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A pleasant and happy working environment is extremely important. Satisfied, motivated employees are more productive and creative. They will stay longer with a company, go the extra mile, and contribute to companies’ efficiency. As you can see, it pays off to invest in your office space. And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some cheap Toronto office improvement ideas and tips that will contribute to creating a harmonious workplace.

Painting walls can have a positive impact on your workers’ satisfaction

Some studies show that an average worker is productive for about 3 hours a day. Considering that employee productivity is extremely important for the success of any business, this is a topic that you should address. Sometimes simple and small changes can have a huge impact on workers. The right wall color is one of them. It has been proven that colors have a psychological effect on people. Certain colors will increase productivity while others should be avoided.

The color blue in the office can have a very calming effect but also stimulate workers’ productivity. Another great choice for your office when it comes to colors is yellow. It can boost creativity, inspire employees, and create excitement. On the other hand, white is the worst color for your Toronto office. It gives off a sterile and cold feeling. So, take a look around your office. Think about the possible color scheme, as this can be a great and cheap Toronto office improvement idea. You can hire office movers Toronto, move some of your furniture to local storage, and redecorate the space.

How to find reliable commercial movers?

When it comes to Toronto moving, finding reputable and experienced movers is the most important part of it. They should be able to protect, load, and transport your belongings efficiently and safely. Your movers should have a license and offer insurance. This is particularly important when it comes to office moves because the equipment your transport is usually very expensive. If you decide to go with a company that is not licensed, you risk being a victim of a moving scam. Toronto’s moving market is well-developed, so there are many fraudulent moving companies out there.

Mover carrying a box
Reliable Toronto office movers will pack and protect your things before transporting them

But, how can you find the right movers downtown Toronto that will meet all your needs? Well, it takes some time and effort. You need to do thorough research in order to find the perfect moving company for you. Visit specialized moving websites and check companies’ reviews and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints. Request several moving estimates and compare the prices. Also, if you know someone who has hired movers recently, ask for a recommendation. This can save you a lot of time and energy.

Decluttering is a cheap Toronto office improvement idea

Another obstacle to productivity can be cluttered spaces and messy desks. Your workers will spend a lot of time and search for important papers, documents, and information. This can lead to stress, nervousness, reduced concentration, and waste of time. So, go through all your stuff and decide which things you need and want to keep. Get rid of everything else. Remember to keep your desks as organized as possible – this is important for a healthy and productive workspace.

Is there enough light in your office?

Natural light is very important for your office space. Studies show that it affects the workers’ level of energy and productivity. On the contrary, gloomy and dark spaces can cause depression, idleness, and underperformance. Even if you don’t have enough natural light in your office space, you can use light fixtures that imitate natural sunlight. Your employees will feel better, more motivated, and focused.

Worker at his desk
Good lighting is very important for office spaces

Consider creating a break room

Creating a quiet room for employees where they can retreat, chat with colleagues, relax, or have a snack is a very good idea. This can improve their mood, concentration, and reduce stress. If you plan to renovate your office space, try to incorporate a break room in your design.

The recreational area can be a cheap Toronto office improvement idea

Your workers will enjoy having a place to exercise and unwind. Also, friendly games can be a great team-building activity. Remember that employees who have fun at work are more productive and more satisfied. Also, this doesn’t have to be a costly investment. An indoor ping pong table or a table foosball will go a long way.

Invest in good furniture

If your employees spend a lot of time sitting, consider buying ergonomic chairs or even standing desks. Neck strain, back pain, and leg pain are the most common injuries among employees. And they are the reason for employee absenteeism. Healthy workers who are not in constant pain will be enthusiastic, productive, and less stressed out.

Decorate your office

Try to add some character to your office space. This is a cheap Toronto office improvement idea and it can create a completely different environment. Put up some art that your employees love or framed inspirational quotes. In this way, your space will feel more personal but will still be professional. Add a couple of plants – not only will this liven up the space but also boost productivity and lower stress levels. Finally, add items such as funky mugs, fun calendars, an unusual bowl for paper clips, or a box for business cards.

Illuminated quote board
Lighted quote boards are a great way to decorate your office space and motivate workers

In conclusion

As you can see, the environment you work in can have a great influence on your creativity and productivity. That is why it is important to try to utilize the space as much as you can. We have offered some cheap Toronto office improvement ideas that might be useful.

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