Best Toronto neighborhoods for raising kids

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Raising kids is no easy thing. You have to dedicate all your life to your kids and making sure that they are fully equipped. But, when you want to raise them in another place, it is much harder. You do not know the place. Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada and therefore, has a lot of neighborhoods where you can do this. We wanted to show you a couple of good Toronto neighborhoods for raising kids. After you pick the place, you can start making calls to residential movers Toronto and move! Read the article and find out what neighborhoods would be suitable for raising children.

Toronto neighborhoods for raising kids – pick wisely

We all know that Toronto is one great city. You would think that it is made for people that like a dynamic lifestyle and big crowds. But, it is father from the truth. Cities in Canada are usually well balanced and there is something for everybody. That means that you can find a place in Toronto where you can raise your kids well. They are filled with great schools, parks, and much more. Of course, it can be overwhelming trying to handle this on your own. Be sure to think about everything like:

  • location
  • schools
  • parks
  • proximity to important places etc.

If the neighborhood has all of these items, you can be sure that you have found the perfect place. Inform yourself and make a decision!


This is one of the best in Toronto for family raising, especially if you have smaller kids. There are so many activities that you can try with your kids and make them active. The best thing about this neighborhood is that it has amazing schools. You can relax knowing that your children will learn a ton of great stuff from people that know what they are doing. But, before you make arrangements and move here, you should know that homes are not for rent here. You will have to find a good real estate agent that will help you with finding a home you will be satisfied with.

The Beaches

The Beaches is one of the great Toronto neighborhoods for raising kids because it has so much to offer. Also, it is a bit different. It is very close to lake Ontario. There are some pretty great beaches you can use to relax and decompensate. Also, you can come with your family and do some family activities. Another good thing is that it is also pretty close to downtown Toronto. That means that you can easily access it and do whatever you have to. The schools are pretty great and the crime rate in this area is low. The streets and parks are well maintained and you will have no problems in this area.

lake ontario - Toronto neighborhoods for raising kids
If you want a lake near you, pick The Beaches!

Davisville Village

In comparison to The Beaches, you will find yourself a bit further from the downtown core of Toronto. But, it does not mean anything because you have good access to the transit system of Toronto. You will not feel the distance because you can easily go downtown and handle your business. Due to its distance from downtown, life here is much calmer and pretty relaxed. We could all agree that it is something that you want your kids to live in. If this is something you would be interested in, you can contact Professional Movers Canada and handle everything regarding the move. Housing options are good so you should not have too many problems in this area too.

Bloor West

This area of Toronto is pretty great for raising a family. If you want a place where it is pretty safe to walk outside, even in the evening, and a place with lots of activities for kids, you are in the right place. This place is more urban since there are a lot of shops, restaurants, and cafes. That means that you can lead the big city lifestyle while raising your children well. Many people from other neighborhoods of Toronto are moving here and there are good reasons for that. It is becoming a family neighborhood and you should use that. Just find local movers Toronto that will help you relocate without trouble. You do not need any problems with moving when relocating with kids!

a swing
Pick neighborhoods where your kids can play

Interested in moving to Toronto with your family?

Toronto offers a ton of great places where you can easily raise your family. The image of the mega-city, urban city like NYC is becoming old because people are trying to make everything accessible for people with children. As you can see, there are many neighborhoods that are good for raising your kids.

Now that you know what you want, you can start preparing for moving to Toronto. Of course, you will first have to find a suitable home. After that, your need to dedicate your time to finding movers that will handle everything flawlessly. Moving with kids is much harder because you need to think about them too. You need to accommodate their needs while handling everything else regarding the move. Experienced professionals are the key to a successful and smooth move. If you pick well, you will start living your new life in Toronto soon!

a man writting on paper
Start planning your move as soon as you pick the new place of living


We can’t conclude without saying that there are even more Toronto neighborhoods for raising kids. But, due to its size, we can’t place everything in only one list. The important thing here is that you learn your options. Having options is good because you have something to pick from. It is much easier when you know what each neighborhood has to offer. Picking one is the first thing that you need to do in order to start your new life. Be sure that you handle everything regarding this well because a lot depends on it. If you do it right, you will move more relaxed and without too much stress!

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