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Living on your own for the first time is a thing everyone looks forward to. There are many expectations about your first apartment and living alone. But, the excitement can turn into stress if you don’t prepare correctly. Meanwhile, planning your moving day and days after can be as much fun as actually moving out. Try making your first apartment checklist and write down everything you need to do and buy. This will allow you to relax a bit as your moving day approaches. Also, buying things you need before you move out can help you with your budget. Because doing this, you are not going to spend all your money at once, but over time. Once you move in, you will already have some necessary things and you are going to feel more at home. Another thing that will ease some stress is hiring professional movers from Canada.

What to include in your first apartment checklist

As mentioned before, making a checklist will make your Toronto moving day easier. It goes without saying that the first list to make is of course a list for packing. Packing when you are moving to your first apartment is easier than when moving for the second or fifth time. It’s easier because you don’t have as much stuff to pack and move. How should you start this job? Firstly, it’s a good idea to go through all of your clothes, drawers, and bookshelves. Empty all the old boxes that you have stored somewhere. And then declutter everything. This is a perfect time to decide what you are going to keep and what to throw away. Or, give away or sell if it has any value. Decluttering will leave you only with the things you actually use and want. This is, of course, going to make packing even easier.

person writing a first apartment checklist
Write down a first apartment checklist for an easier moving experience

Now that you have excluded things you don’t wish to own anymore, you’ll have a good idea of how much stuff you have. And what you are going to move into your new apartment. A list of things you already own will help you decide what you still need to get. Next, you should get some of the packing material, like different-sized boxes, packing tape, labels, and markers. Boxes should be packed tightly so nothing moves inside of them. This way you will keep all of your items from damage.

List of things to buy for your apartment

Start by listing all the rooms in an apartment. Even if you are moving into a smaller apartment, or even studio and don’t have separate rooms. You will still have a kitchen space, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. If you have something more to add, like a balcony or laundry room, write it down. Now you should write down all the things that you need to get for each of these spaces. Don’t worry about a budget, you are not obligated to get everything at once. Just write everything down. Now, you can pick which of those things are absolutely necessary items and which you can get later. For example, you are going to need a vacuum cleaner, but you can wait a bit to get additional shelves for the living room. If you already have some things you need help moving, check out furniture movers Toronto has.

First apartment checklist for moving day

Moving day should get its own checklist. This list will include basic cleaning products, groceries, and other basics. So an example of a checklist to write down looks like this:

  • thrash bags;
  • floor cleaner;
  • windows and glass cleaner;
  • cleaning product for surfaces;
  • dish soap;
  • different gloves;
  • sponges and brushes
couple passing a box to eachother
Think of all the basic items and groceries you need for the first week

Add all the things you will need and use in the first week of living in your new space. Even if you are getting your apartment professionally cleaned, you will still need cleaning products. And especially garbage bags, they will come useful for all new things you will buy and have a package to throw away.

Another checklist should be of basic groceries to get, especially if you are working or going to school. Stopping by the shop every day after you finish work or school while also finishing your apartment is exhausting. So, prepare in advance and you will help yourself so much. Basics as water, cereals, milk, and other breakfast options as well as a few lunches and even frozen dinners. Anything that can help you save a bit of time while you are settling in is welcomed. If you have any questions about moving in, you can call the movers Downtown Toronto has to offer. They will explain in detail all of the things you should prepare before moving.

How to budget for your new apartment?

Do you need some of the home appliances? Moving out for the first time means you don’t actually own a lot of these. So, are you missing a vacuum cleaner, toaster, or blender? Lists come in handy as you can see everything you don’t have and you can also rate items. This is in order to help your budget. Don’t think you need everything all at once, make a list of priorities. Finally, you can now make a budget plan for your relocation.

toaster on a kitchen counter
If you are missing a lot of home appliances, make a priority list

After moving in

Now that you have prepared everything for your moving day and days after that one, you can relax. If you are using a professional moving company, your end of the job is kind of done. They will make sure your moving day passes calmly and you can only enjoy it. Moving out is such a nice and exciting thing, you should enjoy the whole process. And, this is possible by making a detailed plan. A first apartment checklist and a positive attitude are everything you need for your moving day. The moving day also leads to decorating and making a new place feel like home which is a crucial thing.


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