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Canada is known as one of the friendly countries for foreigners. And if you didn’t know, in Canada 23% of the population is made up of foreigners. More precisely, about 8.5 million people. And based on that, Canada ranks 8th in terms of the number of foreign residents. So, what is it that makes Canada a favorite country for foreigners who decide to look for a new place to live? Is it because Canada is a diverse, multicultural country that offers free health care, a friendly environment for everyone, good business opportunities, or something else that attracts foreigners? We will talk about this today, but we will also reveal to you several friendly places for foreigners in Canada. If you plan to become a citizen of this country, our story will be of great use to you, just like Professional Movers Canada. So, let’s find your new place to live!

Why Is Canada a Favorite Place for Foreigners?

When it comes to foreigners in Canada, do you know which people have the most? Already 150 years ago, a large part of Canada’s population was lost. And where do they come from? According to data from Statistics Canada, the largest number of foreigners were born in India, with 18.6%, followed by the Philippines with 11.4%, and the Chinese in third place with 8.9%. While 10.1% of foreigners come from Europe. It is probably known to everyone that foreigners immigrate to Canada mostly for work, and as many as 64.2% of new immigrants were between the working age of 25 to 54 years. And another interesting fact is that in the last census about 450 mother tongues were reported, but despite this, English and French are the most used in Canada.

Canadian flag
Canada is a welcoming country for all foreigners!

There are many reasons to move to Canada. If we tried to separate them all, this story would take time. Because of that, we have singled out several of the most common reasons why Canada is a favorite country for foreigners.

  • Endless business opportunities
  • Excellent education
  • Free health care
  • A strong economy

Canada offers endless business opportunities for everyone

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, Canada lost a lot of labor. Currently, there are about a million open jobs in this country. That means, if you decide to move to this country, you can find a job very easily. Considering that business opportunities are the most common reason for moving to Canada, this country offers you jobs in industries such as finance, real estate, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, education, tourism, etc. Also, the Canadian government really appreciates immigration because of its ability to boost the economy of this country and thereby create new jobs and new opportunities.

Education is one of the reasons why Canada is one of the friendly places for foreigners

Did you know that Canada was voted the most educated country in the world? 56% of the population has the highest level of education. And the Canadian free public school system, as well as the education law, are responsible for a great education. Also, long distance movers in Canada revealed to us that this is one of the reasons for the high migration to Canada. Colleges in Canada have a large number of international students, which later offers them the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in this country. Some of the best colleges in Canada are Seneca College, Georgy Brown College, Conestoga College, and many more.

foreigners in library in Canada
Canada is the country with the most educated population that speaks more than 450 languages.

Free health care for the entire population

This is probably already known to everyone. Yes, Canada offers free health care for all residents of this country. This country considers it the right of every citizen. After arriving in Canada, foreigners can apply for health insurance in their province and get a health card that way. Also, it’s important to know that each province has its own health system, which may be different from one another. Therefore, these possibilities should be explored.

The strong economy is the reason for the large number of foreigners in Canada

When we talk about the economy, the whole world knows that Canada is one of the most successful countries in the world. Also, Canada is the country that has recovered the fastest from the consequences of the pandemic. And its economy grew by as much as 6.7% during the recovery period. As we have already mentioned, Canada provides support to foreigners to significantly improve and strengthen its economy and therefore provides good living conditions to all new residents.

Business meeting in Canada
Regardless of whether you are moving for work, fun, or some other reason, you will find the full support of this country!

What Are the Friendly Places for Foreigners in Canada

Considering the reasons for which people move to Canada, as well as the opportunities this country offers, we can safely say that Canada is one of the friendly places for foreigners. Canada is also ranked as one of the best countries for foreigners. So, if you are looking for a new place to live, we will introduce you to some of the best places for foreigners that can be your choice. All you need to do is choose one of these places, and start your relocation process. So, let’s see what are the friendly places for foreigners in Canada.

  • York
  • East York
  • Bradford
  • GTA
  • Mississauga

These places can be a great choice. And especially in the GTA, you can find a large selection of good locations that can be an ideal choice for foreigners. Take a look and see for yourself!

GTA is one of the most friendly places for foreigners in Canada

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has about 8.5 million inhabitants and is one of the friendly places for foreigners. And therefore, Toronto is one of the best cities in this country. At the same time, it is perhaps one of the most affordable, where living expenses for one person are around $1,300 without rent. Also, the unemployment rate is 5.9%, but this isn’t a cause for concern. The Greater Toronto Area is home to some of the best companies, but also home to the film, media, industrial and financial industries. The city of Toronto has excellent public transportation that allows easy movement throughout the GTA.

Toronto, one of Friendly places for foreigners in Canada
Toronto is one of the favorite cities for foreigners!

These could be good opportunities for foreigners, right? But if you’re moving to Canada, don’t just think about work. When we talk about GTA, we have to say that you can have a little fun here. Some of the main attractions in this area are the Canadian National Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto Islands, Canada’s Wonderland, and many more. These are some of the places you can visit. And if this area is your choice, moving companies GTA are at your disposal.

York is a friendly place for new families

York is also part of the GTA, but it’s significantly different from the city of Toronto itself. About a million inhabitants live in this place, and it’s also considered one of the friendly places for foreigners. What makes York a good place to live is the security that the citizens feel, as well as the proximity to the tower and other cities. But what you might not like is that York can be significantly more expensive when it comes to the cost of living compared to other areas in the GTA. The monthly expenses of a family of four in York are about $3,422. But York Region is one of the business areas, where people work hard. This means that good business opportunities await you here in the auto industry, food industry, finance, healthcare, etc.

Baby girl in park in one of friendly places for foreigners in Canada
York is one of the friendly places for foreigners in Canada and perfect for raising a family.

You can also have fun in York. Here you can visit the large Yorkdale Shopping Center, Ontario Science Center, G Ross Lord Park, and many other attractions. This place is also ideal for your kids. Because York offers fun content for them too. Childs Life reveals to us some interesting events like Ontario Family Ice Fishing Events, Dinosaurs set to Roar Again for March Break, Richmond Hill’s Skate Trail, etc. So, movers York advise you to explore the possibility of living in York. And also, they guarantee that you will not regret it.

East York is also one of the places in Canada where foreigners are always welcome

East York is another in a series of cities that are close to Toronto. And what makes it one of the best places is the affordable real estate prices. Based on this, East York is also considered one of the best places to invest. Real estate prices vary from $300,000 to several million $. When we talk about East York, it’s a place that offers residents a large selection of fruit markets, bakeries, cafes, shops, and the best restaurants in Toronto. East York is considered one of the friendly places for foreigners precisely because of its affordability. The cost of living is also affordable and amounts to about $3,778 for a family of four. So, this place is ideal for those on a tight budget!

People in the park
Residents of East York spend most of their free time in parks!

East York is also known for its many parks. Some of the parks where you can enjoy yourself are Evert Park, Livingston Park, Taylor Creek Park, High Park, and many others. So, if you like East York, we advise you to contact movers in East York and start the process of your move. Because there is a lot of work waiting for you during the move, so don’t waste your time. Also, during the move, our movers will reveal many more interesting things about this place. Know that foreigners are always welcome here!

Bradford is welcoming too

If you have always dreamed of living in Canada, now is the right time to make that dream come true! And if you still don’t know where to live, we have an order for you. Bradford is one of the friendly places for foreigners in Canada that can fulfill their dreams. So, this place is a city that is constantly growing and offers excellent opportunities even if you decide to start your business here. What is interesting about this place is that Bradford used to be just a village, where just under 2000 people lived. And today, after many years, this is one of the safest cities to live in, in Canada with about 35,000 inhabitants.

Old couple walking
No matter how old you are, walking along forest paths will always be the best thing ever.

When we talk about Bradford, what is characteristic of this place is the fun content that this city brings. Well, here you can have the best fun. In your free time, you can visit Holland Marsh, a marsh that offers a great place for entertainment, and activities such as fishing. Then take a day out with friends and head to Scanlon Creek Conservation Area which is just minutes from town and has the best walking trails. Also, movers in Bradford recommend you to visit Fairy Lake Park, which is located near Newmarket. So, at the same time, you can reach the best restaurants in town. 


If you want to understand what it’s like to live in Canada, then you should come to Mississauga. For foreigners, Mississauga is always welcome, and you will feel right at home here! So, if you are looking for a small town with schools, parks, nightlife, and good jobs, then Mississauga is the ultimate choice. What you will like as a foreigner in this city is the mild climate throughout the year. So, for that reason forget the icy story about Canada. Mississauga city is also part of the GTA, so access to Toronto content is very easy and fast. If you want a night out, head to Toronto, and if you want a quieter atmosphere, go to Square One.

Concert in Mississauga that is one of friendly places for foreigners in Canada
You will be able to hear some of the most famous musical performers at concerts in Mississauga.

When it comes to life, Mississauga offers you a good job market and the opportunity to earn around $57,000 a year. This city has a low cost of living, so you will live comfortably. And if you want to find a job, know that the most popular occupation is Project Manager. Our movers from Mississauga discovered the Celebration Square, which is located in the center, where cultural festivals, film nights, and concerts are held, and during the winter, the place turns into an ice rink. So foreigners, know that Mississauga is for those who want a relaxed life.

Moving to Canada Is a Good Decision!

So, now we can conclude that moving to Canada is a good decision. Also, based on all the possibilities and support that this country offers, we can safely say that Canada is a friendly country for foreigners. Until now, you have been able to get to know some of the friendly places for foreigners in Canada and think about your choice. Also, the reasons for moving to Canada can help you be more confident in your decision. So, think carefully about what you want, contact us at Professional Movers Canada to help you with your relocation and make your dreams come true!

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