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When it comes to moving, we usually think about packing our clothes and things we use most of the time. But there is stuff that needs to be brought with you that you do not pay attention to. These things are usually something you use most of the time but do not think about them. Those are cables and cords. To pack and move cables and cords, we need to know how to do it properly, in order not to damage them. Professional Movers Canada are experts in this field and you can call them and take any advice you need and hire them for your needs. 

TVs, phones, kitchen devices, tablets, computers…

More different devices around the house mean more cables and cords. And if you do not have enough electrical outlets, you need spear cables long enough to reach the one you have. This might feel like a nightmare. But it does not have to be like that if you can organize them in the right way.

No matter if you want to pack and move cables and cors, to sort and protect them, or something completely different, there are always few solutions. Movers Downtown Toronto can give you advice on how to do it properly and do not waste more time packing these things. Many of the tricks they have are really cheap. It will make it easy to be packed and ready to be used in no time. So here are some tricks on how to pack and move cables and cords.

devices that have cables and cords pack and move carefully
There are a lot of devices that have cables and cords, and you need to pack and move them without damage.

Mark cables

How many times were you in a position where you grab and get the wrong cable? Especially when they are all in one place. Well, the good news is that you are not the only one. Someone else has sure been in hell because of this so he was smart enough and creative to come to the idea of making labels for the cables. You can find all of these labels to buy or be creative yourself and create your own labels. If you do not have time for this, you can just color the cable and remember which color belong to which device.

How to avoid cables and cords getting tangled?

We are sure that no matter how good you think you have packed your cables and cords, somehow they always finish tangled. Well, there is a solution for that too. Our advice is to make a box that will be used to pack your cables. It can have something to wrap your cables around it or a smaller box inside the big one that will sort them out. This way you will prevent cables from damaging and make it easier to unwrap them later. This is a trick that you can use with the cables and cords of the earphones. Especially because those are more likely to damage and get destroyed than the other cables since we usually keep them in our pocket or a bag. Of course, if there is anything else you need advice about you can always check with the local movers Toronto can offer you.

earphones on the desk
When you want to avoid damaging your earphones, you need to pack them correctly.

How to avoid untangling cables and cords when packing and moving?

If you have long and massive cables and cords, making the box for them just does not make sense. There is no point in wrapping them around something, you can use ducktape to tape them from each side. This way you will have your cables and cords in one place and it will be easier to move them. Commercial movers Toronto can offer you have experienced workers who will be careful with the cables and cords and not mix them up.

Dealing with cables and cords after the move

So, when you have already packed and moved cables and cords, you can now plan on hiding them when installing the devices in the new home. One of the best solutions is to use a plastic tube for water. You can pull through all the cables. You need to place a tube by the wall in order to get out of your way. This way, all of the cables will be in a tube and without laying around and stepping on them. For example, you can fix the tube next to your office table, and make it convenient for you. There will be no mixing of the laptop cable, lamp cable, etc. but you will still have everything you need in one place.

shoe box in which you can pack and move cables and cords
If you have an old shoebox, you can place an electrical outlet near your desk and place it in the box.

Is packing cables and cords for the move a waste of time?

You might think that packing and moving cables and cords will take a lot of your time. But this is incorrect. When you pack them properly in a box, you do not have to take them out. If you pack them by using some of this advice, you will be able to keep the cables and cords in the same box at home. Of course, some of the cables such as the phone and laptop charger you will need every day. But the rest of them can stay label in the box.

If you do not have enough time for this, just think of the fact that if you pack them now, you will not waste your time when you need to untangle them. You can place them in one room and make sure you put them right back after you are finished. Cables and cords are something we are using every day, without even noticing it. Those are not just devices that you need in your office. This also means that the kitchen devices have cables and cords. Which are necessary in order to prepare food with them. So, make sure that you pack and move cables and cords in the right way. So that you can continue using them after the relocation.

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