller and the temperatures are mild.

City life in Canada is becoming increasingly expensive

Year by year, life in Canada is getting more expensive, and certain things for the basic needs of life in the 21st century are growing rapidly. The prices of wireless internet, and mobile packages, as well as the costs of electricity distribution, utility services, and rent, are on the rise. That is why it’s necessary to take care of every invested dollar. And planning a monthly budget can help you cope with the challenge of high living costs and have a comfortable life.

Planning monthly budget for living in Canada
Only by planning a monthly budget, will you be able to cope with the challenge of high living costs in Canada.

Also, the cost of living in Canada can be compared to the price in the USA, but it’s still a bit lower. In Canada, you can find many excellent places to live, and at the top of the list in terms of accessibility is the city of Rois-Rivieres, in the province of Quebec. So, based on data from NUMBEO, we will introduce you to the basic costs of living in Canada. For utilities, you will need to allocate about C$183.72 per month + internet, which costs C$83.19 per month. Therefore, rent costs from C$1,500 to C$2,254, depending on the location and size of the apartment. When it comes to food, a weekly purchase of basic groceries can cost you about C$120.

High real estate prices are one of the greatest challenges of living in Canada

Canada is a large country, and therefore offers you many choices when it comes to the real estate market. Primarily, it offers you a large selection of cities, districts, neighborhoods, and 10 provinces that can be your new place to live. The place that we can single out as the best and most popular is the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The GTA includes some of the most popular sites, such as downtown Toronto. And of course, moving companies GTA are at your disposal if you decide to live here. Regarding real estate prices in Canada, the average real estate is about C$632,000.

House for sale in Canada
Canada offers you a large selection of family houses in excellent locations, but keep in mind the increase in real estate prices.

If you decide to buy an apartment, the price per square meter will depend primarily on the location. For example, in the city center, the price of an apartment per m2 is about C$9,056.32, while outside the city center it’s about C$6,563.91. In Canada, in general, people choose to rent, because it’s currently t,he most affordable option for housing. So, you already understand why real estate prices are one of the challenges of living in Canada.

Are high taxes a big challenge?

Canada is a country that has very rich social programs. Every year, it welcomes a large number of new residents, provides assistance to the socially disadvantaged, and provides assistance to small and large assists students. But, that’s why it alsassistsrepresent a real challenge. Income tax is mandatory for all those who receive a salary. The amount of tax will depend on the amount of your annual income. Based on data from, in Quebec, if you earn up to C$49,020, you will pay a 15% income tax. While from C$49,020 to C$98,040 you will pay 20.5% tax. Also, for incomes from 98,040 to 151,978 C$ the tax is 26%, from 151,978 to 216,511 C$ the tax is 29%, while for incomes greater than 216,,511 C$ the tax is 33%.

Taxes in Canada which are one of the challenges of living in Canada
Taxes in Canada are really high and represent one of the biggest financial challenges.

When it comes to annual income, taxes can be a real challenge. If you have a medium income, you will pay over C$7,000 a year in taxes. In ten years, that can be a significant sum of money. Also, tax rates may vary from place to place. Canada also levies social security taxes, corporate income taxes, capital gains taxes, and indirect taxes on goods and services.

Is the large concentration of people in Canada a challenge or a problem?

Canada is known as a multicultural country. And also, it’s known for numerous migrations that take place every day. A hundred years ago, Canada recorded a large number of new immigrants. Today, the total population of Canada according to the latest data from 2023 from wordometer is 38,567,998. Also, the number of inhabitants has increased significantly in the last 23 years from 30,588,383 to 38,567,998 inhabitants. The concentration of people becomes greater, which leads to slower movement and traffic jams. This is also one of the challenges of living in Canada. The population density is 11 inhabitants per 1 mi².

Also, the most crowded is in the cities, because 81.3% of the population lives in the city. Bradford is one of the favorite cities for newcomers, and it has a population of 533,000. This city experienced a huge population boom in 2021 and grew by 21.4%. Reliable movers in Bradford revealed to us that Bradford is one of the safest small towns, and that is why it’s the most frequent choice of new residents. But in addition to new residents, people from larger cities such as Toronto and Ottawa flocked to Bradford.

The French language is one of the challenges of living in Canada

Do you speak French? If not, and you are still planning to move to Canada, start studying! Because you will need at least a basic level of French. Along with English, French is the official language of Canada and is spoken by about 22.8% of the population. Also, most people who speak French live in Quebec. French was the main language of Canada until 1830. Then the British who immigrated to Canada began to speak English, which began to be used more and more.

French woman smiling
Some cities in Canada will make you feel like you’re living in France.

The English language prevailed in York as well. 61.8% of the population living in York use English as their mother tongue. But there is also 0.2% of the population that uses French at home. In addition to French and English, other languages ​​are also used in Canada, but less so. Some of the best movers York offers advise you to start with learning because learning the French language is a big challenge. So, think about it!

It’s a big challenge to find the right neighborhood in Canada

The city of Toronto alone has about 158 ​​neighborhoods. Imagine how many there are in the whole of Canada. Choosing the ideal neighborhood for your new beginning can be a real challenge. Therefore, we advise you to carefully consider all the solutions and choices you have. For example, Eat York is one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto, more precisely, an urban city quarter. This place can be a good choice if you plan to live cheaper and be near Toronto. Also, movers East York revealed to us that most people choose this place for this very reason. Smart, right?

With 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada offers you many choices. But the decision is only yours. If you want a place that has everything, start with excellent business opportunities, choose Toronto or one of the nearby neighborhoods. It’s really a big challenge to choose the best place to live, especially in Canada where every place is special. So, do it according to your needs and possibilities.

The Advantages of Living in Canada

So far you have seen some of the main challenges you will face if you decide to live in Canada. But let’s see what advantages of living in Canada await you.

  • Canada offers free health care for all residents of this country;
  • A strong economy affects the constant increase in household income;
  • A country with extraordinary natural beauty (mountains, forests, lakes, beaches, wildlife, etc.);
  • Kind people, willing to socialize and have fun are all around you;
  • Many things to do in Canada;
  • A safe country with a 40% lower crime rate compared to the USA;
  • High living standards and favorable living conditions;
  • Water and air with a minimum concentration of pollution;
Niagara Falls in Canada
The nature of Canada seems unreal, and that is one of the most beautiful things about this country!

If you are seriously thinking about moving to Canada, then here is another suggestion of ours. Consider whether Mississauga could be your choice. Mississauga is a city that has the most advantages of living in Canada and where you can really enjoy life. Safe neighborhoods, proximity to Toronto, and low living costs are precisely the main reasons why this place is the most frequent choice for immigrants. If you decide, our movers Mississauga are at your disposal. At any time!

Can You Deal With All Challenges of Living in Canada?

So, by now you could see what challenges await you if you decide to move to Canada. But it’s important that you don’t consider these challenges as negative aspects of this country. Canada offers you excellent opportunities for life and work, as well as a good future for your children. Don’t hesitate to contact the moving company and relocate there. You can raise your spears and deal with all the challenges of living in Canada!



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